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Calm down! Omega!

Calm down! Omega!

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It's always been this way. nothing is going to change! if I'm so special then why am I being controlled around like some puppet? 'This alliance is beneficial for you too honey'yeah right! 'You're the rarest type of omega so everyone wants you. but in the end you're still just an omega, an Alpha's bitch' I'll show you who the bitch is! 'You're beautiful, kind, silly and mischievous. why wouldn't I want you?' then what's stopping you from having me? How many times do I have to go through hurt? I'm not some silly weak omega. I will fight for what I want! And I will get what I want.

Back 'Home'

It's really lovely outside today.

The photographers really picked a nice location for the shoot, really nice weather plus a killer scenery.

The makeup artist and stylists have all been Angels. Really.

So why am I feeling so glum? 

Ah maybe it has something to do with his recent conversation with his mother, the queen of Moonfalls.


After three more rings, Umi decided to give in and check the Damn phone!

He winced when he noticed the 12 missed calls on the notification bar.

"Hello mother" he said boredly.

"Wow, finally he answers the phone! A little longer and I would have thought you died in that tiny apartment of yours"

Umi rolled his eyes because really, he lives in a pent house for crying out loud! It's a nice building, in a nice area, with a nice view!

It has fucking four bedrooms! How is that tiny for a little SINGLE Omega who lives alone.

Umi had a bedroom, a studio, a fucking bedroom turned closet and an empty bedroom.

His kitchen was way too big and every room was way to spacious. I live quite lavishly thank you very much mother.

"My apologies mother, I was in a very relaxing bath" Umi said praying she gets to the point and just leave the conversation.

"I will get straight to the point" she sounded far too excited. 

Something is definitely off.

"Do continue mother" Umi said with practiced fake interest.

"Oooh I'm so excited!" She squealed? Very unusual. Very scary.

Must be some bad news, for Umi that is.

"Your father and I decided it is time to get you married! Oh we already got so many proposals. I'm not surprised, you are indeed a rare type of omega in the end" 

His mother sounded so happy but he knew really it's more her being excited over showing off through his wedding. Probably whomever they had picked must be a really 'good match'.

"Mother, I have said this before. I'm way too busy to get married now! I am still so young. My clothing line just just picked up and-" 

"I believe we had a deal, did we not dear son?" Suddenly all the fake excitement was gone and replaced with annoyance.

"Anyways be home before Tuesday. We will be entertaining your possibly future family to lunch on that day" she said with finality, like he had no choice.

"Mother! I have to be in Paris for the fashion wee-" 

"Umi, I don't recall giving you an option. Be home by Sunday." There she goes cutting him off again.

"Okay mother"

With that she ended the call. No I love yous or goodbyes or even see yous.

What else is new?

*end of flashback*

Umi sighed for the umpteenth time.

Be home by Sunday evening she had said.

Which means he has to leave now to catch his flight.

He didn't bother packing much, he had everything he needs at his wing in the palace.

"Okay everyone. Thanks for making this possible for me and probably clearing schedules and speeding up this shoot just for me!" Umi grinned, bowing slightly.

"Umi! it's okay! We're in this together" kirara, his assistant said cheerfully. 

With an increase in their pay, he bid them all farewell until further notice.

After gathering up his stuffs he called an airport uber and was relieved when he caught up with his flight just in time.


Umi arrived at the mansion at record time.

It wasn't too late which means no scolding from his parents, The king and queen.

He came back for a reason. Mission politely refuse this marriage is on.

He had a perfectly practiced presentation for his parents.

'100 reasons why I should not get married right now' or ever.

It is rude to disappoint guests coming from so far just to see him so he will meet them. One meeting wouldn't hurt right?

But getting married? No.

He will straight up refuse and give his parents his reasons. 

Might as well get it over with tonight.

While walking through the too large lobby he suddenly heard a large squeal and before he could brace himself, He was tackled to the ground by two small bodies. 

The mira and mina. The twins.

His beautiful baby sisters.

"Umiiii! Umiiii!" They sang happily.

Oh how he missed his sisters.

"You guys have to stop doing that. You're fucking eleven not Three" a voice said from above the pile on the floor.

Umi raised his eyes to the elegant features of his Omega brother.

He hasn't seen Taki in so many months, it was so shocking to see him look comfortable and smiling beautifully.

Taki had somewhat been the 'hope' of the kingdom.

With Umi being born and already showing great signs of being an omega, it was a relief when Taki had been born a few years later but all that joy went out the window last summer as Taki had also presented.

As an omega.

And this is the very first time Umi is sees his sixteen years old brother look comfortable as an omega.

"Takiiiiiiiiiii" Umi squealed jumping on his brother, his action caused the twins to yell 'group hug!' And soon they joined their older brothers on the floor.

Moments like these when he can really be his childish self with his siblings are the ones he cherish.

After the siblings had their quality time together, Umi had to head to his room to freshen up.

"Fuck, I can't say I don't miss this room" he groaned stretching his tired limbs on the soft mattress of his king sized bed.

This whole palace would be more comfortable to live in if his parents weren't so...

Better not to say.

After the much needed shower, Umi had requested the maid get him something to munch on while mentally preparing himself for his parents.


Umi walked to the throne room in silence.

He thought about everything to say to his parents and how to convince them.

His trusted laptop with his presentation.

Luckily the door was already slightly open so umi could peek in to read their moods abit.

His mother, the queen was sitting by her king's right hand while they discussed something looking at what seemed like an envelope?

"It is bad manners to eavesdrop and stare Umi. You should learn to behave accordingly before marriage" The king tsked without looking at his son.

Umi groaned, walking In.

"Mother, father" he bowed in greeting.

"Come take a look at this umi" his mother called sweetly. Fake.

Umi is honestly starting to get worried for her, Anymore pretend and she might forget who she is. 

Heading to his parents, he noticed they were looking at pictures? From an envelope.

"This is Im Hyunseong, hopefully he would be your husband. If you act accordingly to the rules your mother gave you" The king said.

Umi blinked.

Did he hear correctly? That sounded like a koercetrilian name.

"Koercetrian?" He asked his father shocked.

"Yes! Only the best for the best" his mother said proudly.

Did she just ca him the best? what is up with this lady lately.

Whatever happened to judging him for even blinking wrong?

Suddenly he is the best?

These people must have already set their attention on him.

"We are one of the five greatest countries of the nation. It is only fair we look to each other for an alliance" Queen Yuri said.

Now is your chance to tell them you don't want this..

Umi prepared internally 

"I wanted to say a few things to you first mother, father" Good Umi, that is how you do it!

I managed to keep my voice steady.

"Go on, speak" 

"I would like to oppose to this alliance and also give my reasons-" he was cut off by a shout from his mother.

"How dare-"

"Let him speak yuri" The king said calmly.

"As you know my business just started gaining recognition, I have already designed and made clothes for so many celebrities, so many royalties and noblemen. I can't abandon this now" he said in one breath.

"That's not all. I feel i am still young and should be allowed to live my life as a young adult first before thinking of being tied down." Umi, slow and steady. Do not be nervous he thought to himself.

"I'm just twenty-one and there is still time for relationships and marriage" he tried to look at his parents reactions carefully.

"If you would just listen to my presentation..." umi said pulling up his laptop.

His mother definitely was fuming.

His father on the other hand had a calm look.

Umi knows that look is just a facade.

"Is that all?" His father asked calmly.

"Uh... I... no. Uhm I also would like to move out of Moonfalls for a few years....the reason...uhm... i got an invitation to intern with Jaquin designs-it is a very huge opportunity-Many wants it but only few can get it!" at this point umi knows he is rambling.

"You want to call off this arrangement for that? You are a prince! There is no opportunity above you! I cannot say I'm surprised you could behave this way" Queen Yuri yelled in disappointment.

"Calm down yuri. He made his decision. Let us grant his wishes" the king said looking at his son.

Something isn't right here....

Handsome stranger

Before the queen could protest, the king started speaking again.

"It seems Umi is not ready for this alliance, let us not force him. We should offer Taki instead. Let us make preparations Yuri"King Muto said getting up from the throne.

"What do you mean offer Taki instead" Umi heard himself yell nervously.

Yuri had a smirk on her pretty face when she realised what her husband was doing.

Manipulative bitches.

"Just because you decide to be selfish does not mean we should ignore this perfect opportunity. Besides, Taki is younger and even more appealing to eyes of hungry Alphas" Yuri proceeded to follow her husband.

Disgust is all Umi could feel.

How could she say that? About her own son?

Taki who isn't even seventeen yet

"You can't do that! Taki is a minor"

"A minor who will be an adult in less than two years. So what different does it make if he gets married now or in tw


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