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Chasing My Rejected Omega Mate

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I, Noah Turner, Alpha of the Moonstone Pack rejects you, Mia Wilson an Omega of this Pack as my fated mate. Get away from me!" When his father dies,Noah returns to the pack to become Alpha and restore the pack to its old status. The last thing Mia expected was to face her mate's rejection after he left one day and didn't return for three years. Three years during which she loses her parents to cold murder in the hands of Laila, the evil daughter of the Alpha of the Black River pack. She refuses to accept this rejection and decides to find out the truth when a bigger surprise hits her; her mate has rejected her only to wed her sworn enemy and killer of her parents! Would Mia stay behind and let Laila kill her too? Would she let Laila get away with killing her parents and snatching her mate? Could she ever find love elsewhere outside the Pack and make Noah jealous? Can she survive as a lone wolf?

Chapter 1 Rejected

I was standing in the middle of a clearing in the woods when he came up behind me. I knew his scent; it was an earthy smell, like rain on dry earth. He caressed my slender waist and, with the tip of his fingers, drew a line upwards to my breast. He slipped a cold palm beneath my thin cotton shirt, and I inhaled sharply when he touched my nipple. The wicked devil I loved so much, he knew I liked his touch on my breast so he flicked his fingers lightly across it and I moaned because I liked it too much.

"You like that?"

I nodded twice. I swallowed, my throat was dry but I wasn't thirsty. All I wanted was for Noah to kiss me.

"Tell me what else pleases you, Mia."

"Your touch, please touch me, Noah."

"Where do you want to feel my hands?" There was a hint of laughter in his voice. He pushed me against a tree and leaned his weight on me. I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders and pulled his head down for a kiss.

"Everywhere. Please. Make love to me."

He took off my tank top and unhooked my bra, then proceeded to take a hard nipple in his mouth. I moaned loudly and dug my fingers into his bare back.

"By the goddess, I have missed doing this to you." His fingers found their way into my shorts, and he patted the slick mound of flesh between my legs. I cried out as his fingers made deft strokes in and out of my wetness. My God, I was so wet, I wanted Noah to f*ck me right there in the woods. My cries of pleasure were swallowed by his soft kisses.

"You shouldn't have left me."

"I missed you every day while I was away."

His bulge was now pressing against my hip, he was so erect I could feel his hotness right through his jeans.. His tongue was making circles on the tip of my n*ppl*s.

"Why did you leave me then?" I managed to speak.

"Shh, I wish I could answer that. Stop talking and let me make love to you."

He unzipped his trousers and I felt his shaft against my leg. He found the entrance to my p*ssy and pressed himself against me. With my eyes closed, I waited impatiently for his thrust but it never came, instead there was a small noise in the bush around us and I was forced to open my eyes.

It was all a dream; there was no Noah; he vanished in my arms. I was on my small mattress and alone in my shack. It was a bird tapping against the small window of the shack I called home. I hissed.

The sun was already up, I had overslept and had missed my morning hunt. This means I would have to go without breakfast today. The trees were alive and the leaves were very green, Spring was at its peak again.

Then I remembered; It was my birthday again. I was eighteen today. I should have been happy, but I wasn't. I no longer had a family to celebrate it with and another year without my mate returning for me I was fed up with the dreams. I needed him. I needed Noah to come home to me.

There was a sudden shout outside my door, it sounded like a hundred voices speaking all at once and they seemed excited. The noise drew closer towards me so I got up and looked outside my window. There was a crowd too. Scared and curious at the same time, I realized I had to go check it out.

I hurriedly put on my jacket and rushed out. I signaled to a small girl who was trying to catch up with the crowd.

"What is the noise about? Has there been another fight with our neighbors?"

"No ! The Alpha is back."

"The Alpha is dead, Dummy !" I reminded the foolish child. Alpha Turner had just been buried.

"Are you a stranger in this pack? Or you're just plain daft. Don't you know anything?" She gave an odd stare.

"Hey, watch your tongue, young lady."

"Alpha Noah is back! Crazy!" She ran off immediately without waiting for me to ask more questions.

I didn't know my mouth was open until a butterfly flew past it and almost entered my mouth. My heart began a crazy dance while I tried to understand the news I just heard.

Noah. Is. Back. It slowly added up for me. Three years of searching, waiting, and longing later, he finally came back.

I was just dreaming about him and on my eighteenth birthday, he returned ! The Moon goddess is most gracious to me !

"He came back for you, Mia. You should be there to welcome your mate back home." I said it in my head.

I remembered my dream, and my heart beat even faster. The crowd was way ahead of me now, but I wasn't deterred; I knew they were headed towards the Pack House. I ran into my shack and quickly cleaned myself, put my hair in a bun, and pulled on a pair of jeans and a clean shirt.

I had to see him with my own eyes to believe that he was finally back. My mate is back.

"Excuse me, make way, please."

I pushed my small body forward around the crowd of people at the Pack house until I was directly in front of the podium. I needed to see Noah very clearly and I wanted him to see me too. My heart was almost bursting free from my ribs, D*mn ! I was so excited!

"All hail the Alpha!" The crowd cheered when he came out. I stood on my toes to see him. I saw his Beta, Aeon first, I haven't seen him in a long time too.

Then I saw Noah, I couldn't miss that jet black hair held back in a single braid and the piercing black eyes.

"Oh, look at me, Noah." As if he heard my whispers, our eyes met. We locked eyes, and I felt the familiar trembling in my bones. He was still my mate! Back for me on my eighteenth! D*mn, I have waited enough!

I gladly rushed forward to welcome him home.


"Stand back, girl." Aeon shoved me, and I nearly fell.

"Hey, let me be. I need to speak with Noah."

Aeon still wouldn't let me pass. Noah didn't try to stop him either. Maybe I have changed so much these past years.

"Mate, it's me, Mia. Did I change so much in three years that you no longer recognise me?"

"Yes, I know it's you, Mia." Noah's voice was flat.

"Aren't you happy to see me?"

"What does she mean by calling you mate?" Aeon cut in.

"Nothing serious, just something we said a lot as kids." Noah replied.

"What do you mean, Noah?"

"Do not talk to your Alpha that way." He thundered at me.

"Be gone from here; you're creating a scene." It was Aeon.

I looked around me, everyone was quiet now and looking straight at me and the drama I was creating.

"Noah, you would at least speak privately with me, right? Come on, it's been three whole years!"

"There is nothing to be said between us, Mia. I came back for my people, I have a responsibility to the pack."

"You didn't come back for me?"

"Grow up, girl. Stop being so childish. My loyalty is to the Pack and I no longer want anything to do with you. You aren't my mate."

"I, Noah Turner, Alpha of the Moon Stone Pack, reject you, Mia Wilson, an Omega of this pack, as my mate." This was loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Noah?"  I couldn't believe my ears.

"Yes, Mia. Go home. You aren't my mate, and you can never be my Luna. I never want to see you."

I yanked my arm from Aeon's grip and fell to the ground.

"No !" I screamed.

I couldn't stop myself from doing what I did next.

Chapter 2 My mate's new mate

"No!" I stood up on shaky feet. I tried to climb the platform again.

"You dare to challenge your alpha?" It was Aeon who attacked me. I paid him no attention.

"I waited for you for three whole years. I was all alone, waiting for you, my mate, and the goddess was so kind as to finally bring you back to me. Why do you reject me now?"

"I have said it before; I came back for my people, for this pack. I didn't come for you."

"Then I mean nothing to you?"

"You were my friend, we shared good memories but that is all in the past, grow up and move on. I have responsibilities to hundreds of people."

"I have done nothing wrong to deserve this from you. Even though I am an Omega, I refuse to be treated this way. I do not accept your rejection, Alpha Noah Turner." I added his title as an afterthought.

There was a gasp of surprise from the crowd and everyone began to talk at the same time, and they all looked at me with unfriendly eyes. I turned on m


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