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Arranged to the Alpha Prince

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“I might as well join in the fun since you decided to be a wh*r* Athena. I’m going to see for myself just how much he’s taken and have my turn with you. You would like that wouldn’t you?” Next thing I knew, my panties were being torn and his tongue immediately latched onto my exposed core. It was messed up, I was angry with him but I couldn’t push him away, now that I needed to. With his eyes still looking at me, I could swear I could feel him smile when a moan escaped my lips. I couldn’t control the sensations rushing through me. ~~~~~~~~~~ Nero hates her very existence, she was the one person he had to get rid off. It wasn’t easy since they were married but that doesn’t mean he shouldn't keep trying right? What happens when hate fuels lust? Athena was being punished in every way for something she didn’t do. The man she wanted and fought for was doing all that he could to get rid of her. Dead or Alive, he wanted her gone. Will she survive the Prince’s wrath? Will she also accept his love just when she has given up hope of ever having him as her mate?

The Genesis of His Hate


Do your best they said. Give it your all.

These were words I heard from the moment my parents and the Prince’s had us betrothed to each other, well sort of.

The sort of marriage that happened in our world was one were you had to participate in the annual mating games, and survive.

I couldn’t get behind why things just had to change, why couldn’t it be like it was before? Like the times were the Moon Goddess would do all the work of choosing a mate for a Werewolf? Back then, your wolf would sense the presence of your mate and inform you about them.

Only those rejected or have rejected someone had to suffer from the pain. It wasn’t fair to those who were rejected, but that’s how it was. At least there was no bloodshed.

A rejected wolf could die or go crazy obsessed enough to want revenge, killing those involved in the process. And of course, innocents had to die in the cross fire.

But no, things had to change. I guess the moon goddess had grown lazy from her own duty to her children. I guess she wanted us to be the ones to suffer the work involved in getting a mate instead.

I honestly got her point of view though. It was like spending a lot of time doing something for someone only for them to turn out ungrateful.

Many wolves due to their greediness for power and fame have left their mates to cling to one who would grant them those.

They would often say, why couldn’t I be the one to choose a mate for myself?

But it still boiled down to these times. Why couldn’t she have made it simple in ways it didn’t involve a blood bath. It didn’t make sense to me.

Why should a wolf die because he or she wasn’t strong enough to fight for a prospect they wanted to be with?

Today I heard those words once again. My body stayed frozen stiff, unmoving as I thought about my life. Was this going to be worth it?

I readied my heart, soul and body questioning why I was fighting for the hand of a man who through the years we had grown up had been nothing but the meanest to me, not to mention rubbing the love he has for Zara in my face.

As I stepped onto the podium, my head was pounding in my chest. Today was going to determine my future and I couldn’t afford to lose.

I stood face to face with Zara, I knew that this fight was not going to be easy and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of anxiety wash over me.

Zara was a well-trained fighter. “Good luck,” she said with a smirk her voice dripping with something I couldn’t place my finger on but it was definitely not welcoming. “Let’s hope all the training the Luna had been putting you through has been worth it.”

I had seen Zara train many times. Most cases we met at the training field and it took me a while to stay focused whenever she was around with Nero.

Seeing them together always threw me off. And I wanted him just as bad as she wanted him but the only difference was that she was the one he wanted.

I also knew for a fact that Nero wanted it to happen, for me to stay as distracted as possible. But I guess they seemed to forget that I have had prior years of training before their love started to bloom.

I was a great fighter, physically mostly because my emotions were a mess. And with the Luna Queen’s constant drilling through my trainer, I had a few refocusing that should do me good today.

I responded with a nod, my heart racing. Zara and I started circling each other, both waiting for the right moment to strike. She barred her teeth at me before suddenly lunging at me. I quickly sidestepped, dodging her attack returning one if my own with a swipe of my paw, but she blocked it.

I snapped at her leg, causing her to yelp in pain and we continued fighting, each trying to gain the upper hand. As we fought, I could hear the cheers from the crowd around us, urging us on.

“Do you really think Nero will pick you? Just because his mother favours you doesn’t mean he’ll want you Athena.” Zara taunted, landing a punch to my stomach. “And if by chance you do win this fight, he will always want me and you will have to deal with knowing your mate prefers the other woman instead.”

I gritted my teeth in pain, and stumbled backwards as I heaved a breath. She was trying to use her words to rile me up and I would be a fool to let her get to me. I balled my fist, “I don’t think you’d be able to take it knowing I would be the favoured one to bear his child Zara.” I retorted, landing a kick to her thigh.

From each strike that she threw my way, I began to see why Nero would want someone like her. Compared to me who was fighting to stay alive, Zara was striking to win.

There were times I had imagined myself in her place. To be gazed up on with all the love a man ready to die for his woman would. I desperately wished for his. It was a driving force for me to want to be his mate.

The fight continued, each of us taking hits and delivering them back at each other. We were evenly matched of some sort; both determined to win.

From all that I learnt through training, I realised today that I was letting her be on the offensive while I was on the defensive line. This would give me an upper hand to see her strikes before she made them. The little twitching of the muscle before the body part moved was something I kept my eyes glued on.

I happened to be facing where the Alpha King and Luna Queen sat and beside them I could see from the corner of my eyes Nero on his feet, ready to jump down to his beloved once I tapped out or she killed me. Was this what the Queen wanted me fighting for, for her son the prince to yell for Zara to end me?

Anger surged through me and I flipped us both from the floor which she had me pinned and kicked her off.

My chest was already burning and as I breathed through my mouth, I tried to take in as much air as I could before Zara could come at me again.

She took a sharp breath in and glared at me p*ss*d that I had the audacity to muster up strength when she thought that she had me where she wanted and that she had won.

She yelled in frustration and jumped on her feet, stomping it hard before marching dangerously towards me. If by chance at the beginning of the fight I thought that she was giving it her all, this was worse because she was coming for the kill.

I knew that if I didn’t take her down, she wouldn’t give me the opportunity to tap out. Zara would end me.

For years I trained to fight and I was considered one of the best the Royal Trainer had in years. I was told that my skills were phenomenal. There’s no room for failure for the phenomenal, even if that failure was trying to kill you like in my case.

Zara struggled beneath me as I pinned her down, snarling and biting as hard as she could but I held her down with all my strength. Or what is left of it anyway. I could feel my energy draining but I refused to let her go.

I had come too far to lose now.

“Submit now, “I growled at her, my voice low and menacing.

Zara’s face contorted with anger, defeat and confusion? She must have had the conviction that she was going to take me down easily. In her mind I must have been a piece of cake and she must not have expected this level of challenge from me.

But either way, I stood my ground, waiting for her to react. “I said, tap out and submit to me now!” this time, my voice was loud enough for people around to hear.

The crowd erupted with cheers when she tapped out. And I feel on the floor panting, relieved that this nightmare was over.

But, as I stood and stepped forward to take a bow before the Alpha King and Luna Queen, I could feel Zara’s eyes on me, burning with hatred.

She began to yell profanities at me, “You f*ck*ng b*tch, Nero is mine! And so is that crown! Just die already!”

She got to her feet as well and tried to run towards me and didn’t realise she was too close to the edge of the podium. Then as if in slow motion, she lost her footing slipping from the edge.

Fear gripped me and without a thought, I dragged my now sore body in a bit of a rush and ran towards her in hopes of catching her before she fell off the high podium.

But it was too late.

Gasps of horror resonated in the air, screams matching mine echoed through the arena and just like that, she was gone.

A Murderer


My heart was pounding as I looked at Zara’s body on the ground. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. She was dead.

I felt a wave of guilt wash over me as I looked up at Nero wondering what he would think of me now that I had taken down his beloved Zara.

He in turn was staring down at me with hatred in his eyes, and I knew he blamed me for what had happened.

I stared down at her lifeless body, my mind racing. What would happen now? Would Nero still want me, knowing that I had been responsible for Zara’s death?

The crowd too fell silent for what felt like an eternity, stunned at what had just happened. I could feel all eyes on me, waiting for my reaction. But what were they expecting from me? What could I do?

I looked around at the faces of the people in the crowd, too frozen to say or do anything only wondering what they thought of me now. Was I a hero or a villain? The silence made it hard to tell.

But then cheers erupted,


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