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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Odion
  • Chapters: 92
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 3.6K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 16


After witnessing many deaths of her mates, her world became completely grey. Especially after the rejection that could last a lifetime. Not a drop of color or hint of taste, Sheila told herself that it was best to stay defected, so she left her pack into a world where no one knew her. That was until she saw the most vibrant blue came into being, then came the red color. She found the unexpected pairing with an Alpha wolf and Alpha tiger. It was a surprise, but exactly what the Goddess wanted for her. How can she stay away from another chance at love? Is it really adviceable to stay after the mystery of her previous mates deaths? Sheila was torn between rejecting her new mates and staying for the thrills and joy that comes with being loved.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2SHIELAI knew for sure that my life was in danger and I had to run for it if I wanted to live.With the pain that could only be compared with that of childbirth, I drew off from the floor, facing the angry mob as I stepped backward gradually."I swear with my life, I don't know anything about what happened to him," I assured them that they would listen to a word that I had to say.I could still feel the pain of his death in my heart and this was certainly not helping me."Witch murderer." They kept on chanting like a group of people overtaken by some strange demons.My instincts told me to run but that was certainly going to be a crazy move for me since I would never be able to outrun them With the pain and apart from that, running away was going to be a sign that I was guilty of the crime that they were accusing me of.While I continued to step backward slowly, I stepped on a stone and I fell to the floorI thought that was my eventual end until the police came to my rescue and I was driven home."Thank you, sir." I appreciated the officer."Don't thank me yet. We will begin our investigations soon. Just pray that you do not have a hand in all of this." He announced it to me and I sighed deeply.It was really heartbreaking for me to realize that I was the prime suspect in the case of a man that I loved so much and I was ready to do anything for.I sighed again*** **** **** **** **** **** **** *** *** ***I walked home and I fell face up on the bed this time, I didn't restrain the tears that had formed in my eyes as I let them flow down slowlyOnce again, I was left alone in the world. Without anyone to comfort me.But what if they were right? What if I was cursed and the whole of this was never a coincidence?"Gulp." A large lump went down my spine like a stone going down a rocky tunnel.•••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••• •• ••• •• ••••Months. passed by and people still avoided me like I had some brain-eating disease. It was terrible. I could barely talk to anyone.Whenever I passed by the streets, I could hear whispers all around me, calling me all sorts of names. From a witch to a cursed she-wolf.All of this made me only remember all those tragic moments that I had to go through.But as time went by, I was gradually beginning to get over Their deaths. Though it was painful, I just had to move on with my line as a loner.I remembered the time we spent together. The both of them had always Wanted me to be happy and they Never Wanted me to be in a sad position.Wherever they were, they would not be happy to see that I was sad.And I was way too assured that I knew nothing about their deaths.At least to the best of my knowledge. I sighed deeplyThe police were still not done with their investigation. Nothing had been traced to me yet. At least not yet.I stared at the kitchen for a while. I was running out of stock and. And just two days ago, I was sent a sack text, not even a letter.Fresh tears poured down from my eyes and sometimes, I wished that I could just end my own life and join my mates.Or maybe go to hell and continue with this *ssh*l* of a life.But I pushed the thoughts away from my head quickly.I had to forge ahead. It wasn't yet over. I knew it.The moon goddess surely had other vibrant plans in stock for me and I could not give up yet.I had to get a job as soon as I could so that I would be able to feed.I got dressed that morning and I stormed off to down. Searching through every single poster for a job around. Even if it was a job of a cleaner, I was certainly going to take it.But I found none. Even before I got to the place, the owners usually locked up just to make sure that I did not get anywhere close to them.I was a beast now, feared by everyone. A beast that was starving.I sighed again. Maybe this life wasn't just for me.It was already evening and there was still no Trace of hope for me and I was tired already.I decided that I was going to return home as soon as I could and maybe feed on the leftovers that I had left.But I continued to walk on the streets. Something strange that I had never expected before happened.I began to perceive an odd scent of cinnamon mixed with ginger. So pleasant that I continued to sniff the air.I had not perceived anything like that before all my life."But could it be that it was my mate's scent?" I thought in my head but I pushed the thoughts away almost immediately.It was so not possible. The moon goddess already gave me a second chance mate and what did I get? The same tragic scene.Nobody would risk it, offering me a mate again.But it seemed like I was wrong as my wolf confirmed my fears."Mate! Mate!" I could hear my wolf screaming inside of me.I could feel my heart beating and for the first time since the death of my previous mate, I felt like a living being once again.I could see him from behind. He was tall with handsome tan skin. I could not wait to see his face to see who it was as the bond made me completely forget my past life.I walked towards him. At first, I thought that he did not recognize the bond until he turned around towards me and my heart almost skipped a thousand beats.

Chapter 1

SheilaIt was our first night together after I discovered that he was my second chance mateAnd for my first mate, a long sigh escaped from my lips.He died about two years ago, in the shadows of mystery.I could still remember that night that I saw him, his eyes were bulging out, blood gushing out from his mouth.It was something that had never been seen before in the history of the pack. It was something that I thought about, it sent cold shivers down my spine and I always shivered hard like a Little baba.After seeing his body in that state , I cried, I yelled, refusing to be comforted by anyone but eventually, time flew past and I had to move onMaybe the moon goddess was going to give me another chance to be loved again. And sure she did.I was offered a second chance mate. Fred and he were a mate like no other, showering me with so much love and affection.I could never have asked for an


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