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A.gee Umeh

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A writer and an avid reader A baker and a microbiologist whose hobbies include learning new languages and travelling and I sincerely hope my stories brings you smiles on a bad day.


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  • 👁 102
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BLURB: EXCERPT "Madeline, you are still pregnant, aren't you?" I stared at her, she was still—unresponsive. "Madeline, the baby is still in there, inside your god-damned womb, isn't he, my voice rising several decibels." Still, no response. "Madeline!!!," I growled. I demand an answer. You are still with my child, right?" This time, she looked up at me, fear flickering in her eyes, and I could see the defiance there too. She responded with a negative shake of her head. I just laughed, a cold humorless laughter. I was mad. "I-i am so sorry alpha Konan," she stammered, her voice nearly a whisper. "I didn't mean for this to happen." I scoffed. Did she just say sorry? "Madeline, O Madeline!!!" "Sorry doesn't bring back my baby. it doesn't make up for your incompetence." "You did too much wrong things at once Madeline. You breached the contract Madeline, you lost my baby and took the ability for me to sire a heir because of your carelessness.... **** Because of an unintended one night stand s*x with Alpha Konan, the newly installed cruel alpha of Oceanwolf pack, Madeline a servant girl lost her virginity and got pregnant for his child. Alpha Konan got to know about it and since a pregnancy was needed to establish his power in the pack, he decided to contract her to be his mate, and she got no say in it. The pregnancy they both depended on was lost and everything took a turn for the worse. Will Madeline be able to survive the punishment meted out on her? In this story, a web of love, loyalty and adventure is formed. Will the poor servant girl and the cruel Alpha be able to pull through, each answering the call of eternal unbroken love amidst all difficulties?


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