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Craving Revenge: Rebirth Luna

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Losing one's mate is considered the most painful occurrence that can happen to a werewolf. But pushing one's mate away under the guise of being controlled is devastating. She was betrayed by her best friend and fooled into abandoning her mate, and the chance to become a Luna. This mistake cost her many things including her life. But then, the Moon goddess wasn't done writing the chapters of her. She was given a second shot at life. But then, things had already gotten out of hand. Can she salvage her already strained relationship with her mate, while proving she was no longer as blind as she was in the past?

Chapter 1

MARCH, 18, 2019.



That was the first cuss I could utter immediately my eyes fluttered open. My head was spinning really bad and the sensual music in the background didn't really help matters.

Worse still, I could hear the pitter patter sounds of raindrops on the roof.

My eyes hurt and I closed them back, in an attempt to get my disarrayed thoughts together. I had questions on my mind. Where the hell was I? Heaven? Or was I in hell already?

"Wider, Amber, goddamn it!" A hoarse and yet familiar voice distracted my already shambled thoughts. Raising my head slowly, my gaze landed on a figure that made me scrunch my brow in confusion.

"Reece?" I whispered.

"Are you finally ready to give yourself to me?" He asked in an icy tone which stabbed directly into my heart.

'Give myself?' Was that even a question.

If my deduction was right, then I had definitely been reborn. Proof of this was the younger version of my mate who was staring daggers at me. As his gait floated above mine impatiently waiting to become one with me intimately, my mind traveled down the memory lane.

It wasn't a memory lane, I guess. I had been reborn. And that meant the benevolent Moon goddess had given me a second shot at life.

A second chance...

The words reverberated through my mind, and my hands subconsciously curled into a fist.

"Amber!" Reece breathed harshly again. I closed my eyes shut. In my past life, I had been blinded by love. Or was it?

I had been blinded to the point of being used as a tool. I ignored my own mate, blindly chasing after another. I was going to make sure I wouldn't do the same thing.

With the thought, I opened my eyes again, and my hands inched towards my mate. Encircling my hands around his neck, I pulled his head down for a kiss.

He gasped into my mouth, however, he didn't pull away. He moved in tempo with my lips, and when I sought entrance into his mouth, he didn't hesitate at all. His mouth opened slightly giving me full access.

I moaned softly into his mouth, and ran my hands through his soft and jet black hair. This was the pleasure I denied myself in the past life. The pleasure which I wasn't going to deny myself in this life.

My back hurt, and I tried ignoring it. This night was going to be a memorable one. I was going to become one with my mate, and was going to mark him as mine.


We broke away from the kiss, and as he stared at me, I could see the questions in his eyes. Questions which even myself couldn't answer. I had never taken the lead to kiss him before, nor did I allow him to kiss me.

"I want you, Reece." My words were short, shutting whatever questions he had to ask.

"Amber, are you sure about that? I'm going to mark you as mine. Are you ready?" He asked with a burning gaze which seemed to scorch my skin.

I sighed. I had never been so sure in my life.

"I'm ready, Reece. You are my mate after all. But then, can you turn off the music in the background?" I requested.

He nodded and got off the bed in all his nude glory. My lips smacked in appreciation of his godly like body. It was sinfully enticing, beckoning, with a touch of the rugged- devil- may- care look. Was this specimen the one who I had refused to mark in my past life?

'Stupid, Amber.' I had been very foolish.

When Reece returned to the king-sized bed on which I was lying, I noticed that the earlier rage in his eyes had vanished like smoke. The rage which had been in his eyes immediately I opened my eyes.

"We need to talk. What's your motive, Amber?" He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me with all seriousness.

"What do you mean?" I sat up, draping the duvet around my body, as if discovering that I was naked.

"You are acting quite weird, unusual. What is your motive, acting all fierce in one minute and welcoming the next minute?" He asked me.

I didn't respond, couldn't respond. I crawled towards him, throwing the duvet to the side. His eyes widened as he roamed them over my body.

"Forget about my motive, I have none. Even if I do, can I hope to win against you? I'm your mate, and all I want at the moment is to feel you inside me." I ran my hands deftly over his well toned back, igniting a low growl from his throat.

He threw me back and steadying his weight using both hands, he gazed down at me.

"I'm going to make you mine now, Amber. My mate." He growled and he inched down towards my shoulder.

My breath hitched when he ran his moist tongue over a part of my shoulder. It felt strange, felt good... Subconsciously, I gripped his hair and tried to steady my breath.

Why was I nervous? It wasn't as if I hadn't done it before. Well, I had, countless times with that jerk of a werewolf. The bastard which I had dedicated my past life to.

Why then was my mind a mess, just from a simple move from Reece?

'That's because he's your mate.' A calm and clear voice uttered in my mind.

My eyes widened. A voice in my mind could only mean one thing; my inner wolf.

I didn't have an inner wolf in my past life.

'I am Eva, your inner wolf. We would have a discussion later, Amber.' She chuckled.

I nodded, although she couldn't see me.

At that moment, I felt a warm and exploding sensation course through my body. Reece withdrew from my shoulders. He ran his hands over it softly. I couldn't see the mark clearly, but yeah, I had been marked. By my mate.

"You are mine, Amber. Make me yours." He ordered. However, I could tell he was tensed and I could tell the reason why. Was he afraid I would refuse to mark him?

Well, the previous me wouldn't have. But not the present Amber.

"Tonight I, Amber Rolph, accept you as my mate. I will make you mine." The vow flew out of my mouth. It felt strange, yet natural.

Yes, Reece was mine.


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