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Destined To Be His Luna

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Adira is the first dhampir born in hundreds of years, a being born of a human woman and a vampire father, or so she had been told since birth. Because of this she was not allowed to leave the mansion grounds, and was kept like a prisoner. Her heritage to both the humans and vampires planted a seed of hatred in the hearts of the rest vampires. She was treated like an outcast, till she decided she had had enough and she was going to run away and live her life far from the drama of the supernatural world. However, a twist of fate brought Theodore, the seductive young handsome Alpha of the moonlight pack and a mortal enemy to her conclave of vampires, in her dream the night before she would escape the Mansion. It was just a dream, she thought and continued her plans to escape the conclave. Things however quickly took a huge turn after she met Theodore in real life, saving her just at the nick of time from an accident that should have ended her life. Both of them were quickly swept off their feets with feelings that they could not explain, even though they tried as much as possible to fight it. After a long series of events, it was revealed to them that she was his Destined Luna. But how? Adira was a child of the two of the werewolves' biggest enemies, humans and vampires. The pack would never accept her as their Luna, nor would Theodore's already chosen Luna, Shira. Neither will the vampires who will do anything to get Adira back under their roof as a captive, because they knew what she truly was, and it wasn't a dhampir. The tale of the two destined lovers from unlike backgrounds awaits.


Adira strained her eyes to see through the thick fog around her, it was blurry, but she saw a shirtless man standing in front of her, staring at a tree. "Who are you?" Her voice echoed through the loneliness of the forest.

The man slowly turned around. To her surprise, he was a fairly handsome young man. Judging by his looks, he would be no more than twenty two. He was a bit skinny but with well built muscles, one that made him look like a supermodel.

His hair was black as coal, while he had well shaved facial beards. He had turned around with a big bright smile on his face, but as soon as he saw Adira, it died. "You're not Shira." His voice, thick and cold, sent shivers down her spine.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me right, you're not Shira. She's the one I am supposed to see, she is the one I have chosen to be my Luna."

Adira was dumbfounded, she remained quiet, just standing there in her white nightgown as she stared at him. "Answer me, my Luna. What have you done with her?" He protested.

"What are you talking about? What is a Luna? And who the f*ck is Shira?"

He grunted, abruptly walked over, and held Adira by her shoulders as he glared deep into her blue eyes. "Tell me, who are you, and why are you here instead of Shira?!!"

She should be scared, but she felt nothing but attraction towards him, as she found her eyes locked on his godly chest.

Slowly, her eyes moved to his face, but she was once again charmed by his big brown eyes while his pink lips kept calling for her to kiss them.

"Stop!" She yelled, blocking out those thoughts as she took a few steps back. "I don't know who Shira is, and frankly I don't even know who you are. So stay the f**k away from me…!"

He sighed, his eyes slowly moved to the ground as he realized how rough he had. "I'm sorry…" He muttered underneath his breath.

"You are what? I didn't hear you?"

He sighed again, then he lifted his head to her gaze. Suddenly her beauty came penetrating into his mind like his own beauty, did hers.

A cool wind came blowing into her long blond hair, that left it flying like a long ribbon in a cool summer breeze.

His keen werewolf senses instantly caught the smell that came from it, it smelled like the very same kind of rose flowers his mother used to decorate her room.

"So??" She pushed on, waiting for the apology.

"I'm sorry…" He apologized so gently it felt like it was calling out to her. What was this attraction? She couldn't tell. Just like she couldn't stop herself from walking closer, staring up into his big brown eyes.

Simultaneously, they both leaned in for a passionate kiss, a kiss that felt like heaven on earth as their lips touched each other. He lifted her into his tall body, and continued kissing her.


"Ugh!!!" Adira gasped and sat up on her soft bed. She took a quick glance around, the walls were painted in a bright pink color. She was still in her bedroom and there was no boy. She turned to her window, beyond it over the horizon, the sun was just rising.

"That was a really weird dream..." She muttered, but she didn't have time to sit around. It was time for her plans to be put in action, she quickly rushed out of the bed over to her closet. "Where were you last night?" Dominic barged into her room with his hands folded on his chest.

She was already holding a small box she had taken from the top shelf of her closet, slowly she put it back and locked the closet doors without Dominic seeing it. "We searched the whole goddamn Mansion looking for you!" He added.

She frowned, Dominic was the last person she wanted to see this morning. "I was reading at the library, and I got carried away…" She made it for the door, trying to avoid a fight.

Dominic hastily blocked her by stepping in front of her. "Here's the thing, I had people sent to the library, and they said you weren't there last night! So where were you?"

"I do not have time for this..." She walked around him, annoyed, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. "Don't you dare walk away from me!" His brown eyes instantly turned glowing red, with sharp fangs plunging out of his mouth.

"I told you, at the library....!" Her heart racing.

"Aidra, you know I can hear your heartbeat." He started taking slow steps closer and she in turn was walking backwards. "I know you are lying, I heard you come into your room about a few hours ago. That means the majority of your night wasn't spent in this room. I have always known you were up to no good, now I can almost be certain of it."

Her back was soon pressed against the wall. "You are delusional, you have always hated my existence, since I was a child. You will say anything to try to get me off the conclave." She fired back.

Dominic gritted his teeth together, lifted his hand and moved it with high velocity directly to her face. "That's enough Dominic!.." Like an angel, King Alaric appeared behind him and held back his hand.

Dominic grunted, pulled his hand away from him and took a few steps. "Are you okay?" King Alaric proceeded to ask Adira, with a smile on his face. "I'm fine…" She frowned, and folded her arms on her chest.

"You know, you are forbidden to leave the compounds without permission from either me or Dominic, the world we live in is a really dangerous place. Humans and werewolves are constantly after us. You know you haven't awakened your vampiric powers to defend yourself."

"But I was at the li—"

"Adira, we both know that is a lie. I sent for you last night, to discuss matters of your awakening, but you were nowhere to be found."

"Fine, I may have sneaked out of the compound, but it was only to the forest, to see the fireflies. They only come out this time of the year. No human saw me." She lied, but she was calm, and her heart was beating perfectly.

Calm enough to fool even a vampire's keen senses. This was not her first time doing this, living as the first dhampir seen in hundreds of years, among regular vampires, she had to master this act.

"You little lying sh*t!" Dominic cut in, gesturing at her. "I know you are up to something!"

"Dominic, that's enough!" King Alaric scolded, glaring at him. "Go wait for me downstairs."

Dominic saw the anger in his eyes, even though he wished he could defy his order, he couldn't. Alaric was the King of all the vampires in that conclave.

"Fine…" Dominic sneered and walked out the door. King Alaric then turned back to Adira. "Adira, still you know you are forbidden to leave the mansion!"

"I know, I know and I am sorry, I just wanted to see the fireflies. This was the last time they'd be coming out before they migrate again."

"It's okay, after tonight you won't have to worry about this anymore."

"How do you mean?"

"Adira, you have never drunk human blood, thus why you haven't awakened your vampiric powers. But you are twenty now, tonight will be your awakening night! Then you will have a seat on the conclave next to me, just like Dominic does."

Adira forced a smile on her face. She knew he expected her to be happy, but she was far from that. She was not ready to unleash her blood-sucking side, and the truth was she never would.

"That sounds terrific. Well, I have to prepare now. You know, I'll be drinking human blood for the first time and getting reborn and all."

King Alaric smiled, turned around and walked over to the door. Then he paused and turned back, "How did you even leave the mansion, without alerting any of the guards?"

"Umm…. Oh, I sneaked out, behind the guards."

"And no one saw you…? Impressive!" He walked out, locking the door behind him. He proceeded to walk over to the end of the hallway to Dominic.

"You know she's lying right…" Dominic sneered. "I think she's hiding something way bigger than she's willing to let in, I wonder why you are not punishing her for leaving the compound?"

King Alaric sighed, aggressively grabbed his shirt and pushed him against the wall, glaring into his eyes. "What are you doing, we are not trying to create the idea that she's a prisoner."

"But she is—"

"You imbecile! She's the most powerful one of us all and she must never know that, or about the truth of her origins. If you keep treating her like this, we will be her enemy when she finally awakens her true power!"

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to—"

"You just wanted to know what? How pathetic of you! Twenty years, I have created the idea that I cared for her so she would end up at our side. And you, with everyone in the conclave, keep f**king that up!"

"You said most powerful, how? She's just a dhampir, a half-blood vampire, who hasn't even awakened her vampiric powers yet, at the moment she's just like any normal human being!"

"Just stop!!" He yelled. "You know nothing, but if you make her our enemy, I will have your head!"

"I'm sorry…" He whimpers in fear.

King Alaric then let go of his shirt and stood erect. "Keep your distance from her." He walked away.


Dominic's encounter with King Alaric left him shattered. Now he felt the need to desperately prove to King Alaric that he was right, Adira was up to something. But he couldn't do that, not now that King Alaric had warned him to keep his distance from her.

However, he still had one last plan, to expose whatever Adira was up to. He furiously walked over to Aurora's room, the leader of the day walkers in the conclave, who also happened to be deeply in love with Dominic.

Day walkers were vampires who could walk in the sun like any human, with the help of the daylight ring. As the leader of the day walkers, Aurora's rank was among one of the highest ranks in the conclave, right next to Dominic's.

Aurora had just gotten dressed in her room, while the night walkers were preparing to go to sleep, her day as a daywalker was just beginning. Suddenly, Dominic barged into her room. He was furious, breathing heavily like he was about to explode. &quo


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