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Awakening Dominance

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Amy is a twenty three year-old girl who has everything in her life planned. She is focused on her work and achieving great things in her life. When she meets Jace, a hot and funny wolf, everything in her world is turned upside down. Jace tries to avoid her but he can't seem to stay away from her. Amy is beautiful, flawless and she is his mate, and he has all the intentions of making her his. She is fated for him and because of her, he will fight for his position as the alpha of his pack. She is his awakening force...

Chapter 1


I have everything ready for my stay at home for the weekend. Everybody else always has plans for the weekend. I have plans too. They may not be equally interesting but the fun is not on my list of priorities. I have better things to do: a future to build.

Okay, you may call me nerdish but I don't care. I have heard that a lot in my life. Maybe half of it. Or all of it. It's not hideous that I like to keep things in order. I like knowing what to do next or else I would end up a wreck of nerves!

I open the door of my small apartment. The door creaks and loneliness echoes through the entire building.

"Home sweet home," I mutter to myself.

I put away my newly bought novel on the bedside table. Yeah: that was the plan I was talking about. I have a book I am editing on my laptop. I work for a publishing company and I am lucky to be paid to work from home. This comes with many advantages including reading free novels. I love my job.

Saturday evening, my eyes are paining from staying indoors and staring at my computer screen all day. I could use some fresh air. I grab a cardigan and get out of the house.

The evening is cool and quiet. The sun has gone down and the darkness has started getting thick. Maybe taking a walk around the neighborhood in the middle of the night is not a good idea. What could possibly go wrong?

A few steps from my apartment and the darkness has begun growing thicker. I have just been in this neighborhood for two months and I never saved time to look around. The woodland surrounding the neighborhood is quite large. I only got a glance at the woods from a distance. I never got this near.

Very few people pass by me as I walk like a deranged woman toward the woods.

This is not a good idea. I should probably go back home and cuddle up in my bed before something that I will regret happens.

"Are you lost," a voice thunders from my shoulder. I nearly lose my mind. I turn immediately and there stands a broad-shouldered, tall, and well-built man. His face remains neutral as I stare at him wide-eyed. How can someone look so hot in the darkness? Am I seeing well or have I already lost my mind? I blink rapidly and my throat goes dry.

"I don't see people walking into woodlands in the dark," he says.

"I wasn't going in there," I say.

"Looked like it," he says pointing at me with his chin.

"I was just getting a closer look," why am I explaining myself to a stranger?

"I wouldn't recommend that," he says.

"What?" I wonder. "Getting a closer look?"

"No, walking into woodlands in the middle of the night," he replies.

"I said I wasn't walking into the woods. It just got dark," I almost scream.

"Wow! We just met and we are already arguing," he says and rolls his eyes.

"You started it," I say flatly.

"I was just looking out for you. Why would anyone just watch someone walk into the woods in the darkness?"

"You know what? You are so annoying," I say, not knowing what else to say.

"You are welcome," he says and smiles, dimples showing on either side of his cheeks. I can't help but stare at his face.

"Can I walk you home? Where do you live?" his question gets me off guard.

"Why would you do that?"

"Because I want to," he replies as if it is the most obvious answer.

"I just met you a few seconds ago."

"Doesn't matter."

Something tells me that I just met this guy and I should not just trust him. What could he possibly do? He was stubborn and all but he is sweet enough to offer to walk me home. Why would I shut him off and walk through the chilly darkness alone?

"Okay," I say.

"Thought so," he smirks. I can't stop myself from smiling.

We walk slowly to the apartment block as my mind haunts me with questions about why am walking with this stranger. I push them away and lock them in a cupboard.

"Do you live alone?" He asks as we approach the apartment block.

"Yeah," I reply.

"Why? Where is your family?"

"Just a rebellion for independence," I reply. He stops walking and I laugh at my ridiculous answer.

"I knew you wouldn't be serious," he says.

"I finished college and got a job in this area. I had to leave my family to be near the company," I say.

"Oh, you sound serious about your job," he says.

"That I am," I reply.

"What do you do then?"

"I'm an editor of a DM Publishing Company," I reply proudly.

"That sounds fun."

"It is," I say.

We reach my place and stop at the door. I get my keys and open the door. I look back at him and he smiles at me. I've already fallen in love with those cute dimples on his cheeks.

"I guess I have to say goodnight now," he says.

"You didn't even tell me your name," I smile shyly and am sure a blush covers my face.

"Jace," he says simply. "What about you?"

"I'm Amy," I say.

"Well, it was nice meeting you Amy. I hope I get to see you again soon," he says and my heart flutters.

"Me too," I can't stop the smile that covers my face as I say that.

"Good night, Amy," he says.

"Good night, Jace," I say to make sure I got his name right.

I open the door slowly and step inside. I have to stop myself from inviting him in. I look back at him and he waves. I smile and close the door. The familiar quietness welcomes me. I slide slowly onto the floor and it takes all my self-control to not open that door and tell Jace to take me wherever he wants.

Chapter 2


I am grinning like a fool when I come from Amy's apartment block. what the hell is wrong with me? I just met a girl, not forgetting in the middle of the night, and I am excited like hell! Maybe my werewolf hormones are catching up with me.

When I get home, the house is silent. The park must be busy out in the woods. I have to go out to get something for dinner so I can burn off this excess energy. I feel very vibrant I could run one mile per minute.

Air rushes through the fur of my wolf as I run through the woods to find the rest of my park. Memories of Amy walking by herself flood my mind making it so hard for me to focus. What was she thinking? She gave me all that crap of an explanation but I can't help worrying about her safety. She could have gotten herself into trouble.

"Hey man, you look buttered tonight," Jose teases as we walk together in the woods.

"Do I?" I ask.

"No doubt," he says while shru


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