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Celeste: Sold To The Twin Alphas

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Celeste was born and raised to become the next Alpha Queen of the Royal Moon Kingdom. After her father's death, she was forced to take over earlier than she expected. What turned her life upside down, was when someone she trusted the most, betrayed her. ………. Angel was truly an angel, stuck between rogue Mafia. At an auction, Alpha Hayden and Hunter saw her as one of the items and immediately bought her to save her from all the animals who had set their eyes on her. The sweet angel filled their lives with the bright light she carried with her. But the alphas didn't know that one secret she was hiding from them. Who was Angel? Why was she so mysterious?

Chapter1: Beginning



Angel was walking, no, she was being dragged like a dog. Two muscular men were holding her from either side. Angel couldn't see where she was being taken. Everything was dark. Her eyes were covered with thick fabric of blindfold. The cold that touched her body was unbearable. Angel had something on her body to cover it, just not thick enough to save her from that cold. Her feet hurt because of constantly walking on hard surfaces.

The men who were holding Angel, stopped somewhere. The loud cheering was deafening. Angel's hands were tied behind her back. All of a sudden, someone pulled the blindfold off of her eyes, blinding her with the white light that was pointed at Angel's face.

Angel closed her eyes and waited for her vision to adjust with the blinding light. A whimper escaped her lips as Angel felt the cane tearing through her skin. Her back instantly started staining red. Someone had hit her from behind. She could smell her own blood in the air, mixed with the disgusting odour of lust from around. “Something fresh for all the alphas and mafia leaders around! Set your prices, gentlemen. She is worth every single penny you can offer.” A man spoke on the mic, getting everyone's attention.

As Angel was able to finally look around, she found herself standing in front of the mafia bosses and alphas she didn't recognize. Her heart was thumping so hard inside her chest. As Angel looked at the crowd, she couldn't help but wonder. “Where did I do wrong to be punished with such a fate?”

Soon the bidding started. Angel was watching quietly as disgusting men were drooling all over her skinny body, bidding higher and higher just to get a taste of her. Looking around, Angel couldn't even scream out loud. Her mouth was stuffed with a cloth and a gag was tied on top so she wouldn't dare spitting it out.

Ten million

Twelve million

Fifteen million

Twenty million

She listened to the crowd, setting her price so shamelessly. Angel was wondering, what was her worth in the eyes of those perverted men. Tears welled up in her beautiful red eyes as she realized how her beautiful life turned upside down within a few hours.

Twenty five million…

A bidder shouted out loud, making Angel's heart sink on the pit of her stomach. “No! I can't believe it. This can not be the end. This is not where I belong. I need to run away from here.” Angel's self-consciousness tried to scream on her, trying so hard to wake her up.

Twenty five million, One!

Run! Just run away!

Twenty five million, Two!

Move, damnit! Fucking move!

Twenty five million…

Sixty million!

Angel's heart almost stopped as she heard the highest price that someone set for her, shutting off everyone. Her eyes went toward the person who had named her price to the auction. Or rather, two people.

No! This can't be…

Sixty million, One!

They can't be here. Why is my fate playing such a nasty game with me?

Sixty million, Two!

There must be some mistake. It can't be them.

It can't be the twins who ruined my whole life!




At my father's funeral, I was holding hands with the man who not only raised me, but also groomed me to become the next ruler of the Royal Moon Kingdom. It was Beta Phillip, my father's most trusted man and my god father. I was away for my royal training when I received the news. My father, the best father in the whole world, the best man walking on the face of the earth, had now left me alone in the whole world.

It was heartbreaking for me. I never knew my mother. She died while giving birth to me. She was not that strong to bear the child of the alpha king, yet, she wanted to give him a baby. And in the end, her stubbornness cost my mother her life.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as the coffins had been placed into the grave. Thanks to the sky that was crying over my father's death too, I didn't need to hide my sorrow, my pain, and my tears from the others. They were already hidden in the arms of the droplets of rain that poured hard.

Taking a deep breath, I walked forward. I grabbed a fist full of soil and threw it on the coffin. “Goodbye, Daddy. I will see you on the other side now. And don't you worry about your kingdom. I will protect it, cherish it and care for it with my life, blood and soul.” Promising my father one last time, I stepped back.

Beta Phillip wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a fatherly hug. The omegas got onto the job. Soon the grave was filled with the dirt. I walked forward as the family of the deceased was supposed to plant a tree for the deceased. While my uncle and my step mother planted the seeds for the oak trees, it was considered as a lucky cult of werewolves. While I decided to plant the mango seed as it was my father's favorite fruit.

I could hear the whispers behind me. I could hear them loud and clear. Planting an oak tree for the deceased was known to show the path to heaven in our cult. But I didn't believe in such a thing. My father used to tell me that our forefathers came up with this idea to keep our lands green and for the tree to live through the last bit of their loved ones. It was something sweet.

My father and I used to talk about it. I wanted a coconut and a date tree planted on my grave. While daddy wanted it to be a mango tree. He believed he would be able to eat mangos in heaven if a mango tree was planted on his grave after he had died. The whispers soon shushed as they noticed that I didn't give a fuck about what they thought about my beliefs.

The very next morning, I was sitting in front of the council. They were staring at me as if I was some kind of plague. “Have you lost your fucking mind, Beta Phillip! Look at her. She has barely crossed her teens. How can we burden her with such a heavy amount of responsibilities?” One of the councilmen was yelling at Beta Phillip for suggesting my name as the next king. Since father never wanted another child to honor my mother's sacrifice for the kingdom, I was practically the last living Orion. Well, there was my uncle but he was not an Orion.

Beta Phillip stood up in order to slap something on the faces of those councilmen but I stood up from my chair instead and signalled Beta Phillip to take his seat. “Take a seat, Beta. And relax!” I stepped forward but Beta Phillip was still concerned about me.

“Princess! Let me take care of these morons. They have forgotten who I am and whose blood are you carrying in your veins.” He was practically growling at the councilmen who had the audacity to even raise their gazes at me.

I grabbed Beta Phillip’s hands into mine and looked into his eyes intensely. “You are the one who shaped me into someone who can even think about taking over the charge of the kingdom. If I can't win against a few old perverted men then can I really rule over the entire kingdom that carries the dreams and blood of my predecessors?” I asked Beta Phillip a question to remind him to believe in me again.

Beta Phillip nodded his head and stepped away from me. I turned to the councilmen who were sitting in front of me, trying to bully me. I wrapped my arms above my chest and looked at the leader of the councilmen. “Ah! I was trying to remember which one of you is about to be destroyed because of me. I couldn't remember at first.” I spoke and almost instantly, I saw hesitation in their eyes.

“Filliston, isn't it?” I asked, looking straight in the eyes of the man who was the leader of the council of the kingdom. He was the only one who didn't look nervous. Father was absolutely wrong about him and Beta Phillip was absolutely right. That man was a big cart full of sins and there was no way a demon like him could ever change. He didn't change in sixty four years of his life. He didn't change after all the chances my father gave him.

I decided to listen to the man who raised me to be the devil for people like Filliston and kind to only those who deserved kindness. I agree that I was still too young but I was not a child.

The doors of the council hall opened abruptly and my best friends, Natalia and Reed, entered the hall. Reed smirked at me and nodded his head, gesturing to me to show Filliston that I was the Orion and the next Alpha Queen of the Royal Moon Kingdom. I placed both of my hands on the desk where the councilmen were seated and leaned over, gazing in the eyes of Filliston.

“I am too young to even think about becoming the Alpha Queen of the Royal Moon Kingdom. While Darline is old enough for you to warm your bed. How is that fair?” I asked Filliston the question I was itching to ask him since I came to know about the slave that old pervert had bought.

I saw beads of sweat forming on Filliston’s forehead and I saw fear in his eyes for the very first time. “You should be ashamed of yourself. She is younger than me and she was not even an adult when you bought her.” I growled at him angrily, overpowering him for the first time.

Chapter2: Coronation


I was standing in front of the hall of throne. My heart was drumming erratically inside my rib cage. To be honest, I didn't think for once that I would soon be taking over the throne. Werewolves are immortal beings. We live for centuries. While my father was in his late fifties, he practically looked like my older brother. He hardly had any silver hair on his head or beard. He was active as if he was younger than me. We used to race every single morning. And he always won against me no matter how fast I tried to run.

To me, he was still young. His sudden death left me broken. And the worst part was that I couldn't share my sorrows with anyone. I had no siblings that I could trust. I had a step sister who was ready to take me down whenever she got the chance, an opportunist like her mother. My best friend was about to become my Beta.


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