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Arlo (bxb)

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Arlo is an omega from the red forest pack. He has six overprotective older brothers who spoil him rotten, as well as his parents. The red forest pack tends to welcome anyone, no matter who they are. What happens when Arlo finds his mate? Will he be able to escape his overprotective family, or will it affect his relationship with his mate? Jacob valentine is the alpha king of the blue sky pack located in Norway, Europe. They lived among the humans, who welcomed them with open arms, but Jacob was still wary of them since he didn't trust them. Being the alpha king comes with a lot of work, one he was ready to take on no matter what. Jacob was on a search to find his mate, but what happens when he goes to the red forest pack? Will his mate be there, or will he have to continue to wait? Find out more on their journey. All rights reserved, Written by princess Jody.

Chapter 1 Introductions

**Here's a little explanation about my wolves in this story. Even though they are immortal and wouldn't die, they can still feel pain, which is a side effect of Jacob after making them immortal.


***Arlo is not your typical omega, no he's not. He's loved by all and spoiled rotten by his family. The only reason they haven't shunned him and kicked him out of the pack was because of the rules.

Yes, you heard right, the red forest pack is different from other packs, they welcomed everyone and by everyone there are gays, transgender and omegas you name it.

Arlo is the life of the party, he's always excited and can't sit still to save his life. His six older brothers were always watching him like a hawk, making sure their baby brother was alright no matter what.

The six boys were born seconds apart from each other, meaning they are sextuplets. Arlo's mother wanted a girl, so she tried again after years, but only to end up with Arlo.

Where his brothers are twenty-three years old and have their mates, Arlo remained mateless because he's only seventeen years old and had to wait until he's eighteen to find out who his mate is. The white hair, green eyes' boy would smile while in the presence of mated couples, but deep down inside he yearns for something like that.

To know what it would feel like to have someone else to care for him, apart from his overprotective family.

He hated being watched, and right now, Arlo was on the verge of breaking because of what his brother Logan was doing. Cutting up his food for him like he was a baby! Could he die of embarrassment? Maybe he could. Arlo was red as he was blushing, while everyone else just awed at the look on his face.

“Logan, I wish you would stop doing that.” Arlo whined as his brother shot him a look not to interrupt him.

He zipped his mouth shut and continued watching as he wished he could dig a hole and bury himself in.

His brothers looked exactly alike, with jet black hair and the same color eyes as Arlo.

Standing at 6 something, they were all giants compared to Arlo who is only 5'5. His brother Erick chuckled next to him, and Arlo shot him a look that had Erick rolling his eyes. Damon, Elijah, and Christopher, who goes by Chris, all pretended like they couldn't care less about what was going on when Arlo knew that deep down they wished to be the one cutting up his food instead. Matt was tapping his foot while stuffing his face, he's always hungry, that one. Whenever you saw Matt he's always munching on something, Arlo kept on wondering why he wasn't fat.

“There, now the steak is smaller, so you won't choke on it.” Logan said as he handed Arlo the plate of delicious steak with mashed potatoes. Right as Arlo was about to eat some, everyone shouted wait! At the same time, this caused Arlo to drop his fork and his eyes became wide.

“Oh, we only forgot to get you something to drink with it.” Logan said and Arlo groaned and dropped his head on the table wishing that he wasn't in this situation, but he was, and the goddess knew he wouldn't have it any other way.



I shifted into my white wolf who was almost as big as my brother's wolves, well almost, and ran at Micah, my best friend, who had the nerve to pick on me and called me an idiot for wanting a mate.

Micah didn't believe in mates and said he was going to reject his mate if the goddess was stupid enough to give him one. My wolf snow tackled him to the ground and growled at Micah for being stupid, everyone deserves to have someone, regardless of what they might think! I shifted and found myself naked on top of a blushing Micah, who quickly pushed me off and stood up with wide eyes.

“Um, Chris, trust me it's not what it looks like.” I rolled my eyes and marched to my closet to get something to wear, since I ruined what I had on when I shifted.

“I told you both not to lock the door once you're staying over, Micah, but no, you had to go and do the opposite and believe me it's exactly what I think it looks like.” I sighed and shook my head as I felt a headache coming on, so I started massaging my temples, which was a big mistake on my part.

“Arlo, what's wrong? Are you hurt? I'll call our brothers, they'll know what to do!” Before I could even protest, everyone came barging into my room, including my parents, who had a worried look on their faces.

“My baby boy is sick, Leo, what should I do?” My mother Amanda asked my father while she was close to tears. I was now squished between her breasts as she was hugging the life out of me, now you think they are annoying? Wait until you get to know them more.

“Mom, I can assure you I'm not sick now. Death is more like it if you don't let me breathe.” I choked out, and she let go of me, so I could catch my breath.

“What the hell happened, why was Chris freaking out in the first place?” Matt asked as he was munching on a chocolate bar, confused as to what was going on.

“Well, brother I asked these two not to close the door while they were in here, but they did; I had to use the spare key, or I would have to replace the door if I couldn't find it, but when I opened the door Arlo was naked on top of Micah!” Everyone gasped and looked at me with wide eyes, while my mother looked like she was about to faint. Talk about being dramatic.

“Plus Arlo here was massaging his temples while his eyes were closed, so I freaked out and called you all here to help him.” They nodded their heads in understanding, while I rolled my eyes at them. Trust me, if I continued rolling my eyes they might fall out, and I believe that's about to happen soon.

“Maybe we should get the pack doctor to check him out, goddess knows I don't want anything to happen to your son.” Dad said as he hugged me while glaring at Micah, who was shrinking into himself.

“I can assure you guys that I'm fine, there's nothing wrong with me! I only shifted because snow got mad at Micah who said he didn't want a mate, and that's the truth. The reason I was massaging my temples? Well, it's because you all are too overbearing for me!” I shouted while trying to get my dad to let go of me, but he wasn't budging.

“But still, we need to go get you checked out in case there's something wrong we would like to know.” I sighed and was picked up by Erick, who had a worried look on his face. Once I got out of this, I was going to kill Micah, mark my word.

Chapter 2 Wanting my mate


“You're going to find your mate soon son, trust me on this.” My mother said, as she was giving me sympathetic looks. Dad sighed and nodded his head in agreement. My name is Jacob valentine, and I am nineteen years old.

I have jet black hair and blue eyes, and my height is 6'4. I decided not to go to college because I had recently taken over being the alpha king of my pack.

You see what happened was that when I shifted into my black wolf, I had the moon crescent mark on my forehead, so everyone knew that I was the alpha king of all werewolves, no matter if there are alphas.

I was the one who rules every werewolf around the world, no matter the rank. It was a tough job yes, but I had to do it since I had no say in it.

My pack is called the blue sky pack, and we are one of the largest packs in Europe. We live in an area where everyone speaks English and they also welcome newcomers.


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