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Destined for the Alpha's bedroom

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Vine
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 9
  • 5.0
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Glad you are seated to read this because this story will leave you on the edge. After several failed attempts to flee from the clutches of her once thought to be destined mate, Tyr, Alpha of the Duskfire pack. Tyr decides to resell his Luna, Pharena, in a masked party auction. At this auction her long lost twin sister, Kharena appears. Will she swap lives with her twin and finally free herself from the clutches of the ruthless Alpha or is her twin present on a different mission? Dive in to find out.

Chapter 1

~Pharena~"You may now kiss the bride." My guts twisted in utmost disgust as I reminisced about the day my mother exchanged saliva with Seth Collins, my step father.My mother, Asena, had tied the knot with one of the most repugnant men in the pack. Seth was an irresponsible drunkard, my wolf growled each time I saw him.After the death of my beloved father, Kyle, the former Alpha of our pack. My life hasn't been the same. My father always protected me from everyone.Why?Because I couldn't transform into my wolf but I could feel her, a big party was organized for my 14th birthday where I was expected to transform but it was not to be. I was ridiculed but my father was my knight.After his demise I was ridiculed, isolated and accused of killing him, and my brother. Sometimes little kids would gather, and throw items at me, the adults just stood there in amusement."What have I always told you about reminiscing about the past, Pharena?," Tala sighed in resignation, bringing me out of my thoughts, and picking a seat beside the floor bed I was given."I can't help it Tala, my life is miserable," I frowned, feeling my eyes getting teary.Tala leaned in and gave me a long warm hug. Tala was an Alpha in our pack, and my childhood friend. The only person who believed that I was still good for something."Never write yourself off girl, you don't know what the moon goddess has installed for you. It's not over yet," She assured, withdrawing from her warm embrace."I have to go now take care of yourself," She patted my cheeks and made her way out of the house. How I wish I could believe what Tala said to me but my fate was sealed. I got off the floor bed I was given by Seth, in the closet they converted into my room while the others enjoyed luxury. I was treated as a slave.I made my way to the basement, where the washing machine was situated. I heard resounding footsteps behind me, I was being followed.I increased my pace and tried to shut the basement door behind me but the bearer of the footsteps was too quick for me."Your feebleness is your most defining trait," Fred snarled from the other side of the door, pushing the basement door completely open."I have things to do Fred, I'm not in the mood for your shenanigans." I retorted, fear evident in my tone.He smirked mischievously and shut the door behind him. He paced towards me as I was retreating backwards till I hit the front of the washing machine.He grabbed my hands and raised them up making my chest heaved. A broad smile occupied his face as his eyes were fixed on my chest. "I own you, I'll sl*t your throat if you dare scream," He whispered in my ears, making me release soft moans as he breathed on my neck. He slid his hands through my jeans, and into my panties trying to throb my area."Pharena!!!" Someone called out, making Fred jolt, and releasing me from his grip. A wave of relief swept through me. "What are you two doing down here?," Asena asked while descending from the wooden stairs.Fred was quick to meet her "Just adding to the pile of laundry she's about to wash," he said firmly, leaving the basement."Can you perceive the scent mother? He was about to do it again," I muttered, pulling my crop top forward for my mum to sniff. Fred always releases a scent whenever he's about to have his way with me.I tried to explain all that has been going on to my mother but she shrugged it off and said that it was just a kind gesture.I wasn't shocked or surprised at my mother's reaction. I couldn't blame her though she has tried enough by not resenting me after being accused.Fred was one of the two boys that Seth had, the other being Ryan. Ryan resented women after his girlfriend stabbed him in the back. He always poured out his anger not just on me but my mother too, but my mother had the protection of Seth. I had no one.I stared at the ceiling, my mind steering back to the good old days when I could eat whatever I want whenever I want and everything was all good. Everything changed so quickly."Pharena! Dinner's ready!," Asena yelled from the kitchen. "Okay mom I'll be right there," I responded infusing cheer into my voice.I took a deep breath before entering the kitchen and found Seth and the boys eating already. I cast a longing glance at them with so much hatred. I wished the chandelier would just fall and crush their skulls."Here's your food, dear," Asena reached out with a bowl of broth to me."Again?” I cringed."Is there a problem, Pharena?" Seth growled, tilting his head sideways to face me."Not at all," I shook my head in confirmation, and collected the bowl of broth from my mother, and conjured up a fake smile.This is the sixth time this week I'm given broth for dinner. I only eat twice a day on Seth's orders, he said I would become obese if he didn't cut my food not like he cared or anything, he just wanted me to suffer. I retired to my room, and began to gulp down my broth as I reached for the flier sticking out my bed. The flier was an invitation to a seminar at the high school a few kilometers from where I lived.I might be currently useless but I have dreams, goals, and aspirations. I wanted to become a lawyer, even though the odds are stacked up against me the fire in me still burned.I woke up earlier than usual the next morning and got all my chores done before everyone woke up. I put on my best dress. I wanted to look good for the seminar. "Looking good babe," I whispered to myself, standing in front of the mirror admiring myself whilst hanging my handbag on my left arm.By the time I was done Asena had already gotten up. I told her about the seminar, and she bade me farewell.I took a deep breath, and opened the front door, immediately I stepped out, I barged into two men dressed in black suits.

Chapter 2

~Pharena~I was scared at first but it seems the two tall men had no business with me as they walked right past me, and went into the living room, shutting the door behind them.I brushed the encounter off as I was excited about the seminar. I'll have to take the bus or the underground train to get to the high school. I wanted to take the bus but my wolf senses tingled, making me change my mind."I still don't trust you," I whispered to Corni, my wolf.Even though I haven't met her yet I had a name for her.It was a three hour ride but I eventually got to the high school, the program had already started. I picked my seat beside a middle aged woman.I brought out my pen and journal to take down some notes. My mind kept flashing back to the two strange men that entered our house, what could they possibly want? Is Seth in trouble?.The seminar ended a couple of hours later I did not waste a minute before


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