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Child Of The Outcast

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Long ago, the Shadow Pack was ruthlessly taken over by the bloodthirsty vampires after a gruesome battle. But little did anyone know, a forbidden love had blossomed between the Vampire Elder's son, Ammar, and the Alpha's daughter, Daciana. Their love bore fruit, but it remained a secret as they fled the pack. However, when Daciana's pregnancy was discovered, she kept the father's identity hidden for days. Only when they discovered it was Ammar's child , the Alpha vow to keep the baby away from the clutches of the vampires. Years went by, and Daciana's father passed away, leaving behind her and her son, Ganzalo. As Ammar aged and looked for a successor, the seer suggested Ganzalo, but he had werewolf blood running through his veins. Could Ganzalo rise to the challenge and bring the two warring factions together again, or would his mixed heritage prove to be a curse rather than a blessing? Only time will tell in this tale of forbidden love and a struggle for power.

Chapter 1



On a cool evening, the heads of Shadow pack gathered with the seer to hear about the future. As the seer looked around, he prophesied that danger was looming around the pack, and he saw blood in the sky. Furthermore, he predicted that a forbidden love would form between a strong member of the pack and a vampire leader, which could potentially cause destruction. However, the seer also saw people and protection around them.

The heads of the Shadow pack started to look at each other, wondering who the betrayer could be. The seer reassured them that the woman in question was not a betrayer, but her time was coming. With that, he left, leaving the pack members to contemplate the prophecy.

Daciana's father went home and shared the prophecy with his family. While her father talked about how she would lead the pack to become bigger and stronger, Daciana was not interested. She was more concerned about her own life and destiny. She argued with her father about her future, but it only led to frustration, so she left to clear her mind.

The outside of the compound was serene and peaceful, as it was located on the mountainside. Daciana walked around, enjoying the refreshing breeze while contemplating her fate. She was tired of fighting all the time, as the pack was always under attack. She wanted to make her life easier and wondered what she could do to achieve that.

Despite the prophecy, Daciana was not worried. She had a strong sense of self and did not let the words of a seer dictate her future. She believed that her choices and actions would determine her destiny. However, she was aware that the prophecy could still come true and that she needed to be cautious.

As she continued to walk around the compound, she made a decision to strengthen herself and the pack. She would work towards building a stronger and more united team, who would be able to face any challenges that came their way. She knew that with determination, hard work, and perseverance, they could overcome anything.

The prophecy about the Shadow pack may have been daunting, but it did not deter Daciana from striving towards her goals. She believed in herself and her pack, and she was determined to create a better future for them all.

Alpha Adolphus, the leader of the pack, was having a conversation with his Luna about Daciana's rejection of becoming the next leader of the pack. Alpha Adolphus was not happy with Daciana's decision because he wanted the leadership position to remain within his family. Daciana, a strong and capable member of the pack, was not an Omega and could handle anything that came her way. Alpha Adolphus couldn't understand why she was refusing the position.

As the Luna didn't give any reply to Alpha Adolphus's complaints, she stood up to look for Daciana. She called out her name, but Daciana didn't hear her. The Luna eventually found Daciana sitting alone, looking distressed.

The Luna sat beside Daciana and started praising her, telling her how much she and Alpha Adolphus cared for her well-being and interests. She explained that Alpha Adolphus wanted the leadership to remain within his family even after his death, and that was why he was pushing Daciana to take up the position. However, Daciana seemed not to be listening to her mother's words, and her mother had to ask if she was paying attention.

Daciana replied that she was listening, but her mind was elsewhere. She had her own reasons for rejecting the leadership position. Daciana didn't want to be tied down by the responsibilities and expectations that came with being the leader. She wanted to have the freedom to make her own choices and live her life the way she wanted.

The Luna listened to Daciana's reasons and understood her concerns. She told Daciana that she respected her decision and that she would support her no matter what. The Luna also assured Daciana that Alpha Adolphus would eventually come to accept her decision, and they would continue to love and care for her.

Daciana felt relieved and grateful for her mother's understanding and support. She knew that her mother and Alpha Adolphus only had her best interests at heart, but she had to follow her own path.

As they prepared to enter the pack, the Alpha abruptly rushed out, announcing that their pack was under attack and he needed to defend their people. Daciana followed him as she usually did, though she was not pleased. She had grown tired of these constant battles, and the toll it was taking on her was becoming too much to bear.

The attack was brutal, and they managed to capture Alpha Adolphus and take him to their territory. Daciana witnessed this and quickly sprang into action. She chased after them and caught up with them on a deserted road. They began to fight again, but Alpha Adolphus was bound and unable to move. Despite this, he managed to locate a sharp piece of iron and used it to free himself. He rushed to Daciana's aid, but she was already exhausted from the battle. Alpha Adolphus noticed an enemy sneaking up behind Daciana, waiting to strike. He quickly pushed the attacker away and continued the fight. They managed to defeat the vampires and destroy their belongings.

Upon returning to their pack, Alpha Adolphus and Daciana were greeted with cheers and excitement. Their people were overjoyed with their bravery and the victory they had achieved.

However, Daciana was still unhappy. She brought up the issue that she had been complaining about for some time now. She told her father that no one was listening to her because he was the head of the pack. She was worried that the enemies were after him and that they would take him alive, which would be a disgraceful and painful outcome for their people. Alpha Adolphus has to listen to his only daughter before things take a bad turn against them.

Daciana and Alpha Adolphus stumbled into the house, bloodied and battered. Daciana's mother gasped in shock, but quickly regained her composure and rushed to their aid. She had seen them like this before, but it never got any easier. As she tended to their wounds, Alpha Adolphus began to speak, his voice shaking with emotion.

He apologised to Daciana for his behaviour, and then began to recount a story that would change everything they knew about their pack. A story of greed, betrayal, and murder.

He told them about a time when the vampires and their pack lived in peace. They celebrated together and had control over their blood-sucking habits. But all that changed when a diamond was found by a vampire within the Shadow pack.

The founder of the pack handed the diamond over to the Alpha, but some greedy vampires refused to accept this. They believed that the diamond should be theirs since it was found by them. The ruling Alpha refused to give in, stating that the diamond was found on his land and should not be given away. This led to the first attack on the Shadow pack, which resulted in the death of Alpha Adolphus' father.

Since then, the pack has been plagued by constant attacks and killings. Those who started the attacks may be dead, but their legacy lives on. The story of the diamond has been passed down from generation to generation, and there are always those who are willing to kill for it.

Alpha Adolphus' voice grew stronger as he continued his tale. He told them that no one in the pack knew where the diamond was, except for him. His father had entrusted him with the location of the diamond before he died, and he had kept it secret all these years.

Daciana's mother listened in horror as Alpha Adolphus finished his story. She knew that the pack was in grave danger, and that they had to do something to protect themselves.

Suddenly, they heard a noise outside. Alpha Adolphus quickly sprang to his feet, ready for anything. But it was too late. The door burst open, and a group of vampires stormed in, their eyes fixed on Alpha Adolphus,how they got to know that the diamond was with him , nobody knew.

Daciana's  mother cowered in fear as Alpha Adolphus and Daciana faced off against the vampires. He knew what they were after. They wanted the diamond. And they would stop at nothing to get it.

The fight was intense, but in the end, Alpha Adolphus emerged victorious. He had managed to fend off the vampires and protect the pack. But the battle was far from over.

The pack was now on high alert. They knew that the vampires would come back, and they would come back with a vengeance. They had to protect the diamond at all costs, or risk losing everything they held dear.

Daciana's mother looked at her daughter and Alpha Adolphus with a mixture of fear and pride. They were young, but they were strong. And she knew that they would do whatever it took to protect their pack and the diamond.

The stakes were high, and the danger was real. But they were ready to face whatever came their way. They were the Shadow pack, and they would fight to the death to protect their home and their people.

Chapter 2



Daciana looked out the window, her eyes darting back and forth nervously. She couldn't help but feel like someone was watching her, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. It had been weeks since the attack, but the fear still lingered within her.

She turned to her father, hoping he would understand the gravity of the situation. "Father," she said, her voice shaking slightly. "Would you consider handing over the diamond to them? It's not worth putting our lives at risk."

Her father looked at her sternly. "Absolutely not," he said firmly. "That diamond has been in our family for generations. It was passed down to me by my own father before he died. I will not dishonour his memory by giving it away."

Daciana sighed, frustrated. She understood the sentimental value her father placed on the


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