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Bestie Dad Is My Mate

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Liam's gaze remained unwavering as he continued, the truth finally pouring forth from his lips. “I've tried to deny it, but last night… being with you… I can't deny it any longer. You are my mate.” The reality of his words hung heavy in the air, casting a tension between them. “Liam, this is…this is complicated, but we can do it,” Mia finally managed to stammer out, her voice laced with uncertainty. The weight of her words settled over Liam like a suffocating blanket, the gravity of the situation pressing down upon him. He knew what he had to do, even if it tore his heart in two. “You are best friends with your daughter. And that's why I can't do this. As much as I want to explore every part of you, I can't hurt my daughter like that. I can't betray her trust.” Mia's eyes glistened with unshed tears, her heartbreaking with every syllable that fell from Liam's lips. “So, what are you saying?” A heavy silence hung between them, thick with the weight of Liam's impending decision. With a deep breath, he finally spoke the words that would seal their fate. “I'm saying… I'm rejecting you as my mate.” Mia's breath caught in her throat, the reality of Liam's rejection hitting her like a physical blow. Tears welled in her eyes as she struggled to comprehend the magnitude of what had just transpired. “Liam, please don't do this,” she pleaded, her voice trembling with emotion. But Liam's heart was heavy with the burden of his choice. “I'm sorry, Mia. But I can't let this go any further. It's better this way, for everyone involved.” With a heavy heart, Mia turned to leave, the weight of Liam's rejection settling over her like a suffocating shroud. Mia, an omega, was mated to Liam Carter, An alpha of Silver pack and father of her best friend Tara. What will happen when Liam tries to win her back after the rejection he once did?

Chapter 1:Mercy on Me


"No... Please..." I begged as I fell to my knees shaking.

I felt a hard sharp blow on my head, as my stepmother swung a baseball on my head. I groaned as my head began to ache, my hands trembling as I touched my head and felt something thick. I removed my hands from my head and some drops of blood were visible in my hands.

"Please...." I begged, my voice laced with pain, as I begged my stepmother for mercy.

Every time that she was not satisfied with the food I had made, she would always brutally beat me up because of the mistake she made in her life. I was a maid in my own father’s house. No matter how I try to please she just keeps getting angry. 

"Next time, make sure to prepare nice food!" My stepmother shouted at me as she stopped brutally beating me up.

She threw the baseball bat on the floor and smirked at me, then spit on the ground. When she left, I was shaking on the ground in fear, hugging myself, trying to calm down.

"Why does this keep happening to me?" I asked myself as I saw the blood on the ground because of the painful blow on my head caused by the baseball bat that my stepmother uses.

My mother was human, and she died giving birth to me. I never got to see her, to know what it felt like to be loved by a mother. My father was a wolf who died in a war, leaving me alone in the care of a cruel woman. 

She never treated me like a daughter, never showed me an ounce of affection. I often wondered what it would have been like to have a family, to have people who cared about me.  And here I am nothing but an Omega.

The tears flowed freely as I walked to my room, my footsteps heavy and slow. I slammed the door behind me. I opened my wardrobe and grabbed the first aid kit, tending to my wounds with numb fingers.

 When I was done, I applied makeup to my face, trying to hide the bruises and cuts. I couldn't let anyone see how I had been hurt. I couldn't bear their pity, their questions. I glanced at the clock and realized it was almost 5 PM.

 “Fuck!” I cursed under my breath. I was going to be late for my job as a tutor to Mr. Laim's kids. I quickly gathered my things and rushed outside, hailing a cab. As the car sped through the streets, I tried to collect my thoughts. I just pray he would not be mad at me for resuming late.

After what felt like an eternity I got to my destination and I let out a sigh.  My head began to ache again and I bit my lips trying to suppress the groans. I reprimanded myself for not taking pain relief. There was no way I could go back home.

I needed some money to pay for my school fees, but I was unable to cope with the fees lately. 

Because my stepmother was always getting my paycheck before I was able to pay it up to the university. But I won't let her win, and stand against the dream that I wanted. I would graduate college and escape my miserable life.

I pushed open the door without knocking, and there he was, Mr. Laim, in his shorts and a T-shirt, his legs toned and his chest broad. His blue eyes were intense, and I felt like he was pulling me towards him. I could feel my nipples getting hard beneath my clothes. He cleared his throat and I became embarrassed. 

‘Get a hold of yourself, Mia, you are just 18 and he’s 37.’ My subconscious yelled at me and I scoffed.

 "Good afternoon, Alpha," I said, bowing slightly. I could feel his gaze boring into me and my mouth immediately went dry.

Mr. Liam is a billionaire alpha; he has two children named Sam and Tara who live with him. His wife died because of humans which is why he hated creatures like me, but I think I am an exception since I am close to her daughter. He became a widower and didn't marry when his wife died due to an event that no one knows.

"Good morning, as well!" Mr. Liam greeted me back smiled back at me, and buried his face back at the files in front of him.

It was also my first time seeing Mr. Liam because every time that I was here, he was always at work.

I glanced one more time at Mr. Lima and our eyes met, and there was an unexpected feeling inside me. It was like butterflies in my stomach that I never felt before. A connection that I was longing for, but after Mr. Liam looked in a different direction. I looked away in disdain, as I felt that I was starting to make some illusion inside my head.

I thought I was going crazy, so I climbed the stairs and headed to the kid's room.

"Good morning, Sam!" I greeted Sam, the only son of Mr. Liam.

"Good morning!" Sam answered coldly.

Sometimes I don't want to tutor Sam because he has always been so rude and cold toward me. I tried my best to put a smile on my face and be nice to him. If he was not the son of the billionaire, then I would slap his face so that he would learn some manners.

But still, his handsome face and his charisma are sending some chills down my spine. I felt my heartbeat skip a bit every time I looked at him, it felt like I was falling in love with his appearance. But the way that he treated me every time that I would tutor him was giving me some second thoughts. I smiled at him and put all the things on the table where he sat down next time. 

"So can we start?" I asked him.

Because I don't want to waste my saliva, and talking in here alone. He was just on his phone playing some games and not paying attention to the things that I was trying so hard to explain to him.

He never gave his full attention when I was explaining to him the subjects that he was failing. Whenever I tried to scold him, he just reminded me that I am nothing but an Omega and I should know my place.

“Sam!” I yelled.

"Ha? What!" Sam asked as he was playing on his phone.

"We will start our lesson now!" I answered him politely.

But he didn’t stop, he just kept on playing. I don't want to be rude to him, he was still the son of my boss after all. I just stared at him blankly waiting for him to finish what he was trying to do on his phone. Just then Sam slams the phone on the table when I think he loses the game and shouts at me. 

"I told you to keep quiet. Now look what you have done, I lost my game!" he said.

"I'm sorry!" I lowered my head as I apologized to him even though it was not my mistake. He was lucky his father was an Alpha.

His next word made me stare at him incredulously.

Chapter 2:The Party

Mia’s point of view.

“What did you just say?” I asked him, my eyes blazing with fury.

“You heard me right, you are nothing but bad luck, that’s why you lost your parents,” he responded, a frown plastered on his face.

Without thinking, I raised my hand and slapped Sam across the face. 

“How dare you bring up my dead parents,” I roared. “If you ever try something like this again, I will deal with you myself.” 

And with that, I stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind me. My heart was pounding, my face red with anger. I had never felt so out of control, so consumed by rage. 

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't notice the person in front of me until I bumped into them. I looked up to see Tera, her eyebrows raised in concern. 

“What happened?” she asked, but I couldn't find the words to respond. 

All I could manage was a curt, “Nothing.” 

She looked at me, her eyes searching my face for answers. After a moment, sh


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