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BROKEN BY THE ALPHA breaking Alecia

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Alecia is a simple sweet human girl who got married to the Alpha of the most powerful tribe, and the son of the most powerful man in the whole country. According to the werewolf laws, she signed herself over to be the legal slave to her mate and husband in exchange for his protection. She felt nothing bad could come of this because he loved her and would never hurt her, but he was wrong. Alecia had know all along of Alpha Ryder's father who planned to put the entire humans under domination of the werewolves. She had known the Hendrix family were terrible and not to be messed with, she just never knew they would turn against her. Totally vulnerable and at the mercy of her mate, the Alpha Ryder Hendrix, Alecia thinks he would protect her, but when his inner wolf demand he hurt her, break her, and when his father demands he break her to show his true power as an Alpha, he chooses his family over his love. Ryder Hendrix fell in love with Alecia from the first day he met her. Her innocence and vulnerability drew him in even as her beauty attracted him. He vowed then that he would not let anyone hurt her, that he would kill anyone that brings a single tear to her lovely eyes. Little did Ryder know that the only one who would hurt Alecia was he himself.

Chapter 1


Alecia stood trembling on the steps of the building she was to wed Ryder, as well as become his official mate.

Hopefully her tears weren’t staining her veil. Alecia clutched her father’s arm listening to his sweet advice as his voice cracked. The Hendrix's diamonds weighed heavily on her chest making her feel the burdens of previous hopes for the family line.

Mrs. Hendrix had told her every Hendrix bride wore these on her wedding day and now they adorned her neck - a sign that she was now a part of their powerful family. She closed her eyes. The bell skirt of the dress flowed out from her. When she had first tried it on, she had swirled side to side as if she could make it ring.

The white gown had few decorations; just a small gathering of lace at the sleeves. She had wanted a simple dress, so the family jewels Ryder had presented her with would be the focal point of her attire.

The doors opened and Alecia gasped at the sea of people. Her father took one step, but she stayed still. What was she doing?

“Just focus on Ryder,” her father said, nudging her forward. She looked up and found Ryder at the front of the altar, hands crossed, face stoic, waiting for her. A slight smile crossed her face. Yes, she must focus on Ryder, the most important person to her. The one she was completely giving herself to. She took her first step.

Just before she reached the steps that led to the altar, Ryder let a full smile fill his face.

Alecia's heart flipped.

He longed for her. The smile never left as he looked into her eyes and promised to always love her. She could barely speak, and only whispered her vows. When the preacher announced them man and wife,

She closed her eyes as Ryder kissed her cheek. She opened them and took a deep breath before looking at the sea of people before her, slightly laughing. She had captured one of America’s most sought-after bachelors. She looked at his strong face. A brightness filled his eyes. He led her down the long aisle, as if he was making it known to the whole world that she was his.

He bent to her ear, as they walked out of the building. “You’re mine forever,” he whispered, making her smile. Yes, she was.



Chapter 2

Alecia looked up from her laptop when Ryder opened the door. Glancing at the clock, she noticed it was nine. Another late night and stressful one according to his furrowed brows.

She was still trying to settle into routine life with Ryder since their marriage and official mating, but Ryder was making things hard

What did he do all day? Whenever she asked he would change the subject or say he didn’t want to talk about it. It probably wasn’t much. He had told her that usually lawyers spent their first year being overpaid paralegals. She closed her laptop. She would finish the short story tomorrow.

He didn’t go to the kitchen to grab the dinner she had prepared, but just sat down next to her on the couch, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. Every part of him looked tense.

“Tough day?”

He didn’t answer, but opened his eyes and looked out into the distance. She needed to distract him. He wouldn’t be interested in her little love story but maybe schoo


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