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Betrayed by Fate: Chosen by Her Double-Faced Alpha

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Snatching my fiancé is undeniably wrong, but playing the victim and turning everyone against me is just diabolical. I am Txunamy, the first daughter of the Alpha of the Blood Venom pack, yet I have always felt like an outcast within my own family. My feelings are never taken into consideration, and I have sacrificed everything just to gain some recognition from my parents. However, it has never been enough. My sister, Riele, always seems to have the upper hand, and I could tolerate it until she crossed a line that shattered my heart. Despite my love for Riele, I couldn't let her actions go unnoticed. Riele seduced my fiancé, resulting in her becoming pregnant with his child, yet I am the one being blamed for the situation. And now, to further complicate matters, fate has granted me a second chance with a new mate who happens to be the brother of my former fiancé and the illegitimate son of the Alpha of Moon Howlers pack. pack. What plans does fate truly have in store for me? Haven't I already endured enough of the tricks that fate plays?

Chapter 1


The house was silent when I walked in. Mom and dad liked to stay in their own part of the large house, dad didn't like to be seen just by anyone, except when he was in the courts and it was utterly imperative that he stay there and handle political affairs.


Riele, my sister, was not anywhere in sight. Well, she was definitely in her room and I only needed to get in there and startle her. I knew she'd be glad I'm back from the peace treaty trip that had kept me away for three days.


As her only sister and also older sister,   I found that I was constantly saddled with the responsibility of constantly keeping her company, a responsibility which I derived pleasure in.


I called her once when I started to approach her door. She didn't reply. I reached the door, saw that it was ajar and pushed it open.


I stood there, momentarily frozen at what I saw. 

Riele was in bed with a man, I didn't know who he was, and for the first few minutes I stood there, it was only her soft moans that came to my ears.

But suddenly, I perceived the sweet smell of cinnamon. 


It was from this Man with whom Riele was making love, whoever he was!


At once, they sprang apart, Riele's eyes met mine at the same time he got off her, disoriented. 


I wanted to say that I was sorry for stumbling in on them, but the words did not come out. I opened my mouth and clamped it shut again.


Their bodies were glistening with sweat. Riele had drawn the bed covers to her chin now but she didn't look embarrassed that I had walked in on them.

"Hey, sister, you are back."

She called in a hoarse voice. I blinked.


My eyes had moved from her to settle on the man who was in bed with her. 


Alpha prince Oliver, son of Alpha Lucas of the Moon Howlers pack.


He was the same man I had been betrothed to four years ago!


I felt my head start to reel painfully as I stood there. 


"I didn't hear you walk in on us, sister."

Riele said in a drawl. Her voice brought me back to the scenario.

"Yeah," I heard my own voice come out croaked.

"I'm...sorry. You're with a man, Riele."


I said in a small voice. 

Riele was with a man and there was no indication that she was naive. Whatever they had been doing naked beneath the sheets, she had to be fairly knowledgeable about it and she had to have been enjoying it.


But the man she was doing this with was Alpha prince Oliver, my Fiance who I was meeting for the second time in my entire life!


The shock made it impossible for me to say anything for the next couple of minutes as I stood watching them.

He was still clearly disoriented and he was trying to make sense of why I had walked in on them, from the look on his face. 


"What is wrong?"

He asks suddenly, speaking for the first time in that rich sonorous voice. Riele clung to his arm 

"I'm sorry, there is nothing wrong. Sister just came back and stumbled on us making out, nothing big.” 

She said in a calming tone to him. He still looked puzzled by the whole thing. He looked at her and then for the first time he met my eyes and I quickly looked away. 


I had been sure he did not even recognize me when I first saw him, but when our eyes met, I became convinced that he recalled now who I was and there was a look of embarrassment and remorse in his eyes now. 

"Maybe you will be doing us both a favor if you knock first before coming into my room, sister."

Riele said in a tone that was scathing. She was suddenly hostile now and I had not gotten past my initial shock to respond to her. 

"Well, does mom and dad know you're in bed with.... Oliver?"

I asked her. She started talking and then changed her mind about it and just simply took his hand now. 

"Yes, sister. It's him that has pleasured me today, sister."

Oliver looked uncomfortable when she took his hand to her lips and kissed it.

"Do you think you know what you're doing?"

I asked her, even though I was still sure she did not know yet who Oliver was. 

"Of course, sister. I'm an adult now, I know what I'm doing."

She said. 

"This is Oliver, he is my boyfriend, sister."

She said in a voice low and sensual enough to get the man beside her to look at me again, this time, even more uneasily. I wondered what was going through his mind. What he thought of her and if he had known all along before he got into bed with her.


"Oliver is the alpha prince of the Moon Howlers pack and he was betrothed to me four years ago!"

I heard my own voice ring through the room, bouncing off the walls and ringing through the hallway. 


Oliver still looked disconcerted and lost, I hated the look of helplessness in his eyes. I wanted to reach for him and yank him out of the bed, out of the reach of my younger sister, but he had the will to do that and he had not considered it.

I held back and focused on Riele again. She had a smile on her face when she told me again, this time with an emphasis in her tone,


"I know just who he is, he is Oliver, the Alpha prince of the Moon Howlers pack and he is my boyfriend, sister."

I had not decided yet what to do when my body started to move on its own accord, away from the door and directly towards them.


I stopped in my tracks when the door flew totally open and they stormed in. 

Chapter 2



It was mom and dad, the alpha and Luna of the Blood Venom pack, Alpha Kelvin and Luna Gloria. 


Dad came in first, somehow, in the space of three minutes, Oliver had managed to reach for his clothes and had dressed up under the covers before dad was fully in the room.


Dad recognized him immediately.

"Alpha prince Oliver!"

He called in a somewhat delighted tone, totally ignoring me. 

Oliver nodded his head.

"It's me sir, it's a pleasure seeing you again after all these years, albeit in a very awkward scenario."

He said. 

Mom pushed past me then and asked,

"What is going on here? And what was that loud noise about?"

As though she was blind to the couple in bed and like she had not seen me at all.

"Oh, I imagine Oliver here came to see his betrothed, Txunamy."

Dad said in the most casual tone I had ever heard him use. He was not even looking at me. 

Mom nodded in agr


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