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Biting Her Only Fate

Biting Her Only Fate

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Shanella awoke one morning to find a wolf staring at her. She didn't believe werewolves existed, and they took her away in an instant. She refuses to accept her ostensible destiny as the breeder of a handsome but cold Kai, the alpha of the White Gibbous Moon Pack, which is currently hiding from the Sturgeons—the black wolves. She will gradually accept her fate and fall in love with Kai as the days pass. But the fate that awaited her was merely a trap... What they anticipated as success turned out to be failure... They had no idea that her existence would only cause chaos because there are so many lies about her... Is she willing to accept the secrets contained in her bitter and treacherous fate, which can lead to the death of the man she loves?

Chapter 1

A large golden gate opened to allow the red car to enter. From there, a woman in her mid-30s got down and hurriedly entered the big mansion. Before she could enter, the two tall men who were guarding the very door of that mansion bowed down. Next, the housemaid inside bowed. 

"Where's my husband?" the woman asked the housemaid while continuing to walk. 

"She's in the library, Luna Desa," answered the housemaid, who quickly caught up with the walk of the one she called Luna Desa. 

Desa stopped when she was already in front of the door of the library.

"You can go back to your work, Ida. I need privacy with my husband," Desa said without looking at the housekeeper. 

The housemaid politely nodded and bowed again before leaving. Desa let out a loud sigh before finally opening the library door. 

"Rome, we need to talk," Desa immediately opened up to the man, who was casually sitting on a couch and reading. 

"I need to—"

"Right now, Rome. This is about Gibbous. And what I have to say can't wait," Desa interrupted her husband, Rome. 

He frowned slightly before folding the book he was reading. "You sound in trouble, Desa."

"We're in trouble," Desa answered emphatically. 

"If from Gibbous, I don't think so," Rome smiled before standing up to approach his wife, "you're overthinking again because of what happened to you. You're worried about the Gibbous White Moon Pack, but the truth is, you don't have to. And you know that, Desa," he said. 

Desa shook her head. Even when Rome got close to him, she still continued to shake her head.

"I'll call Dr. Trinidad," Rome then said. 

"No, Rome. First, you listen to me. I'm not hallucinating or breaking down. If that's what you're thinking about," Desa stated. 

"Are you sure?" Rome looked at his wife carefully. 

"Gibbous will win over us," said Desa with concern. 

"You know that's not true because we've already talked to the Guardian," Rome said with a smile. 

"The Gibbous knows what the Guardian said, Rome... Desa answered weakly. 

That's when Rome was stunned. Her eyes asked, "Desa?"

"Don't think I told them. I don't know how, but because they know what the Guardian told us—"

"They made a way?" Rome interrupted his wife.

"Yes. They will win, Rome." Desa said it firmly with fear in her eyes. 

Rome sighed. "Tell me what's on your mind," he said to his wife because, based on what he could see in her eyes, she had a solution to the problem she was telling him about... 


Everyone gathered in the spacious living room of the mansion while the couple, Rome and Desa, stood in the middle. 

"Tonight we will fulfill what is written in the book of fate!" Rome's voice began loudly. 

"For the sturgeon!" The people there, who were all dressed in black, shouted at the same time. 

Rome raised his right hand, and immediately everyone fell silent. "But there are things that destroy or want to destroy what is destined. Gibbous, will take us down, too. "

The noise echoed again. You can see the concern in others' eyes, and they all look down. 

"Explain to us, Alpha Rome," one of the people there said boldly but respectfully. 

"They called on the goddess of the moon, Selene. Meaning they sacrificed one of their newborns just to ask Selene for help. A selfish step. Which they shouldn't have done because, first of all, they are fighting against the future, the destiny set for us and for them," Rome explained. 

"And because of that, they leave us no choice. Newborn versus newborn. We made sure they were still the losers in the end," Desa interjected. 

"What was your solution?" asked one. 

"Right now we can't reveal to you the solution we made. What's important is that... we made sure that victory was ours." Desa answered complacently. 

"First, let's focus on what needs to be done tonight. So, let's march to Gibbous and start fulfilling what's in the book of fate," concluded Rome. 

That night, the Sturgeon Black Moon Pack, led by their Alpha Rome and Luna Desa, with all their warriors, went to the location of the Gibbous White Moon Pack. 


Rome raised his right hand as a signal for everyone to stop walking. Almost all of the Sturgeon Black Moon Packs are in the forest to learn the whereabouts of their fierce enemy, the Gibbous White Moon Packs. 

"Why did we stop?" Desa asked her husband in surprise. 

"Sshhhh..." was Rome's only reply. "Be alert," he then said to their colleagues or warriors. 

The Sturgeon warriors sniff a little, which means they are smelling their surroundings. They know that their alpha has a different feeling, so they also need to feel the surroundings. 

"Feel... The enemies may have heard us coming to them. I don't want us to fall before we can do what needs to be done," Rome said softly. 

One by one, everyone's appearance changed. Gradually their bodies grow, and at the same time as their clothes fall off, thick and black fur appears on their bodies. Their white eyes flashed, and their fangs appeared. Even their fingernails and toenails grew longer. They were all in wolf form and ready to fight. 

"Tonight is the most important night." Rome said softly as he slowly turned into a wolf. He was only slightly larger than the wolves he was with. 

"The night when our victory begins..." said Desa, who was also in wolf form and was also a little bigger like Rome. 

The black wolves ran together, almost invisible due to their speed and black color. That night seemed to agree with them. And their purpose is none other than the fortress of white wolves, or the Gibbous White Moon Pack. 


The Gibbous Pack was unaware of the tragedy that awaited them that night. They were peacefully in their respective beds, while the others were still outside, silently staring at the big moon. 

"I know Luna Gara won't agree with what the Guardian of the Magical Book is saying. Alpha Thallon won't agree even more that we just fall into the hands of the Sturgeons," a woman wearing a white dress said with a smile as she looked up at the moon. 

"They cannot fight the destiny of us wolves. Everything has an end, and it is already written in the book of fate," answered the man to the woman.

The woman was about to answer when suddenly they heard a scream. A scream is added, which means something bad is happening. 

"W-what's going on?" The woman nervously turned to her companion. 

"The end is here..." was the man's only answer as he looked up at the moon again and closed his eyes. 

The woman quickly ran to see what was going on, and, she froze when she saw the horrific scenario. Her colleagues are helpless, being attacked by black wolves. Others can be seen trying to transform into wolves, but it seems that the attacking black wolves didn't wait any longer. 

The woman seemed to come to her senses immediately and quickly changed her form. From being a human, he became a white wolf with red eyes. She angrily grabbed one of the black wolves. Even if she was able to kill one, she couldn't stop the others. She was alone because almost everyone was dead. There was nothing she could do but accept the fate that had been assigned to them. Before she breathed her last, she tried to look up at the sky. 

"G-gibbous w-will come b-back..." was the weak voice of the woman before her life was completely taken away. 


Gara was quietly crying while lying on the soft bed. 

"It's over. There's nothing we can do about it... For now..." Thallon sighed. 

"I wish we could take them with us." Gara answered with a sob. 

"We need to sacrifice them to save our clan. We have already discussed this, Gara," Thallon answered gently. 

"I just can't—"

"Stop. Their sacrifice has to be meaningful, so stop thinking that our decision is wrong," interrupted Thallon. 

"Sacrifice?" Gara got up from lying down. "They have no idea we abandoned them, Thallon."

"Yes. But we save a few so we can continue our race. This is how we save the clan," Thallon answered firmly. 

Gara lay down again and said nothing, but Thallon knew she was still in pain. He decided to get on the bed as well and forced Gara to face him. 

"We need to do this now," Thallon said almost in a whisper. 

Gara didn't say a word, but she knew what Thallon was saying. They need to mate. That will fulfill the decision they made.

Thallon gradually brought his face closer to Gara's neck. He smelled Gara's scent before running his lips along her neck. Gara immediately closed his eyes and let Thallon do what he was doing. Even if she's feeling guilty for abandoning their pack, she needs their sacrifice to be worth it. She needs to get pregnant and carry the one who will prevent the extinction of the gibbous.


A triumphant smile appeared on Rome's lips next to Desa as they looked at the lifeless white wolves in front of them. 

"Alpha Rome, the bodies of Thallon and Gara are not here," one of their colleagues said. 

"Don't mind them. There is a destiny set for them, and that destiny will bring them down even more," Rome answered gently. 

"Let's go back and don't stay here any longer. Thallon won't show up, so there's no reason to stay. Let's let them do what's set for them," Desa plastered a big smile on her face.

The black wolves left that place one by one. The lifeless white wolves are everywhere. That night is what the Sturgeons consider the beginning of their most coveted success...


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