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Call Me Alpha

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TEASER I looked at him again and found his eyes fixed on my neck. His jaw clenched as he started trailing his fingers on my neck, where his claim should be placed. My eyes instinctively shut from the tingling sensation his touch brought me. D*mn! I never thought the mate bond could be this strong! Slowly, his head lowered to my neck. My closed eyes shut tight when the tip of his nose touched my skin. D*mn it! I'm being drowned deep from the agitation we're sharing. Aiden inhaled my scent and exhaled hard through his mouth, his breathe touched my skin once again and I can't contain my moans. The arms that wrapped my waist hold me even tighter. Another moan-like yelp came out of my throat. "Your scent is so addicting.." he whispered on my neck. I hold my moans to myself when I felt the urge to. Aiden sighed deeply before turning his back on me. My chest flared with pain with what he did. "Won't you claim me?" I asked when I recollect my priorities which was to have my mate finish the mating process. Not the intimate part but at least he should start to claim me. "I'm making myself as an exception into this tradition." "You're not claiming me?!" My voice raised with shock and frustration. I cannot believe him! Just when I needed him to do his part of the mating, he's being exasperating! He turned his head to the side with his back still on me, not entirely facing me. "I'll never put my claim on you."


Ashira's POV

Werewolves do exist. Humans believe it was just a myth. A way to scare the children or to keep the teens from going out at night.

But it is real. Werewolves are real.

I knew this because I am one of them. I'm a living proof of the myth.

I'm a She-Wolf.

But humans doesn't know we about us. We live in a world made just for us.

"Ashira!" A cheery sweet voice took my attention from dozing off.

My friend, Lucianna, came running in my direction. Just like me, she was wearing a white thin satin dress that is just above the knee. Both of us wearing wood-made sandals.

If you're going to compare the way we're dressed, we'll look so weird despite the age and year we are in.

We have no underwear inside the thin white dress. The wood sandals are even made by the some elders of the pack.

But this is not the way we dress up. We just have to.

A sacred ceremony will be held and we just need to dress like so.

It's a pack tradition.

Werewolves like us need to stick together.

We have our pack. Me and my friend, Lucy belong to the Regal pack under the reigning of Alpha David together with his Beta, Eric.

Eric, the Beta of Regal, is the one who took me in and acted as my guardian.

I was once a Rogue. A lone-wolf. I don't know who my parents were or if I even belong to another pack before.

I have no memories of my childhood.

All I remember was walking in the middle of the forest and being found by Eric.

Eric's mate, Ophelia, accepted me as their orphan child. They also have a son named Cruz, he's a couple of years older than I am.

I get along well with Eric and his family. Cruz is even overprotective like I am a real sister for him. Overall, I settled in this pack even though I'm practically an outsider.

"You looked excited, Luce," I said to her when she stopped in front of me. We walked sideways towards the line where the other She-Wolf are. They wear the same kind of clothes.

"And you're not? We're talking about the mapping here! Of course, I'll be hell-bent!"

Mapping is a pack tradition.

This tradition is held annually during the last month of the year.

Mapping is a sacred ceremony and is one of the most important events for every pack.

The continent has the East, West, South and North. And every of these region have packs domineering it. I am from Regal pack of the North.

It's not just the Regal that held the Mapping. Every pack all over the continent does.

We'll be able to know from which pack our mate lives. This is the main concern of the mapping, to know which pack the females will be sent to.

Each wolf has their mates. If a wolf is not able to meet its mate, it won't have the chance to produce a pup.

Even if a wolf, either male or a female, had sex with every wolf, they will not be able to produce a child unless it's with their mate.

So finding a mate is a must especially for the Alpha of the pack. Even for the Beta and third-in-command/Gamma.

They will need their mate to have a pup that will continue their legacy.

It's not easy to pick a Beta or Gamma. Those high-rank positions are mostly inherited. Unless that bloodline will betray the Alpha then they will be banish from having any position in the high ranks.

I just shrugged the thought of finally locating my mate.

I'm not interested. Really.

"I'm just waiting for this moment ever since I was born." Lucy's eyes are even sparkling as she said that.

That reaction is very common. Most of the She-Wolf is waiting for this moment of their life.

But not me.

I don't have any butterflies flying on my stomach whenever the word mate is involved.

"How does this work again?" I asked. I knew most of the pack laws and its system but I never dig deep when it comes to anything about mapping or mates.

"You're so uninterested, Ashira. Aren't you excited to meet your mate?"

I shrugged only to answer her question. She rolled her eyes at me.

"Whatever. So here," she points to the house of the enchantress. "There's a sacred knife inside and you'll cut your palm with it. You'll let the blood drop on the map and it will do its magic." She explained with excitement.


She lumped her shoulders and looked at me like I'm unbelievably annoying.

"This thing is taught to the toddlers and you don't know?" She scuffed.

I scowled at her.

"Whatever. So after the enchantress is done with the chant, a part of the map where you're mate lives will glow." She said, having sparkles in her eyes once again.

"Technically, we still don't know who our mate is," I stated. That sounds like a job.

"Exactly! Isn't it exciting!" Her voice almost made me cover my ear.

I scowled. "Exciting how?"

Lucy rolled her eyes at me. "We'll go to them and will be surprised, duh! First, we'll be able to visit other pack--."

"Only if the mate is not from our pack." I cut her and shrugged.

"Whatever, Ash!" she rolled her eyes. "Oh! Then, we'll be accommodated by the other pack. That's like having a free vacation with a place to stay and free foods to eat!" She screamed the last word.

"You sound like they don't feed you here." I cut again, having fun with annoying my friend more.

Luce pretended she did not hear me this time.

"Third, we'll finally have the chance to attend the annual mapping party!"

Every year, every pack celebrates the annual mapping party. On the same dates that the Alpha's agreed on.

This year, the Mapping Ball will be held the night before Christmas. So that the She-Wolves will have their time to travel to the packs where the mapping leads them. And to prepare themselves or something.

There are She-Wolves from other packs that come here every annual mapping party. And they'll meet their mates at the party.

The same will happen to us soon.

Every year, the Regal pack loses its She-Wolves. And every year new She-Wolves from other packs were added.

It's like exchanging the women of packs. But for a reason.

The men cannot leave the pack. Only the females can.

It's not possible for male wolves to transfer to another pack. That's every pack's law.

The loyalty of the male wolf is essential.

Also, it's a pack law so even if the male asks to switch packs, they can't.

Well, unless they go rogue. But only a few packs accept rogue as one of them. Rogues tends to have a traitor's blood. That's how packs see them.

"Any worst-case scenario?" I asked Lucy again. The long line is now a few. I guess the process of Mapping was easy. We're almost next.

Many girls came out of the enchantress's house with wide-ear smiles. Knowing where their mate is causing a rampage in their system. Ugh, I can't relate.

Lucy tilted her head while thinking of an answer to my question.

"Hmm, as far as I heard, there's a wolf before that lose her consciousness. Maybe from blood loss. She cut way too deep on her palm. But that's the worst I know."

Okay. I don't think I'll be stupid enough to cut myself deep and I think I heal fast.

"Oh my God! I'm next!" Lucy scream.


Ashira's POV

I just smiled and gave her a light push, not feeling any excitement.

Lucy went inside and I'm the next in line. I looked around and noticed that there's only one girl left behind me.

I took note of her excitement gushing through her aura. She looked like she'll pass out any second from being thrilled in knowing her mate.

"You wanna go first?" I asked. I knew she'll love to.

The girl's eyes widened and sparkle with hope. "I can?!" She screamed, making my ears ring for a bit.

I smiled and gave way for her to make a cutsie.

"Thank you! Thank you!" She jumped-walk past me.

A few minutes and Lucy came out of the house. There's a red cloth wrapped in her left hand just like the others before her. Maybe it helps to stop the bleeding but that's weird since we can heal fast.

Lucy was grinning like crazy. She sure is in high spirits.

"Ashiraaaaa!" She jumped on me and hugged me tightly. The girl I made a favor already ra


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