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Becoming The Queen

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Teraya is a 20 year old werewolf who is struggling to turn and also facing constant abuse and insult from her uncle’s family. One day, she discovers her uncle and his family drink her blood to remain powerful and are hiding a secret that has to do with her not seeing her wolf yet. She receives a warning to avoid eating the food she will be served on her birthday and is manipulated by her witch auntie’s powers to lose her memories. Torben is a 22 years old wolf who is Teraya’s destined mate but his memories are manipulated every time he spends a special moment with Teraya

Chapter 1

Tririani has existed for centuries, and my pack is a direct descendant of the Great white queen’s generation. The great queen was like any of us but only differs in terms of strength, powers and agility.

Rumors have it that she was a hybrid, but in the last 7 centuries, we haven’t had a history or witnessed one exist, and only a few people, me and maybe three others believed the stories we were told about her while we grew up.

Tririani was a beautiful community, full of agile people who were daring, and lively. But sometimes it also felt like they were cold hearted and wicked. In my opinion I would say it was all because of my uncle, Ramon, who was the leader of our pack. He ruled mercilessly and cunningly and didn’t stop in making sure he held the key to every single person's happiness.

As for me, I was just a 20 year old who was trying to turn. He treated me horribly but I really didn’t mind, because growing up they always told us anyone who couldn’t turn was going to be a slave to the rest of the pack and didn’t deserve to sit at a table with the rest, so maybe I deserved it.

We were having one of the biggest gatherings today and I haven’t had time to select a dress to wear because of how hard I have been working for the past two weeks.

Now I’m trying to get a decent sleep in the basement, I hope I don’t hear anymore screams of my name.

I let out a sigh, and rolled to my side.



My eyes flashed open at the sound of my cousin’s voice. My plan was to wake up earlier but I overslept, now I won’t stop hearing horrible insults from them.

I stood up and rushed up the stairs, letting out fast gasps as I took each step.

I see her waiting at the door to the basement, frowning. My heart wouldn’t stop beating fast, with Ramila you never know what comes next, she could do anything.

“..” Before I could utter a word, I felt a force that flung me down the stairs. Each part of my body, hurting like I was being crushed.

She pushed me.

I hear her footsteps majestically coming down the stairs. I groan. I knew I had to sit up before she got to me or I would be called all sorts of names, and a weakling. I always heard that word, since the day we were all to turn and everyone did except me, they christened me a new name.

I slowly let out small winces

“You piece of sh*t!” She said. “Everytime I give you a chance to prove to me you aren’t a weakling, you show me that’s all you are and all you’ll ever be.”

I wanted to apologize but everytime I did when she was mad at me, she called me a coward and said more horrible things.

“I— was about getting —- the—“

“Just shut up,” she rolled her eyes. “Torben is going to be at the gathering and as usual I will be one of the fighters. I want to be the most beautiful at the gathering, for him. What dress do you think would suit me?”

“Uhm, because of the fight, you’ll need two dresses, so mayb—” The gathering wasn’t just for partying, each werewolf would pair up and fight, and she was focused on looking good for Torben, and also fighting to impress him. Torben is her supposed mate, who we’ve never seen but only heard about from her father, my uncle. Torben’s father is the king of three communities, and a powerful and feared man. And now he would be coming to Tririani with Torben to see his mate.

My uncle always told us that his mate was Ramila and he would come for her soon. Today was that day.

“Are you now giving me advice? You think I’d seriously listen to someone like you?”

“No. I know. You asked and I was just worried.”

She scoffed. “Get that your loser friend to sew me the best dress before midnight.”

“But she won’t be able to meet up with time.”

“I’m sure you hate the back stabs so much, if you truly dread them like you always say, then talk to Araya,” she glared at me and walked away.

I sighed and got up immediately to see Araya. She has been my only friend and unlike me, she has been able to turn. She has just not been as strong as the others who have turned, and always lost in a match, so they never gave her the respect she deserved even though she sat at the table with them.


The bright moonlight reflected on the faces of the contestants, who were enraged. Their claws sticking out and violet eyes fixed on each other. I lived for moments like this. It was so exciting and entertaining. The thrill that comes with it, the suspense, was all fulfilling. I loved it.

I stood in front of the crowd waiting for the fight to begin.

“Go-Javier!!!” a voice shouted from the crowd.

I repeated after him, shouting on the top of my voice and cheering for the contestant, eagerly waiting for the fight to finally start. I don’t know what made me shift my gaze from the fight and look around. I spotted my cousin’s face, looking at me with fury. She gestured her head for me to leave the crowd and also stood up from where she was seated.

I let out a disappointing sigh and squeezed my way through the crowd. I walked into her standing behind the crowd, waiting for me.

“What are you doing?” Ramila said.

I looked to the side and back at her. “Watching the fight.”

“Get inside this instant and find something else to do.”

I could feel tears gathering in my eyes. This fight was the only thing that made sense to me, it was the only entertainment I had a chance to experience, with all of the chaos and abuse going on.

I gulped hard. “Why? Uncle said I could come watch the fight.”

She laughed mockingly. “Oh, my dear. If by ‘uncle’ you mean my dad, you would have to go and ask him again. You aren’t allowed to be around anyone who is worthy enough to be called a wolf, or anyone who can turn. You aren’t allowed to witness or watch any of us during the fight,” she eyes me. “You have the guts to even talk back at me? I guess I’ve been too lenient with you.”

I clenched my jaw. I really don’t know for how long I can withstand her arrogance. She hated to see me happy. She hated it when anything at all made me smile. I hate her so much.

“Torben is around,” one of Ramila’s friends whispered to her.

She glared at me and walked away.


I fell on my bed as soon as I got to my room. Hearing the voices cheer and scream from afar was torturing. Staying in my room was going to be so hard for me to do. I can’t stay here when the fight is going on.

I sat up and let out a sigh, contemplating if I should go out or remain in my room. After a few minutes, I made up my mind and mustered up the courage to leave. I ran up the shallow stairs in the basement, making my way to the event in the woods.

I bumped into Araya, who was running in my direction.

“I have been looking for you,” She said

“Why? What's going on?”

“Ramila is about to fight. I’m thinking she’s going to use that trick during the fight, since she’ll be trying to impress Torben. If she does, you can cram it and teach me the easiest method to do the trick when I’m fighting.”

I looked at her, intrigued. She had told me about a certain trick she once saw Ramila do and I seriously couldn’t wait to see it.

“Come on,” she grabbed my hand. “You know you’re talented in mastering other people’s skills during a fight.”

I followed as she ran

“Excuse me,” “Excuse me,” we both said as we made our way through the crowd

Ramila was a white colored wolf and also the most beautiful wolf of all of us, sorry, them. Sometimes people joked about her being the reborn great white queen because of how unique she was and also skilled in fighting.

I stood, eagerly waiting for the fight to start. Ramila and her opponent both move in circles, observing each other. She never attacked first, she always waited for her opponent to attack her before she made a move.

She was fighting with Greya, one of the most popular werewolves in Tririani, her father was my uncle’s best friend and she was also one of the best fighters.

Another wolf howled loudly, and enthusiastically, giving the permission for the fight to start.

Greya pounced on Ramila, who rolled on her side and immediately stood, causing Greya to dip her claws into the ground.

I let out loud gasps as I anxiously watched them. Since Araya made me run, I have been trying to catch my breath. From a distance, Ramila takes majestic steps towards Greya. Greya jumps but is countered by Ramila who digs her claws into her underbelly, making Greya stumble. Greya jumps up immediately, looking more determined than ever.

“She’s going to make the move now,” Araya said.

“Yes. I’m eagerly waiting to see it,” I replied, my eyes fixed on Ramila.

As if she could hear us, she remained still and shifted her gaze to me, her violet eyes shining and looking directly at me. I felt my heart skip a beat.

Can she see me? I felt uneasy and immediately made my way out of the crowd.

Chapter 2

Before I left, the last image I had of Ramila, was Greya pouncing on her aggressively. If she could see me then that was going to be my fault. She was going to give a back whip, it was one of the most painful things in the world.

I ran to the back of the crowd and leaned against a wooden deck, trying to catch my breath. I was about to leave when a strange man walked up to me.

He had hazel colored eyes that stared directly at mine. My heart…. It won’t stop racing. There’s this thing I feel. A very powerful connection.

“Are you my—-mate?” I asked.

He remained quiet. His eyes, searching through my face as we gasped on each other’s faces.

I could feel my heart beat loud and fast. Even if I didn’t know most of the werewolf rules, I knew for a fact that a connection this powerful could only be for two reasons. This beautiful astonishing man standing in front of me, was my mate or I was being delusional.

He leaned forward, reaching for a kiss. I felt s


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