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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Dante
  • Chapters: 5
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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Ellen is employed as a secretary in certain organizations. The boss notices her as her beauty was on another level. Ellen finds herself in dilemma, she's married with two young children. After thinking and having conclusion,she decides to play the games. The boss had a lot of money and despite that, she never wanted to lose her job too. After a few years of dating Boss in secret, Ellen comes to find out that Mr. Madison was a werewolf. She became worried and she had to choose what to do but Before she could quit that organization, she realized that she was pregnant and it was not for her husband. Her husband was a doctor and he had given up on giving birth since he believed he had complications. He gave rise to children twenty years ago and he's not able to get another child despite different medications. Ellen is in trouble, she doesn't want to give birth to a werewolf at the same time she doesn't want her husband to know the child is not his. Read the novel to know what happened

Chapter One.

There was a two-family in a certain village that raised attention all over the country.  This family consisted of a mother and a father.  They happened to have two children, one was a boy and another one was a girl. God blessed them with these two children alone and they never again got any child together. The man tried with all means to get another child with the woman but he couldn't get another. The man was called GEORGE and the woman was called ELLEN. It pained the man for being unable to have another child. 

They both had to work hard to bring the food to the table. The woman was a secretary in a certain company in the city while the man George was a doctor in the county hospital. The woman was independent as well as the man.  As the Year went by at the work the woman got involved in relationship affairs with the boss, the boss was a rich guy a billionaire and he liked Ellen

  The boss spent a lot of time chasing women since he had a lot of money. As time went by their relationship grew bigger and bigger such that it could now be noticeable to their workmates at the workplace.  The woman ELLEN was never worried because the boss was a billionaire and the CEO of that company so no one would ever think of sucking her. She could even go the extra mile having shares of the company therefore it was never like any other employee involved with the boss.

On the other hand, the man was a doctor in the county hospital. He worked most of his time at the hospital and he would come home late in the evening.  At a time he would wake up early in the morning for work. It was at a time pissing off Ellen to have such a busy husband. As much as she wanted to have another child, she was almost 38 years without another child. Her hopes were shut up

  There was something that pained her so much, as she was having these two children, they were not such normal people.  In most cases, the girl would act dumb and Ellen would be surprised what was wrong or one would wonder what was happening with her.  

The girl was never talkative as such. Her mother found it difficult to take her to school. She would stay quiet even when asked a question in class.  she was just there. On the other hand, the son had some unusual character that was not common to anyone. He wasn't well-known by herself even, he was secretive but the parents, especially the father, never noticed that his son had some extra features. This young man could oversee things. He had powers such that he could command people and do the same as he wanted.  It was a kind of  magic and no one would believe him when he tells them 

The husband was busy at the hospital and in most cases attending to the patient but he had little time to spend with the children therefore, it was only the mother who knew the character of the children.

The woman was Secret to all this information but the man thought it was normal.

 The son would do imaginary things when found in trouble, he would command anyone in front of him as long as they looked each other in the eyes.  Maintaining eye contact and by that, the person or anyone including animals would follow all his orders without hesitating. That was his advantage or disadvantage. The son came to realize this when one day he tried to maintain eye contact with a cat and told the cat to run away through the window. It was just a coincidence that it happened as he marked. .  He did it again and again and he realized that it was working.

The order and commands came with the price, the blood would come out of his nose. 

At the workplace, Nora started having sexual affairs with the boss, It only lasted for a few months before realizing that she had been pregnant. She knew his husband was not sure if he would give pregnant therefore, she decided to have regular s*x with him every time she got a chance.  This was to hide evidence. One day she came back to her home and she broke the news to the man. 

George was so happy when he realized that her wife was pregnant again. The wife had already known she was 39 years old, she was almost at her menopause but she was still there energetic and able to carry a child.

After realizing that she was pregnant, she broke the news to his Boss who took the matter lightly.

 The Boss promised Ellen to keep the secret by not telling anyone because the child she was carrying was not just a child but a magnificent child Ellen tried to overthink about this but she never got any answer so she hoped that the child would be more of a blessing to her.

"Never tell anyone about this, you just have to pretend that this child you are carrying is yours and your husband. if you break the secret, you will die without mercy, you will have to keep it with you and you alone. Never should you tell your husband that this is my child If you keep the secret, you'll be safe. I'll give you support as much as you need.  To add on that you're not going to work at this place, I'll give you enough capital to start your own business such that no one would ever notice that this child is mine.  If possible you should just go away from this city."

Ellen thought it was a blessing to her but she came to realize something unexplainable was behind all these requests and commands.

 The Boss had a secret that he was trying to avoid being known by many people.  The Boss was not just a Boss, he was not a real human being, he was a werewolf.

He was born and raised in a family which was a high breed of human beings and a werewolf.

Before 1997 the werewolf had been rampant in that country of Grace therefore, the government came up with the strategy to kill all of them and those that were able to survive would stay in the woods forever. This Boss family was among the lucky ones who survived and they weren't in a secret place anymore. They started their family after which they moved to a bordering country where few or no one knows about them. It was custom during the full moon the werewolf would turn into wolves or gulf.

In the same contests, there were two types of werewolves, When they turn into werewolves, they will not cause any distractions other than eating various types of meat and animal meat to satisfy their hunger. 

Unlike other werewolves, they would kill people and even kill the neighbors and people who are close to them something which led to the killing of all the werewolves during the full moon in that country. It was during a full moon when human beings would turn into a werewolf and in less than 3 hours then turn back into human beings after they have evolved.

Ellen was now carrying Madison's son. He came to realize this when he just heard a conversation about the Boss in his office. The Boss was conversing with someone which Ellen had guessed, it was someone very special likely the Father or the mother. It was the remaining few days and then it would be a full moon when the Boss had to return to his town. At Mr. Madson's office, he never knew that Ellen was there listening to him Keenly.

The Boss hand some of their friends during a certain period of the month, they will suddenly go back to their people to see them  

Chapter Two.

Before 1800, the werewolves had been rampant in that country therefore, the government came up with a strategy to ambush and destroy them and those that were able to survive had to stay in the woods forever. The Boss family was among the lucky ones who survived and they didn't have to hide in secret places anymore. They started their family after which they moved and settled in a nearby country where few or no one knew about them.

Periodically, the werewolves change into wolves typically when there is a full moon. When they turned Ellen never believed what she heard, she started to recall how she began dating that guy. She had some instinct telling her that,  this was not right because, the way this guy was sounding was not that normal,  especially when making love to her and c*ming inside her was so weird and it gave her some questions to which now she is getting the answers. Ellen became worried, she never knew that her unborn child would one day become a werewolf. She


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