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Bound to twins

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With dreams haunting her at night and the reality happening during the day, Melissa is stuck between confessing to her fellow officers what has been happening in her life. Things get worse when she visits her parents and finds them brutally murdered. The creature hunting her dreams helps her escape after she's branded a serial killer and the most wanted criminal in the whole of States. What happens when Melissa realizes that she's no ordinary human and that she's mated to not Only one, but two alpha twins? Will she accept her New identity or will she choose to run away from the reality of her life?

Chapter 1


The book contains explicit content. If you are below 18 years or sensitive to such contents, please don't continue.

Melissa POV

“ And where do you think you are going, little wolf?” A voice so deep makes me halt in my steps. Turning around slowly, I come face to face with him, the man who has been nothing but good to me since I arrived here, or should I say the monster. That's what he is, a monster disguised in a human body.

But wait, that doesn't feel right. If he's a monster, then ain't I also one of them?

“ I'm leaving from here, Mason. I can't seem to wrap my finger around whatever nonsense you've been feeding me. I can't accept it and don't want to accept it. Furthermore, I don't belong here.” I replied.

This is not what I was made for! I'm no monster who turns all fluffy and howls in the midnight. I am no monster. Not only that, but I am a police officer. An officer who has dedicated all her life to serving the people of the United States. I uphold justice and apprehend lawbreakers and not break the law itself.

“ Should I remind you that you are the most wanted criminal now for the murder of not one but a countless number of citizens of the United States? Do you think you will be able to survive a day without being thrown into jail? Do you think anybody will listen to your stupid claims of innocence with all the evidence pointing at you?” He thundered, his voice taunting me.

I know he wasn't trying to be harsh, that's the reality of my life. I was now a nationally wanted criminal for homicide. Linked with more than thirty deaths in the state with sufficient evidence, I was bound to be detained and charged without trial.

“Besides, you belong here, with us as our mate and the Luna of this pack. This is your fate, and the sooner you accept it, the better for everyone.”

“Enough!” I cut him off sharply, irritated. “ I belong to no one but myself. I am nobody's s*x slave, or whatever it is you are saying! I will choose how to live my Life and won't allow just anybody to direct me or plan my life like I'm a three-year-old!” I shot back, glaring at him.

When will he ever understand that I don't believe that mating nonsense he has been insisting on? I have every right to choose who I want to be with in life. The idea of having two males in my life is not sitting well with me. I saw the man clench his fists tightly to form a ball. He was obviously p*ss*d, but I didn't care. His mood has nothing to do with me, and I couldn't care less what he's feeling. After all, he's a monster, and I am uncertain whether he is capable of having human feelings.

“ I have a boyfriend and that's precisely where I am heading to. If others don't believe me, he will believe me. I will prove to the world that all those deaths have nothing to do with me.” I spat furiously.

Likewise, I wanted him to give up this stupid idea of us being mates. If he thought I'll just sit my *ss down and do nothing, he was so wrong about that. I am a police officer and I had to find out what exactly was happening. I have to understand the conspiracy that led me to this kind of sh*t. The earlier he understood that there was no us, the better.

“ Repeat what you just said!” He growled, his primal instincts kicking in, making my hair stand and my body tremble. I knew that I might have pushed my luck or his patience on me worn out. The next thing I knew, I was pressed on his body, my back hitting his chest as I felt his breath fan the side of my face.

“ You would not want to have another death added to your list of serial murders, right?” His voice was cold and threatening, and I felt my body stiffen.

When the meaning of his words finally registered in my mind, I shivered. He was practically threatening me with the death of my boyfriend, Mark.

“ I am warning you, you better not say the name of that pathetic, weak human in front of me if you still want him alive.”

Fear gripped my heart. I knew he was capable of doing that, maybe even more. I can still remember how, with his monster form, he had ripped apart countless officers. With his hands, he had claimed lives in front of me. He didn't seem remorseful, even after slaughtering and taking human lives.

As a police woman, I know when to take a step back, so I nodded obediently. I was scared that he would really carry on with his threat if I said something to anger him.

“ Good, now you'll walk back to your room and stay there. You are not allowed to step outside until I say so, and you should know better than to disobey me. Since you don't want us to do this the easy way, we will have to do it the hard way. I hope after this you can learn what to say and not say in front of me.”

I didn't wait before scurrying away. Likewise, I know better than to challenge his authority. He's no human, he's a beast, a beast I should probably stay away from.

I made sure to lock the door before laying on the bed. The memories of how I ended up here are flashing through my mind.


Two months ago.

In a meeting room attended by various departments of the criminal investigation unit, I sat there as the only newly transferred police from the FBI unit.

“ There has been rampant killing of most of our criminal suspects. It has come to my attention that before our officers can proceed with the arrest, the criminals are found dead a day earlier or two. I don't believe in coincidences, so I take it as a blatant provocation.” The commander said, his eagle-like eyes sweeping through the room.

Chapter 2

“ It is our duty as officers to investigate any unusual thing happening and deal with the matter accordingly. That is why we have appointed a few capable officers to look into this matter and arrest the culprit. Among this committee is officer Melissa Whites, who just transferred recently to the unit. I hope we can all work together and solve this matter once and for all.” The commander said.

The transfer to the criminal investigation unit is something I have been looking forward to. I like my work as an FBI agent, but I always thought that being in the criminal investigation unit would give me job satisfaction. I have always been interested in cracking difficult cases and this department was just perfect.

After the meeting, I was assigned to my working station.

There were four of us in that station, and also the four officers given the responsibility of investigating the mysterious killing of suspected criminals.

The other officers were friendly and among th


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