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Captured By The Obsession

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Tasnim
  • Chapters: 14
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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Ella, a breed, goes through her teenage years without finding a mate. Her human side weakens her body, making it unable to control her wolf side. She tragically loses her parents when a war breaks out. Ella begins residing in the packhouse alongside the rest of her pack's wolves. Her life follows the usual path of an omega. However, everything changes when the alpha's son returns. After years of training in the Southern territory, Zen, the future alpha of the pack, comes back with his childhood companion. Ella, at last, discovers her mate. However, affirming her speculations, Zen rejects her right away. But the obsession of Zen's wolf and another unexpected alpha compels her to take an unthinkable step. Thus, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Ella finally finds the love of her life and escapes far away from the torment of loveless obsession and rejection. However, after several years, she is unexpectedly brought back to where she started. Nonetheless, this time, Ella is not alone. She is carrying a new life within her. Ella's journey is filled with twisted romance and agony, encompassing possessiveness, jealousy, and self-discovery. Where will it ultimately lead her?

Chapter 1

I'm Ella, a wolf female. Why am I emphasizing the female part? Well, there's a lot to tell, but mainly because I am partly a human. By mentioning the human part, I am not referring to the human form that every wolf has. I am a breed.

It all began when I turned 19 years old. However, before I delve into my story, let's journey back to a time before my birth, in a wondrous and enchanting realm where every aspect held great meaning.

My father was an alpha male. However, he chose to step back from the competition to become the alpha leader of the wolf pack.

Typically, wolves resided in packs in the northern region. We never ventured beyond our borders. No one had knowledge of the Eastern or Western territories, and our understanding of the South was limited.

I grew up in the northern region, far removed from human communities and cities, nestled deep within a forest that was difficult for most people to access. In this area, there was a strained relationship between humans and wolves.

My father experienced a great loss and fell into a state of depression after the sudden death of his first mate. Being an alpha wolf, he had the special privilege of choosing his mate, in addition to being destined for one.

However, he did not exercise this choice. When he reached the age of sixteen, he encountered his first mate, Isabella, who I was named after.

However, during the ambush by the Sapphire pack, Isabella lost her life in the battle. She possessed exceptional fighting skills and would have been an ideal candidate to become a luna.

For generations, the Sapphire clan had been our enemies. In terms of power, our pack was considered the strongest, especially in the northern region. However, the Sapphires were formidable enough to challenge us.

In the northern territories, we wolves never ventured beyond our borders into human regions, and the humans rarely interacted with us. Nevertheless, the South's engagement with humans was an even more perplexing enigma.

Apart from those who visited the South for training purposes, nobody had any knowledge about what it was really like. Numerous myths and assumptions circulated about the region. One common belief was that harmony existed between humans and wolves in the southern area.

Regardless, I only learned about how my mother joined our group and met my dad much later. However, when it comes to Isabella, neither of my parents ever kept anything hidden from me.

My mother, who was a biologist, came into this forest along with her team to examine a situation where wolves were unexpectedly trespassing upon nearby human settlements and causing harm to individuals.

Those wolves were likely the rogues responsible for the chaos during that period. My father was always committed to defending our pack. Despite losing Isabella, he did not give up his role as the pack's keeper.

Although he never fought to become the alpha, he held a high rank among the wolves. He was deserving of being the alpha, and if he had chosen to take on the challenge, he would have easily emerged victorious.

Despite constantly battling with the Sapphires alongside the rest of our wolf pack, my father was overwhelmed with sadness.

One fateful day, during their run, my father discovered my mother lying unconscious on the ground, her body covered in wounds. My dad's compassionate nature compelled him to not abandon my mom in that state.

The rogues attacked my mother's camp, and all of her fellow team members either perished or fled in different directions to protect themselves. Because my mother had lost consciousness, the wolves likely assumed her dead and abandoned her at the scene.

At first, all members of my pack opposed the notion of allowing my father to join the pack alongside my mother and the medicos treating her. However, my father persisted and threatened that if the pack did not aid the innocents, he would become a rogue and depart from the pack.

At that time, he was the most powerful among all the wolves in our pack, and the alpha understood that if my father left, it would be impossible for them to fend off an attack from the Sapphires. Consequently, the alpha granted permission for my mother's treatment.

This is the story of how my parents met. My mother played a crucial role in helping my father overcome his depression, and their love for each other grew gradually. Eventually, my father made the decision to choose a human as his partner.

However, the entire pack strongly opposed this choice and seemed to hold a lasting dislike for my mother. The oracle warned my father countless times that wolves and humans were not compatible, and they were proven right.

When my mother became pregnant, her body was small and weak, unable to provide sufficient nutrition for both herself and the wolf child growing inside her. Additionally, the act of carrying a wolf child as a human posed a serious threat to her life.

Despite facing numerous challenges, she successfully gave birth to me. However, it took a toll on her. Throughout her pregnancy and delivery, she endured severe internal injuries. Even after 19 years had passed, she remained weak and confined to bed rest due to frequent internal hemorrhages.

My father was a courageous soldier who never gave up. He made every effort to support and protect us from any challenges. He shielded me from feeling the shame and disappointment that often came with being a weak wolf, even weaker than the lowest-ranking omegas who struggled to shift properly.

However, I still sensed it: a weak wolf being privileged and living among the higher-ranked wolves created a lot of dislike and animosity toward me.

I was uncertain about my identity, as my mother was a human. Was I an alpha, a beta, or an omega? There was a human part within me, evident in my delicate yet substantial body. However, it lacked the strength to contain the wildness of my wolf. Furthermore, changes took place within me internally. My wolf appeared to develop its own distinct senses and emotions, separate from my own.

I gave my wolf the name Lexa. Lexa stood out among other wolves right from her early days. She possessed the ability to communicate and engage with me. At times, it felt as if she was a distinct being residing within me, influencing my actions. However, I would usually comply with her desires.

However, because of my physical frailty, I was unable to shift into my wolf form as I pleased. Also, I lacked complete control over my body. Ideally, it should have functioned as two entities with one spirit. However, my body felt more like two distinct species coexisting within the same vessel.

In reality, due to my father's decisions made decades ago, we were destined to be deemed outcasts and expelled from this group a while back.

But as mentioned earlier, due to my father's strength and strategic skills in warfare, they refrained from taking any action against us. Even though we resided among the elite society, I could always sense the intense dislike they harbored towards my mother and me through their glances.

Nevertheless, they were cautious not to openly display their hatred, likely because my father held a position of administration as an alpha. Otherwise, they would have degraded me to the status of an omega much earlier.

In this pack, the royal members, specifically the alpha and his associates, resided in the valley. The general betas, or the warriors, lived in the city center.

Lastly, there were the omegas who occupied the outskirts of the pack's territory. Many of them were laborers, and a few were scholars, but their social standing never improved. I always despised this social hierarchy.

My mother was frequently ill, and I can't claim that we were a very happy family. However, we might have been a content one.

Chapter 2

I can still remember that day. I woke up earlier than usual in the morning. Birds were chirping outside my window, and a pleasant breeze filled my room. The delightful aroma of pancakes wafted from downstairs.

From my window, I observed a young couple enjoying each other's company. They appeared incredibly at ease, and I found myself captivated by their small, beautiful moments. Despite being 19 years old, I was mateless, even though the wolves would find their mates once they reached the age of 16.

Sometime later, I could hear my father calling my name loudly from downstairs. I promptly got out of bed and quickly prepared myself for the day. I didn't want them to witness any signs of distress or concern on my face. I never wanted them to think that not having a mate was troubling me.

Because I was part wolf and part human, I did not possess the same divine beauty as the other female wolves. However, my mother was a stunning woman, and I shared a stron


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