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Cronicles of Axel

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I reincarnated in another world and brought a cube from my favorite video game with me. Being a Mage or a Knight? It's not a question when I can being both. They will hunt me down? Let them triy. Being a legendary blacksmith by taking advantage of my future knowledge in blacksmithing? is it morally wrong? Yes, but I will make the most of each of my knowledge of the future to bring changes to this world. Be a knight and then be a magician? why not better I am both. Genre: Romance, Comedy, Action, Determinación, Will, Fantasy, Weak to Strong, Male MC,


Under the starry night sky, the rough Bennett Castle guards the plain like a giant. This is the land of the Knights of Bennett. It is located at the junction of the Principality of Camai and the Dirt Mountain in the southernmost part of the Holy Land. Is an important granary in the Principality of Camai.

The wheat fields in the moonlight are neatly arranged, and gently shaken with the breeze on the summer night, as if showing the richness of this land.

"Scared" a 12-year-old black-haired boy is waving a huge sword, and on his body is an iron armor, the armor is very large, his height of about 1.5 meters let him wear the armor It looked like a bell clasped on his body, but his small face was very serious, as if he was doing something sacred.

Every time the boy waved the great sword, he yelled, on the one hand, to exhale, and on the other hand, to squeeze out every trace of strength in the body muscles.

The sound of *Da Da Da* awakened the boy who focused on swinging the sword. He turned his long black hair to reveal a young and tender face. The sweat had wet the black hair and pressed it close to his cheek, with purple eyes. Shows a luster like a dream.

"Axel, see what I brought to you?" Jumped off an 18-year-old young man with long blond hair, thick eyebrows, tall nose bridges, and blue eyes, wearing leather armor. There were riding boots on his feet, and he said, taking a small package from the saddle.

"Brother, you are back."

Instead of being as curious about gifts as Adolescents, Abel greeted politely.

As for this attitude of Abel, Zak, as his brother, has become accustomed to it. Since him was awoke from a horse injury a year ago, he has grown up a lot and became very mature.

Both boys were the sons of the Bennett Knights in Bennett Castle.

Older is Zak, 18, the eldest son of the Knights of Bennett, a 4th-level trainee knight, who has just returned from the town of Fort Lee. And the younger one, who is still working hard at night, is the second son of Bennett Cavaliers, who has just begun to train for Cavaliers for two months.

As the eldest son of the Knights of Bennett, if Zak can become a knight, then this knight collar and Bennett Castle will be inherited by him, and the second son Axel can only strive for a livelihood.

But these did not affect the feelings between them. Every time Zak went to town, he would take out some pocket money from his own pocket money to buy some gifts for Axel to fulfill his duties as an elder brother.

And Axel is always very sensible to discuss with his father for training resources, because although this knight collar is a hundred miles away, there are no special products, and it can only be maintained by the income of food. After tax, there are only five hundred gold coins.

This money has to bear the cost of the castle, and the eldest son Zak ’s knight training costs, basically there is no surplus.

Axel took the parcel from Zak. This was a long box, which was carefully wrapped with a layer of colored cloth, showing Zak's intentions about the gift.

"What a beautiful dagger." Axel yelled in surprise, tinkering with the dagger in his hand. This dagger is made of fine iron. It is heavier than ordinary iron daggers and is more expensive in value. A lot.

"Just like it. I'm lucky today. A guy who doesn't know how to sell this dagger is only 70% of the price of an ordinary iron dagger. I bought it." Seeing Axel's favorite dagger, Zak My heart was so happy that Axel had rarely had such a child-like smile for a year.

"You practice next, I'll go home first."

Zak did not continue to disturb Axel's practice. It is important to know that the entire castle has only one set of such iron armor, and most of the day this set of armor was assigned to Zak himself by the Knights of Bennett, and only at night. Axel practiced using.

Trainee knight's practice, first of all, is to practice the corresponding introductory swordsmanship. These swordsmanship can effectively compress and deposit every trace of power in the muscle, and finally give back to the body a kind of Qi. These Qi will slowly accumulate to form Qi pulses. Each time a Qi pulse is formed, the level of apprenticeship is increased. After five Qi pulses are filled in the body, the Qi pulse will be compressed to form a Qi core.

Knights with gas cores are already regular knights. They can use fighting spirit to fight, and fighting spirit can stimulate various combat skills and improve the knight's combat effectiveness.

And to be able to quickly compress the strength in the muscles, after thousands of years of exploration, the knights found that wearing heavy armor to practice can better increase the speed of the formation of Qi pulse, so each knight must have an iron armor This set of armor can be practiced in peacetime and is a strong shield to protect yourself in wartime.

And by reducing or increasing the armor pieces on the armor, both the beginner knights and more advanced knights can use the same armor to practice, so the armor and war horses are the standard for knights. Knights without armor and war horses No one would recognize his knighthood.

"97 ... 98 ... 99 ... 100." When Axel waved the last sword, the last strength of his body disappeared, and one could not help but lie down on the ground. Purple eyes looked at the stars in the sky, and his mouth was light. He said softly, "Which star is my home?."

The original Axel was dead a year ago during the fall of the horse, and a soul from the earth occupied this body and became the new Axel. This is why Axel ’s personality changed this year. A 30-year-old soul enters a body in the age of 10, no matter how careful, it will make people feel different, but because of the impact of falling horses, everyone thinks that it is just a child who is scared.

Axel, whose name is Jackson, was a senior fitness instructor. He is busy with work. I remember that he arrived home at more than 10pm that day. If he was upset, he took out his notebook and opened the old game Diablo 2 to play, because this classic game is one of the few games in his notebook, and it is also his reserved game.

I opened the icon and played the game for a while. It was found that "Book of Town Teleport" showed 0. He often forgot to buy the scroll of Town Teleport. However, it was boring to pass the time, so he opened the modifier and modified the "Book of Town Teleport". After a while, he looked at the attributes of the "Book of Town Teleport" with satisfaction, and automatically replied the number every minute.

Just feeling cool, a lightning strike in the sky hit the building where Jackson was located. The lightning pin of the building had no effect. The lightning directly hit Jackson, who was playing with a laptop, through a wire.

When Jakson woke up, he found himself the second son of the Bennett Cavaliers, also named Axel.

Aside from those thoughts in his mind, Axel, who had recovered some strength, stood up and walked towards the castle with his big sword. Today he feels very good and may be promoted to a first-level trainee knight at night.

Axel, who returned to the castle, didn't go to dinner. At this moment, there was still half an hour before dinner, during which time he was going to maintain the armor.

Carefully clean the sweat stains on the armor little by little, every nail and every small gap must be cleaned, and then re-care with maintenance oil. This process is very careful for Axel, whether it is Axel or Zak Even the Knight of Bennett, after using this armor, will protect the armor, which is the tradition of the knight and the necessary means for the family to pass on the armor.

Next is the giant sword. This giant sword is a kind of two-handed sword. The huge sword body and the unmodified sword handle embody the viewpoint of the person who cast the sword. It is simple and practical.

After everything was done, Axel took a bath and came to the restaurant, where his father Bennett Knight, his mother Noria and his elder brother Zak were already present.

Prologue part 2

Bennett Knight wore a white cotton top. The cumbersome buttons reflected aristocratic luxury. His face was serious. Axel has been for a year. Rarely, Bennett Knight ’s expression is too much. The change was only a year ago when Axel woke up and saw the Bennett for the first time. The joy in the eyes of the Cavaliers made him remember.

His mother Noria was a kind woman. During Axel's cultivation, she fed Axel with food every day, and never let the waitress intervene. This is also an important reason for axel to recognize this new family.

Prayer before meals is the last thing Axel is accustomed to. After thirty years of atheism, when he arrived in this world, he found that everyone here is religious, and people here believe in the Holy Light.

No one spoke during the meal. Although the knight was the lowest class nobleman, the rules that the nobleman should abide by, and the family did the same.

The large piece of beef was divided into four portions. The fa


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