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Book Babies

Book Babies

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Corry
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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I am a baby, I pick my nose, I love to eat mommy's cup and always knock over gnomes. I mat be 3 feet short but I'm 80 feet tall, and I'm having a ball, look at me. Remember my name, I'll give you a game to play while you are asleep in your bed. I'll always be there to give you hot milk and your favourite milk bottle that has the best nutritions. It is now a fact, a fact that is, I really really love your fast beating heart that beats loudly all day and all night. I love you.

Chapter 1

I am not a huge fan of babies. They run around, playing stupid games of Tag and Hide & Seek around my house. I can't stop being a babysitter for all of the loud and crying babies. They are very stupid. (To be exact, babies are young versions of humans. Don't talk about it.) I was coming home from school when my phone started ringing. Mom is calling me. I picked up the phone. "Yes?" I said. "You gotta come here fast!" Yelled Mom, "My water bubble broke and I'm about to give birth to a little tiny creature, or a living brain, or whatever, but still, hurry up and come to the hospital! I'm going to die!" I said "OK." and hung up. Instead of going home, I instead went to the hospital where Mom and Dad are here, trying to get our pregnant Mom to give birth to what I thought is a baby. I wasn't allowed to go inside the room because there is so much drama going on and I mean it because a baby is being given birth. After 3 minutes of pushing and screams, the baby is finally born. I looked happily at the baby. He was so cute. As I stared at the baby with shocked eyes, my Mom said "What a sweet baby boy! I'm going to call you Flippy!" The baby's name is Flippy. I am so happy with the name Flippy, it reminds me of my favourite comic book with superheros and explosions and stuff. When we paraded the baby around the hospital, everyone clapped and I am so proud of the baby because I didn't even get to watch the drama unfold. When we got home, we made ourselves a baby room for Flippy and I put my comic books in Flippy's room just in case he wants to use his brain. When Flippy became adapted to his new room, I was left in shock. He is only a baby and not a child who admires his new home. We need to keep Flippy in his crib because that is where babies get their nappies changed. I went to Mom and she is watching a comedy show on TV. I walked up to her and said "Mom, aren't you so obsessed with comedy?" "Yes," Mom replied, "I love comedy... It washes my brain..." I think Mom is being brainwashed. I left Mom to watch her favourite comedy shows, even when her loud laughs annoy me. I went to my Dad, who is changing Flippy's nappies. I said "Dad, what are you doing to Flippy?" Dad turned to see me and said "What? I am doing Flippy's nappies and you interrupted me?" Flippy giggled as Dad slowly moved his neck towards me and I slowly frown. "Dp you think I'm silly?" Said Dad. "Uh... You are beautiful!" I said. Dad then turned back to continue changing Flippy's nappies. I went to my room to make myself coffee, and as I did so, I heard Flippy's laughs coming from the room a little bit far away. I can bearly hear Dad say "Come on, Flippy! Coogee coogee coo!" and all I can hear is the sound of children at the playground, playing and laughing. I eventually made my coffee and went to sleep after I drank it, ready for another day with Flippy.

Chapter 2

We are eating our breakfast when Flippy suddenly said his first word. Flippy's first word is "Hello" and it is a way of greeting someone. I was shocked. Since Flippy didn't know how to learn human language, he finally learnt how to speak our language. "Finally! Flippy said his first word! He must be the first baby to speak!" Cried Mom. "Wonderful!" Shouted Dad, "He said his first word? Unbelievable!" "Uh, Mom, Dad, do you actually taught him how to speak?" I said. "Uh, No, he just learnt it himself!" Said Mom. "That's the spirit! We must let him try!" Said Dad. I froze for a bit. Then I slowly moved a finger. "Uh," I said, "I agree with you." And then I left the room. No one didn't say a word. It is just that Flippy said his first word. Later, Flippy went to playgroup for the first time. There, Flippy met other babies that are way too young to do what they want but love to p


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