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Contracted Mate To Alpha Konan

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BLURB: EXCERPT "Madeline, you are still pregnant, aren't you?" I stared at her, she was still—unresponsive. "Madeline, the baby is still in there, inside your god-damned womb, isn't he, my voice rising several decibels." Still, no response. "Madeline!!!," I growled. I demand an answer. You are still with my child, right?" This time, she looked up at me, fear flickering in her eyes, and I could see the defiance there too. She responded with a negative shake of her head. I just laughed, a cold humorless laughter. I was mad. "I-i am so sorry alpha Konan," she stammered, her voice nearly a whisper. "I didn't mean for this to happen." I scoffed. Did she just say sorry? "Madeline, O Madeline!!!" "Sorry doesn't bring back my baby. it doesn't make up for your incompetence." "You did too much wrong things at once Madeline. You breached the contract Madeline, you lost my baby and took the ability for me to sire a heir because of your carelessness.... **** Because of an unintended one night stand s*x with Alpha Konan, the newly installed cruel alpha of Oceanwolf pack, Madeline a servant girl lost her virginity and got pregnant for his child. Alpha Konan got to know about it and since a pregnancy was needed to establish his power in the pack, he decided to contract her to be his mate, and she got no say in it. The pregnancy they both depended on was lost and everything took a turn for the worse. Will Madeline be able to survive the punishment meted out on her? In this story, a web of love, loyalty and adventure is formed. Will the poor servant girl and the cruel Alpha be able to pull through, each answering the call of eternal unbroken love amidst all difficulties?

Chapter 1


"The shameless b*tch lost my baby. Who told her to interfere with the affairs of the slaves and servants. I strongly instructed her to be careful with what she takes for the sake of the baby and out of carelessness she gobbled down a herbal tonic that wasn't hers to take in the beginning. For disobeying me and killing my pup due to carelessness, I am going to punish her dearly for it."

Dan!!!, his voice bellowed which showed he was smitten with anger, "Bring Madeline to the execution room". He commanded and he sauntered angrily out of the hallway.

From my room well enclosed with brick walls, I could hear Alpha Konan’s voice thundering and ranting. Alpha Konan had always been unsympathetic and ruthless when dealing with me and today's own will definitely be the height of it. I huddled myself together on the tiny bed in my room, my gaze fixated on the wall opposite of me.

Alpha Konan is the father of the unborn baby and the unborn baby was also responsible for part of the prestige he currently possessed, so it was okay for him to behave this way. For me, it was the direct opposite. Alpha Konan saw the baby as an added feather to his fleets of achievement, I saw the unborn child as my solace and consolation. At least if the baby was successfully born, I would earn a little tiny respect from him.

Fast forward to now, everything had gone down the drain, scattered with the wind. I knew this was going to make me suffer more hardships, disrespect and scorn from him and every trusted ally around him.

My room door opened ajar and a warrior werewolf came in and escorted me to the execution room. He poked me with the stick he held in his hands with no form of respect till I got to the execution room. I was still wearing my dress, the dress which I wore when I miscarried my baby.

It was stained with blood, dry blood and I was unwilling to let go of the dress that made me see the color red travelling all the way from my womanhood, trickling down my thighs, and forming a river of blood on the ground below me.

Alpha Konan stood up from his seat and dragged me from where I was standing and threw me to the ground mercilessly making me wince in pain.

The execution room not only contained Alpha Konan, it lied people who had disdain, disgust and scorn evident in their faces. I wasn't one who liked to be pitied but my knees became weaker when I saw no evidence of pity in any of their faces.

With my vision becoming more blurry than ever, I huddled myself together on the cold tiled floor, gathering my blood stained garment to cover the dried blood on my thighs and legs and waited patiently for Alpha Konan's judgement.

"For killing Alpha Konan's baby out of your undue carelessness, I sentence you to hard labor." My once gloomy eyes widened than normal and I sincerely hope I didn't hear well.

I knew what hard labor looked like in Oceanwolf pack. But as a contracted mate to Alpha Konan I didn't deserve this kind of treatment and punishment. I was ready to endure everything but not hard labor. Hard labor in Oceanwolf pack involves you to do all forms of jobs and atrocities, even enlist you for war if they were short of warrior wolves. This, I wasn't going to survive.

"Alpha Konan, please. Tamper justice with mercy. It was not intentional for me to miscarry the baby."

He walked up to me with full length angry strides, crouched to my level and squeezed my jaw whispering into my ear.

"Look Madeline, this is the start of the hell you are going to see. You will regret ever knowing me or having anything to do with me. For killing my child, I am going to kill you a thousand times. You will crave death and you won't find it anywhere. You are not even allowed to take your own life because if you do, I will go to the ends of the earth to revive you".

"I only have the rights to kill you in this life." He looked into my eyes with all irritation and stood up and I was left dumbfounded.

"Drag her out of here," Alpha Konan commanded and two guards came and dragged me out. I struggled under their grip and pleaded repeatedly. Who was I kidding?

This is the true nature of Alpha Konan. When he makes up his mind, it is final. All my plea fell on deaf ears and when I got to my room, a servant lady was already waiting to escort me to my new hellhole and my things had already been packed.

There was not even time to bid the room who had seen most of my tears goodbye. With my blood stained clothes, I trudged behind the servant lady to my new hell hole. On my way, I reminisced all the events that caused me to be in this position today.


My name is Madeline, born and bred in Oceanwolf pack. My family was among the poorest of the poor in the pack and living life every day was frustrating. Because of our predicament, my parents sold me to the Alpha family of the pack and I was forced to go work for them and also serve them.

I came into the Alpha's mansion when I was twelve and I had served them diligently and effortlessly for the past ten years. In those ten years, I often came across Konan and his brothers. And anytime we crossed paths, he made sure to bully me. He made me drink wolfsbane once to satisfy his curiosity on how wolves react to the deadly poison and I almost lost my life.

All thanks to the moon goddess and the timely intervention of the Alpha, Konan's father. He punished him severely for it and that was the last I saw of Konan and the bullying stopped.

Konan's installation as the new Alpha is tomorrow and preparations were at its highest. Everyone and everywhere was in a hustle and bustle trying to make the ceremony grand and perfect, befitting for the new upcoming Alpha.

Top leaders from other packs were all invited to grace the ceremony and everyone was on their tippy toes because it was also a time to drink and eat without constraint.

I prepared the best dress I had. It was a white flowing dress, closely and neatly knitted to cinch my upper body and accentuate the curves of my lower body.

It was time for Konan to make the grand entrance and greet the dignitaries present and the pack he was going to rule. He made his grand entrance wearing clothes made of leather and a purple cape well endowed with shiny stones.

It was a costume made dress well befitting for royalty. He walked with confidence and well composed strides, the dim light in the great hall well addressing his manly features.

He was strikingly handsome, with his well toned muscles and chiseled jaws ready to cut through anything clean without leaving rough edges. The tattoos on his body creeping out of his arms and neck added to his every dark aura.

His appearance according to the rumors were all true and looking at him up close, I could attest to it.

Everyone clapped in appreciation and approval. The grand ceremony to welcome the new Alpha ended and it was time to make merry. Every servant and guard were all given the night off to join in the bliss of enjoyment. Everybody I saw around had bottle of alcohol in hand and I decided to unwind a little and joined the crew.

It graduated from a bottle, to two, and more till I took a particular drink that messed me up. The effect of the alcohol kicked in immediately. This was different from the others I had taken and I began feeling uncomfortable, dizzy and hot inside. I lacked coordination and I staggered my way into a well nicely arranged room.

Who is there? A thick rich voice thundered from somewhere within the room. I flinched and at that moment I took cognizance of the shadow in the corner, hairs matted to his face.

In my intoxicated state, I came closer to him and I came in contact with his icy blue stare, his musky and alluring scent filling my nose. The stranger engaged me in an eye contact which had me unflinching under his gaze.

In a twinkling, he wrapped his hands around my neck and pinned me to the wall behind me, his hot breath fanning my face making the hairs on my neck stand. I could tell he was drunk too. Whatever followed next was what I couldn't comprehend but it was blissful.

That was my first and one of the top notch intimacy I ever had and also one that sent my life rolling down into the great abyss.

Chapter 2


I woke up to the sun sending piercing rays through my room window. I squinted my eyes to avoid the rays from getting further entrance into my eyes. I sat upright on my bed and ran my hands on my disheveled hair and I noticed I was sharing my bed with someone.

Not that it was something new or anything. It happened almost everyday of the week. It was like a normal routine for me. The lady on my bed was stark naked with only the duvet to cover her shame. I could see the crimson red under where she slept then I knew for a fact that she was a virgin I just broke.

I took a close look at her and found out it was Madeline, my most dreaded and mortal servant. How come she ended up in my room and sharing a bed with me. Come to think of it, this was the first time I had taken alcohol and it clouded my sense of judgement. Something wasn't just right. The alcohol contained something else I wasn't aware of.

"What have I just


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