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Bound By Agreement: The Alpha's Contract Wife And Twins

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Spiked drink, betrayal, and love were all that brought her downfall and quenched the little happiness she had managed to acquire. Getting banned from her pack and realizing later she was pregnant changes her thoughts about everything. She promised to give her children the best live she never once had. But when she returned back to her old pack, she was humiliated, and become a laughingstocks for coming home with a fatherless kids that doesn't have parents. In the process, a tall huge muscular Man showed up. Amidst her despair, a towering, muscular stranger emerges, claiming to be the father of her twins because he could not stand how she was being treated. But this came with something else. A marriage contract for five months, pretending to be her husband, unless no one will believe and her situation might just get worse.

Chapter 1



"Montana, come over here now!" The usual husky voice echoed, sending waves of emotions through my body.

I dropped the mop, my hands trembling, and hurried to where my stepmother stood, anxious about why she had called me so suddenly.

With a nervous smile, I approached her, hoping to avoid upsetting her with my reaction. Anything I did seemed to provoke her.

Her facial expressions were intimidating. The intensity of her gaze made me feel like I had done something wrong, and before I could comprehend it, a heavy slap landed on my face, drawing the attention of my father who was walking by.

Words struggled to escape my mouth. My brain was in shock, unable to process or produce coherent thoughts. All I could do was wait for answers, my gaze filled with threatening tears.

"Have you prepared the food I asked you to?” I blinked my eyes innocently at her knowing my answer was going to be the opposite of her question.

“You know I was cleaning the house when you called me, right? Was planning on moving to the kitchen next before...”, I replied, sensing her dissatisfaction with my response. I hoped she wouldn't resort to hitting me again.

I know she wasn't satisfied with my response. I could only hope she wouldn't have to hit me again.

But my instinct was wrong because her hands were moving slowly, heading to my face when a voice interrupted us, bringing a smile to my face.

It was the voice of Alpha Luke, my boyfriend.

I quickly moved away from my stepmother, smiling.

“What's the problem, ma'am? you seemed upset,” Alpha Luke questioned her in curiosity which she shook away with a smile and excused us.

“What is it, Luke?”

“Just wanted to see you. I miss you, Montana.”

I blushed shyly on hearing his words but my mood changed quickly on remembering his parents' words to me.

And as if he had noticed it, he leaned towards me and held my hands with a stare.

“Come on Montana, please shake off such negative thoughts”. He brought my lips closer to his about to kiss me when a voice interrupted us.

And I knew it was no other than Lola, my stepsister. “Oh God, why are they always spying on me in this house?!

“Hey, sister!!”

Her expression was bright and her tone was kinda polite which stunned me.

“Sister?, When did you start addressing me like that Lola?", This girl won't stop surprising me, I said in my head.

“Of course, you're my elder sister. We would like to invite you to my friend's birthday party happening tonight”. She spoke with a kind of reassuring tone. As if we're cool with each other.

“Alpha Luke please would you be able to find some time for the party? I've bragged to my friends about you coming so please don't let me down”.

In front of us, Lola knelt just to beg him which I knew he would surely go thereby making me attend the party as well. She never stops to amaze me with her sick behavior. I watched her trying to control my face filled with disgust and embarrassment on her behalf.

“Lola please stop this madness!!” I roared at her when I couldn't stand her behavior. Bending down to beg him by showing her *ss at us. I don't know why I feel like she has other motives for inviting us.

A few hours later.....

Here I am at the party with Alpha Luke and her friends. She succeeded in making us attend the party. I felt like she was up to something dangerous.

I had to stop drinking when I couldn't feel myself any longer. I only took a glass of (Black label) which I never thought could have this strong hold on me.

I felt so drunk right now that I could not see clearly. I felt dizzy with several headaches. In the next three minutes, I lost total control of myself.

And not quite long, I felt a hand clutching mine.

“Alpha Luke said I should escort you to his room”. I heard my stepsister's voice as she forced me by dragging a confused me to the room since I couldn't walk properly. My leg wobbled on the ground.

The next thing I heard was the door getting shut. I fell on top of the bed and noticed he was already there but just lying there because he seemed drunk just as I was.

“I don't think this is a good idea, Luke. I feel like this girl is up to…..” I halted my words on finding out I was sitting on his d**k the whole time which had got my p**sy wet and left it craving for more.

Before I could understand what was happening, I felt him removing my bra which got me confused but at the same time I wanted it.

“Luke, what are you doing? I thought we promised to do this after we got married, which will take place two weeks from now?”

I had to remind him of our promise to each other cause he seemed to be forgetting it.

“I know but I want this. Let's do it now!!!”

I lost total control of myself the moment his lips touched mine which gave me butterflies and made me crave more.

In a few seconds, our bodies entwined with each other like a Gum. And slowly, I felt him entering me which brought sweets and pleasures down there.

This is the first step I felt a different connection around him and I will have to say that I love this.

The chirping birds sang melodically, reminding me it was morning. The incident of yesterday reflected to me which brought a smile to my face.

Although I kinda feel like somehow losing my virginity to him, although it was great.

“Babe!! Luke, where are you?”

I called out his name when I could not find him in the room. I stood up from the bed with my thigh hurting. I walked to the bathroom and he wasn't there.

At that moment, I had to believe that he had gone home without me. I reached out to my phone and called his number but it was switched off.

I went to the bathroom, freshened up, and put back my clothes heading back to the pack. My nervousness increased the moment I reached the Blue Moon Pack.

I know my stepmother will be mad at me for sleeping outside tonight. Of course, she must have called my name ten thousand times just to send me on an errand but would be disappointed to find out I wasn't home.

My palms sweat profusely with apprehension running through my face as I took a step closer. I entered the house and found my father who was seated alongside my stepmother, her name Grace, and their expression gave me this Scary angry vibe.

“Good morning dad, Good morning Ma'am Grace”.

I greeted her by her name on Remembering how many times she had warned me not to address her as my “mom”

“You see what I was telling you about, Montana is a wh*r* who sleeps with every man in this pack and outside“, she hissed angrily at me. As usual, she will always spoil my name and everything about me to my father.

“Now get the hell out of here and go do the dishes and prepare something for us all to eat”,

I walked out, controlling myself, going to the kitchen with a worried look. I still can't understand the reason why Luke went home without informing me.

It's been a week and some days now since that incident happened. My relationship with Luke changed afterward because he had been avoiding me like a plague

Since then, I kinda feel like all he wanted was to take advantage of me, which he succeeded in doing.

I had probably mistaken his obsession and lust for my body as love. I wouldn't deny the fact that I look more mature than my actual age.

At the age of seventeen, I had already bloomed into a young beautiful girl who was blessed with the gifts of nature. I'm light in complexion with curvy hips and big boobs and *ss with a fine-*ss body that drives men crazy.

Now it was the day before our wedding, and I had everything meticulously planned after settling matters with Luke, who assured me that nothing had changed, and we were still on for the wedding the next day.

Finally, the long-awaited day had arrived—the day I had been eagerly anticipating, hoping it would free me from my stepmother's oppressive influence.

Luke, my boyfriend, had told me to get dressed and get to the center pack where the wedding would be taking place.

I wore the moderate silver long shimmering, radiant, and dazzling gown which brought out its metallic hue glimmering in the light, a stunning reflection, while the fabric glistened with sequined beads.

A smile crept through my lips when I saw myself in the mirror looking different and, of course, beautiful. My curves were popping out, and so was my cleavage.

I was so happy that my smile couldn't be hidden; it was seen everywhere.

Not quite long, my phone buzzed with a ringing sound. I quickly stretched my hands towards the table and picked it up. Knowing the call was from him.

“Please come quickly, you're currently the one everyone is waiting for. In less than five minutes, I was done. I headed straight outside and found a car which was already waiting for me.

I entered the car and in less than ten minutes, I arrived at the pack center. The chatting voice of people coming from inside cheers me up and gives me this assurance that people are currently waiting for me.

The moment I entered, everybody turned to look at me and I reacted back with a smile. I took more steps forward and in front of me was Luke and someone who looked like my step-sister kissing passionately.

My jaw dropped at the hurting scenes in front of me, my eyes trying to be sure it was seeing what they just saw. I was totally confused and had to pinch myself to see if this was real or just a dream. My vision became clearer when my stepsister blinked and smiled at me mockingly.

“We wanted to surprise you, dear sis. How do we look together?”

Chapter 2



I could not believe how I easily let myself be manipulated by Lola. The smirk on her face when she walked closer to me and embraced me in a hug, one that was for her to pass a message to me.

She had taken advantage of my trust and that stung more than I expected cause I felt so stupid and silly. She saw me as someone who is naive enough to fall for her schemes and here I am, proving her right on how foolish I could be.

"You know for someone like yourself, it was so easy", Lola giggled in my ear still hugging me tightly before she finally pulled away.

Luke had gone to great some people who came for the wedding so it was Lola and I.

"Do you want to hear the story of how I ruined my older sister's dream?", she asked me but I just could not form any words.

"That's okay, I will tell you anyway", Lola smiled as she started telling me the story of everything


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