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June Estee

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Alecia is a sweet innocent human girl who gets accepted into a werewolf university where humans sign themselves to be legal slaves to Werewolves. Alecia has vowed never to do this, then she meets Alpha Hendrix. The Alpha Ryder Hendrix knows he should stay away from the sweet beautiful Amelia if he doesn't want to ruin her, but he can't keep away. Now she has signed to be his legal slave, his instincts strife to protect her from his wolf, the darker side of him that seeks to destroy her. The story starts with Amelia's first days in college. She had planned to stay away from all Werewolves, but after she becomes friends with a half human -- half werewolf girl, Helen who invites her to a party, she attends and catches the eye of the most powerful Alpha, Ryder Hendrix. Ryder slowly breaks through her defenses, so that she agrees to sign the protection contract that makes her his legal slave, and he her protector. Most humans in the University have signed this contract, and it makes Werewolves maltreat them further, but Amelia trusted that Ryder would take care of her. Ryder is not only the most powerful Alpha in the country, but also a son of the Alpha counsel, people even more powerful than Alphas. To make sure that he is ready to take over from his father, Ryder's father encourages him to mistreat Amelia, and the whole family does this until she is finally broken. There is no more innocence in her eyes. Her laughter is plastic now, and she becomes a shadow of herself. Ryder is forced to choose her over his family when she attempts suicide and almost dies, and he elopes with her.

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  • Author: June Estee
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 8.2

Cassidy is a vixen. No man can ever say no to the beautiful Cassidy. Her eyes make many fall in love without her knowing, and her smile can bewitch even the hardest of men’s hearts. However, Cassidy does not know any of this. Because of the kind of upbringing she received from her father, she is innocent and has never even kissed a boy before. Now she is hungry and homeless, at the mercy of playboy billionaire, Peter Covensky. Cassidy is asked by the police to betray her uncle and his illegal colleagues and she does, but this makes her to be an outcast, and she runs away from home to live homeless on the streets. When she becomes very hungry, she wonders into the rich part of town and steals a wristwatch from the billionaire and Senator’s son, Peter Covensky. Peter allows her to steal the watch even though he could have stopped her, then he later offers her a job in his modelling agency. Peter begins to fall in love with her because of her innocence and beauty, but when she is asked to betray him by her father’s men, Peter loses his trust in her, and treats her badly even though they still kiss and touch each other. Cassidy is caught in-between, not knowing what to do. Peter is the first man who has ever kissed her, the first man who has made love to her, and she is in love with him. She tries her best to win his forgiveness. When Peter finds out how much she has suffered and the threats she has received, he is touched and vows to protect her with all his riches and power. They later get married and live happily ever after.


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