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Blind Alpha's Deception.

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Alpha Luca had only one mission and it was to get new eyesight. Being blind for a long time wasn't his best choice, he needed a glozike - a female human that had extreme supernatural light - and when he found one, he twisted her in his web of deception in other to take her eyes. But then he falls hard for her and he's stuck with deciding if he would completely use this lady. ________________ Debts led Willow Reid to accept a job offer from a strange man she met by mistake at her place of work. She agreed to work one night in exchange for payment that would help her manage her bills. But after spending that night with him, he remained in her thoughts. They began to meet by chance more frequently until she realized that it wasn't by chance at all and it was planned. His secrets and intentions soon became clear to her, but by then it was too late - she had already fallen for him.

1. Luca: Glozikes.

Glozikes were female humans with a unique gift - they had a supernatural light within them, a light that could restore my eyesight. To get that light, I had to follow four rules:

I had to find a Glozike.

I had to reveal my wolf self to her.

I had to win her trust and her love. In simple terms - get her laid.

And finally, I had to exchange eyesight with her.

I had thought that getting a Glozike and swapping eyesight with her would be a simple task, but as the months went by and I killed eight women who had the light within them, I began to doubt my mission.

The blood of innocent women stained my hands, and I was starting to lose hope that my task could ever be accomplished. The weight of my actions was beginning to take a toll on my conscience, and I wondered if I would ever be able to achieve my goal.

All the glozikes I've met didn't make it past rule two. It was easy to get a glozike, but after revealing my wolf self to them, they got terrified, some were angry, and some even tried to reveal my identity to others. I had to unalive them, to protect myself and my mission.

I walked into the club for the last time to try my luck. If I didn't find a Glozike tonight, I'd have to move to another city for a fresh attempt. My quota of ten deaths per city was almost full.

Being blind was hard - no one wished that for themselves, but I found it easier since I was an Alpha. My senses were ten times better than humans and so, I was a perfect blind man who could do almost everything.

But I needed my eyes for one thing…

"Hey, handsome." A lady snapped me out of my thoughts. I was sitting at my favorite spot in the club where I could feel the movement of the crowd better and the scent of different perfumes mingling with the smoke from the dancefloor.

I sensed a crackling of fire from the lady opposite me - she was a glozike, my lucky charm.

"Wanna get down?" A gust of her lust filled my nose, I could smell all of her emotions. She had a deeper pain she wasn't showing and she reeked of alcohol.

"Ladies like you often shy away from me in the inner room. They think I'm some kind of beast. Can you handle it?" I asked her, directing my face to where her voice came from.

She blushed. "Don't stare at me like that"

"I'm not staring," I replied.

"Of course, I can handle you" She walked closer to me and placed her hand on my waist. In what seemed like minutes, she had dragged me into a room and started to kiss me vigorously. I carried her on my waist and returned the same energy, ripping off every piece of her clothes. She started moaning when my hands touched her skin.

"Wait." I stopped and moved away from her.

"Why? Too fast? You can't handle me now?" She laughed.

"No. I…want to show you. something" I said in a low tone, pulling off my shirt.

"Hurry up before I get turned off" she whined.

I felt my muscles tensing and my limbs growing longer. I could feel my fingernails growing into claws. My body felt hot and tingly, and I could feel my jaw elongating. My transformation took place right in front of her.

I could smell the sweat on her skin and hear the racing of her heart and before I could say a word, she screamed and passed out.

I sighed. Another glozike on my death list.

I turned back into my human self and lay flat on the bed. I had only two months left to get this mission done. If I didn't get a glozike who wasn't frightened by me, I'd lose it all forever. My eyesight, the Crown of Canines, my kingdom, and all that I have sacrificed to this point.

I needed to leave this city tomorrow, to find more brave glozikes I could get laid with for their eyesight. If it would take me to be extremely nice to people, I would do it.

I have overstayed my welcome in the human world, their foolishness disgusted me, they were slow, weak, and pathetic fuckers!

The only thrilling thing here was strippers and barbecues.

I heard a knock on the door. I was not nervous about getting caught or arrested if they saw the lady pass out on the ground. I have my way around anything and everything.

"Luca," the voice said when the door opened. "Any luck?"

"No. Where's the next city located?"

"This city has the largest number of glozikes, we just need to explore and find more people."

"My Quota is ten deaths per city."

"And you still have one more to go…"

"What? You want me to kill more people? Callous, that's what you are" I laughed.

He laughed too and walked into the room. I heard him dragging the lady on the floor. "She's not dead yet," he said.

"That's your job, isn't it?"

"Yes, I'll dispose of her now."

"Make sure there are no witnesses, and leave no trace of our involvement. If you fail to do so, there will be dire consequences." I said in a menacing tone

"Yes, Alpha Luca," he said and his footsteps and dragging faded.

I rose to my feet, relishing the thought of what was to come. I dashed back into the club, the sounds and rhythm of bodies swaying as the dance floor beckoned, and I made my way through the crowd, hitting lots of people but most importantly savoring the intoxicating scent of prey. There were more glozikes, but I was not ready to waste my last allotment. I would not strike yet. Not until the time was right. Patience was a virtue, after all.

2. Willow: Monsters Lurking At Juggy.

Willow Reid's POV

No one prepared me for the exorbitant bills I had to pay as an adult. Adding to the fucking pressure, my Mum was extremely sick, and I was stressed out about the cost of her medical care. My rent was due in a week and my sorry ass couldn't afford it, especially since I still had school loans to pay off. 

I worked at a popular bar and my pay was good, but even when I worked extra shifts, it wasn't enough to cover all my expenses. I needed a lot of money, thousands of pounds specifically, and I wasn't sure how I would get it.

My eyes darted to my watch. I had only five minutes left until I had to leave Juggy Bar where I worked. Everyone had to be gone by 10. p.m., with no exceptions. That was the rule. I rushed out of the locker room where I had stripped off my uniform, grabbing my bag as I went.

As I walked to the main bar, George approached me with a big smile on his face. "You'd better get off work now, Willow


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