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Contract Marriage with the cursed Alpha

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Her dreams of finally leaving the forest after 17 years were cut short the moment the vengeful werewolves, who are seeking revenge over what her kind did to them many years ago, abducted her. Her parents were werewolf hunters who lost to the werewolves, and upon their deaths, they laid a curse on King Alpha and his lineage. Hazel was saved and protected by an old woman, a werewolf who had lived in the forest for several years. For some reason, she hid and protected Hazel from her clan. Two weeks after she died, Hazel decided to run to get to the human world. She is bent on taking revenge over what the wolves did to her parents but she thought she could do that when she gets to her world. How would she carry out her plans in a land that wants her dead? How could she survive in a world that hates her kind? The contract Marriage was her only option for gaining freedom. Unknown to her, there are some hidden agendas behind the contract. How would this cruel Alpha manage his emotions when they became his only weakness? He can’t take in a human as a mate, yet he can’t let her go, and worse, he has to keep his promise to his people and release Hazel for them to kill. Read and uncover A lot of mysteries. Secrets and dramatic events, and find out if hatred could ever turn to love. .

Chapter 1

I ran like one being chased by an unseen force, not knowing when it’d catch up with me and fulfill its vile plans. I ran as if my life depended on it, because my life did depend on it. I wasn’t a sports person; I didn’t engage in running activities. The best kind of running I’d ever done was whenever I was sent on an urgent errand by Mama Lia.

My breath hitched as I suddenly remembered the only woman I had known all my life as my guardian and parent. Why did she have to die now? I wasn’t ready to be alone, especially in a world where my kind is hated and a mention of us tastes like poison in the mouths of the inhabitants of this world, a world I barely knew nothing of, a world I’ve been shielded from all my life—and though it was quite challenging for me, I knew it was for my own safety. But what good was my safety with Mama Lia gone? My vision became blurry as tears welled up to the brim and fell. I tried to shake my head to stop these depressing thoughts from tormenting my mind, so these tears would stop streaming down. Now’s not the time to be weak and give in to emotions, no matter how strong they are.

These stubborn tears—why aren’t they stopping? Choking on them, I coughed and hit my chest hard as if that would alleviate the pain lodged there.

My steps were slowing, and my bones were growing weak. I can’t afford to be weak; I’m in the enemies’ territory. I must not be caught here, dead or alive. I stumbled as more tears clouded my vision, causing me not to notice the small boulder on the path. I grunted as I felt a sharp pain on my big toe. Stupid me, I let my emotions get the best of me, and now I am injured. I stopped to check the extent of the injury and looked around to see if I could find anything to mop up the blood with. I couldn’t find anything.

Risking a glance around the thick forest, the only noise I heard was the gentle singing and neighborly call of birds; it felt kind of soothing. I picked up some leaves and cleaned up the blood, then using my good foot, I quickly cleared traces of blood that had spilled on the ground. Mama Lia had once told me that werewolves had a heightened sense of smell; they could smell blood from miles away. I was tired, but I didn’t want to be seen or captured by these awful creatures that seem to harbor such hatred for my kind. I became more scared.

I continued my journey, running, but not as fast as before because of my injured toe. I was careful not to hit it again.

I heard a growl; my hair stood on end, and fear clogged my senses. Oh no, what will I do? They must have sensed the blood; I looked at my leg to see more blood running out. Turning, I saw that I’d left a small trail behind. Fear settled heavily in my stomach, and in conjunction with the incessant swarming, my nerves were in irregular knots. Apprehension slithered through my spine, working its way into my chest and squeezing tight.

I hurriedly turned back to clean up those bloodstains when I heard another low, blood-chilling growl. If my hairs were standing on end before, now they were spiked stiff.

Even though the weather was humid, my body managed to produce sweat that started from my scalp and flowed down my back. Another one found its way to my face. I sprinted, forgetting to favor my bleeding big toe; the agony was buried beneath layers of other intense feelings that were making my head hazy. I dashed forward, weaving over soft branches and razor-sharp leaves that slashed my skin if I got too close.

I couldn’t concentrate on skin cuts now; I needed to get away from these beasts before they ruthlessly devoured me. My gown got hooked to a needle-like plant, but I didn’t care. Even when I heard a small ripping sound, I didn’t turn to see.

My throat was parched, but fear wouldn’t let me stop to find any streams nearby. I kept on going, my bones pleading to be spared from this rigorous running activity, but I paid them no mind; they needed to carry me far away. I won’t stop until I am far from those monsters. I couldn’t hear growls any more, but I wouldn’t risk it. I kept to my fast pace; my breathing was labored, and my heart beat erratically against my chest.

My body ached all over, and my legs were slowing on their own. I knew they had no more strength; no matter how hard I pushed them, they couldn’t go fast anymore. Another growl. I whipped my head around. I didn’t see anything or anyone, but my instincts told me they were close. Maybe they’d been following me all this while, taunting me, making me believe they had stopped pursuing me. I'm praying to whatever god out there to save me and help me escape these canine-toothed, blood-hungry beasts.

I willed my sore legs to continue, and as I was about to take the next step, I pierced my injured toe on a stick with spikes that were in the way. I closed my mouth to prevent myself from screaming, and pain blinded me for a second. Blood was gushing now; there was no way to stop it. Still, I had to move on, but my movements were now slowed to a walk.

I had taken two steps when it came out of the bush. I guess it’s been hiding there all along. The big, gray creature growled, baring its pointed, sharp canines. I quickly picked up the spiky stick as it wasn’t far from me, holding it like both a weapon and my savior. I took backward steps, slowly and consciously. I was terrified, but I couldn’t let them know.

"Never let them perceive your fear, for if they ever do, that’s the end." Mama Lia's words rang in my ears; they sounded so real that I was tempted to glance around to see if a miracle had happened and the woman had resurrected.

But I couldn’t take the risk of looking away even for a second, another piece of Mama Lia’s advice. "Never turn away from a wolf, especially an enemy; you never know when they’ll jump on you".

I saw the werewolf’s eyes; it was mocking me; it was already sure it had me where it wanted me.

"Was this a male or female wolf?" I couldn’t tell.

Another step back, and I heard two more angry growls. I couldn’t control the fear anymore; I couldn’t hold back the tears. I was dead, and I knew it.

"These werewolves would never let me go. I was going to be ripped to pieces, not the way I’d envisioned my death if and when it ever happened," I thought to myself.

Chapter 2

“Please let me go." "I haven’t committed any crime; I am just passing through, please.”

My voice broke, and more tears welled and spilled; my weapon had slipped out of my trembling hands. I watched them one by one change back into their human forms. They were very naked, and I quickly looked away when someone appeared from the bushes and threw clothes at them. The fully dressed guy got hold of me in a rough manner, and I closed my eyes, wincing in great pain. My skin was bruised and scratched, but my captor didn’t care. Was he a human or a werewolf like them? I had my answer when he sniffed me.

“Stinky human”

His eyes flashed, and he showed me his pointy canines, probably to scare me more, and it worked because my legs began to shake.

“Let’s kill her.”

“Yes. Let’s do to her what her kind have done to us a long time ago.


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