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Are You My Mate? (Mated By Heart Series Book 1)

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"This is wrong, Alpha," I told him while backing away from him. "This doesn't feel wrong. It feels right with you." Says the Alpha, moving towards me like he wants to devour his prey again. "I'm not your mate." I tell him as he grabs my waist and pulls me towards his chest again. ...................... Roseline is a girl that recently turned 18 years old. She is an omega in her pack. Her father is the pack doctor and husband to his mate, who is her mother. She moved out of her parents’ house shortly after turning 18 to move into her own place, with the help of her parents and the Alpha. She works in the pack house as a maid. This allows her to keep living in her own place. She has always considered herself an outcast to others. She is the only one with a black and white wolf. All other wolves have plain colored fur. Her life takes a drastic turn after being forced to take part in dark magic that ruins her life with her future mate. Rose doesn't care about having a mate, since omegas rarely ever get mated to anyone from the moon goddess. But after she sensed the powerful Alpha Damon, she could not resist him. The only problem is, she helped someone else get him, not knowing that it was her mate that she gave up. Will the Alpha take her and save her from the dark magic she took part in? Or will she be killed by the dark magic used on the Alpha? Hello readers! This is a book about wolves. There is a bit of a twist to the normal way of feeling the mate bond with someone though. Cannot wait for you to find out!

Chapter 1 Rosaline's POV

This is me, Rose, or my birth name, Rosaline. All my life I've been more of an outcast among werewolves. I am a wolf as well, but I always felt different, like I don't belong. Better yet, the people around me made me feel like I never belonged.


I always try my best to please everyone around me. Try to get what they do to make them notice me and be friends with me. This never went well. I always get this thrown back in my face. Get used and ignored. Not used in another way, but used for my friendship, being taken advantage of, because I've always been a happy person and want to be friends with everyone.


I am just a normal omega wolf living in the forest with my pack in Canada. I mostly clean, do the laundry and cook in the pack house. I have a family, but I don't live with them.


I moved out as soon as I finished high school to live on my own. We are still in the same pack, so I do see them daily. My parents were against moving out at first, but they knew that I've always liked being alone and in my own space. I've been wanting this for a long time now and finally moved out when I got my wolf at 18.


All wolves get their wolves at 18 years old. We can speak with our wolves. I might always be alone, but I always speak with my wolf Anna. It's just recently that I've been distant with her, so our connection is not so strong anymore.


I filled her in on my family and everything about my life so far. She knows and feels why I always want to be on my own. We understand each other. It's good to feel a sense of connection with someone for the first time.


Because my chores are in the pack house, my parents helped me get a place of my own nearby. It's not a big house or anything, but it's enough space for me.


I have all that I need. I have a huge lounge area with a TV, couches with an open-plan kitchen. I barely use this space as I'm always working or in my room when I come home.


It was morning at 6:00AM. I normally get up at this time to make myself breakfast and coffee. I'm always tired, so I need my coffee in the morning. This is not just regular coffee though; this is a special brew us wolves drink to give us energy.


After I finished my breakfast, I headed out my door.


The sun was bright this morning, so it was a great morning to walk to the pack house. I normally jog in the morning to get exercise and sometimes go to the gym, but I decided to skip this morning. I always feel like what's the point in doing this when all I do is work and go home to rest and start the next day all over again. Because it's a routine of mine, I decided to break the routine for a bit and maybe start again next week.


I arrived at the pack house at the front door. The pack house is huge, almost like a castle. There are many wolves that live here with the Alpha and Luna. They are the "rulers" of the wolves, I guess you could say.


The Alpha is the one that has all the power and is even better with his Luna by his side. They strengthen each other. I wished to have that one day. I am doomed to be alone though. I mean, who would want a mere omega?


We do have these things as "mates" in our world. They are destined to be with one another. As soon as you get your wolf at 18, you will be able to sense your other half that might also be 18 or older. The males have a special gift though. They can sense their other half no matter the other's age. Sometimes they have to wait for the female to become of age to even mention anything so that she can also feel the mate bond. Other times, he would let her know right away. It's all up to them.


The Alpha and Luna are true mates. That's why they are the most powerful couple. You can have a chosen mate. It's just difficult to have a chosen mate and suddenly your actual mate comes along. It either ends with the one going to their mate and leaving the other, or they reject their true mate for their chosen mate. This rarely happens though. The mate bond is too strong to deny the pull to be with your true mate.


I always thought of the idea of having a mate. Having someone for once be there for you through thick and thin. Your friend and lover. But I don't get that. I guess I forgot to mention that "omegas" rarely get mates. We are considered weak among others. That's another reason why I don't have friends or anything. I don't even have other omegas as friends really, more like work friends when we are working in the pack house.


As I enter the pack house, I am greeted by the head mistress, Elizabeth. She is 50 years old and makes sure that all omegas do their work.


"Good morning, Elizabeth", I said with a smile.


" Good morning Rose," she said with a smile. " I see that you are early again this morning. It's not even 7am yet", she glances at me to see if anything is wrong. I've been early this week ever since I've been skipping my morning run in the forest.

" What can I say, I love to work so much, I just must come earlier to start," I said. (Note the sarcasm).


She looks at me for a while with a smile, but it doesn't meet her eyes. I can see that she knows that something else is going on, and that I normally make jokes or be sarcastic to cover up my real feelings. I've just always been like that.


I can see that she let it go this time as she said, "Well, I won't say anymore. This is your list of chores for the day" she says while handing me the list. "Like every day, there is laundry to be done, dishes to wash, rooms to clean, breakfast and lunch to be made. The only difference with the dinner tonight, will be that the whole pack will be present and some guests from neighboring packs" she says with a smile, again not meeting her eyes.


Sometimes she hates giving me all these chores to do as I always overwork myself and even do others work in the process.


It took me a while to process that last bit. Are we having guests? This rarely happens and only happens because of big announcements or something. Guess there is something special going on tonight that must have been at the last minute. Normally, we have a week to prepare for an event such as a ball or any celebration for the Alpha or Luna.


I just smiled at her and gave her a slight nod. I didn't say much, as I just thanked her for the list and headed to do what's first on the list.


"Hey, Rose, are you able to make a special request for breakfast?", says the beta, Andru, after stopping me on my way to the kitchen. He is the Alpha's right-hand man. He takes care of everything to do with the Alpha. The beta is also the Luna's protector. She is his responsibility to protect at all costs.


I heard someone's throat clear and came back to my senses. I forgot that he was even standing there or that he asked something. "Yes, sorry, of course beta, what would you like?" I asked him while feeling scared that I did not take note.


I am just a mere omega; I cannot do something like that. I need to respect those ranked above me. I am just the housekeeper after all.


"Yes, so this is actually for my wife. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary, so I wanted to surprise her with breakfast," says the beta with all but love in his eyes.


"Here is a list of what I'd like please", he gave me a list of 7 things. I glanced down and saw that I had to go to the store to buy flowers as well.


"Happy anniversary beta. It will be my pleasure to get this done as soon as I can," I said with a smile.


After he said thanks, I went to start off with breakfast.


As I stepped in, I saw Alissa in the kitchen getting ready to leave. "Morning Alissa, where are you off to so early in the morning?" I asked her. We may not be friends, but we still speak with each other here and there. We barely see each other outside the pack house.


''Morning rose, I was just about to head out to get a few things set up for this evening's dinner. Elizabeth caught me as soon as I came in to explain," she says, while holding her bag in one hand to leave.


I glanced at the list that Beta gave me and thought that she could kill 2 birds with 1 stone and just grab flowers at the store.


"Hey Alissa, are you able to grab flowers at the store while doing it?

shopping? I was supposed to go later to do the grocery shopping for tonight's pack dinner, but I need these flowers please..." I pleaded with her. I could not get the breakfast done on time and get the flowers, but of course I could not say no to the Beta. I am below him.


" I will, but you owe me one" she said. She was going to the store anyway to get a few groceries for breakfast. I just shrugged it off. I always do favors for her without asking anything in return, but this was how it went for as long as I've been working here. I've only been working in the pack house for 6 months now, since getting my wolf.


She went off to the store while I got breakfast ready in the kitchen. There are about 7 girls getting breakfast ready.


I walked into the cafeteria-like area where the others came for breakfast. I placed everything on the main table where everyone comes down to eat.


As I was placing the food down, out of the corner of my eye I noticed Olivia coming down the stairs towards the food. She is the beta's daughter. She also just turned 18 a few months ago. Although the beta, Andru, is always sweet and her mother as well, she has always been nasty towards me. That's how she treats all omegas here, actually. We are considered below her in her eyes, so she likes to belittle me when she has the chance.


"Hello omega!" She says with her high-pitched voice. "Let's see what you have ready for me today" she says while taking a plate from the table and searching for what to place on it.


"It's the same breakfast as every morning, Olivia," I said, with a sigh, without looking her way, and continued packing the food correctly on the table and making sure I did not forget anything.


" Don't speak to me in that tone omega" she blabs, and her face turns red like I offended her or something. She's the definition of a she-wolf b*tch, who is nothing like what a daughter of a beta should be like. She is supposed to be strong and have that beta power in her, but she is more like a brat that only cares about her looks, her nails and what outfit she'll put on next.


I didn't say anything to her, as I just walked away and not give her another glance. She would have blabbed on if I said something back.


As I grabbed the other foods from the kitchen and took them to the breakfast area, I noticed most of the wolves were there and getting their breakfast. Some are out training and patrolling the borders. There are quite a lot of members in the pack, but not all live in the pack house.


I had just put down the last of the food when I heard some girls talking while out for breakfast. It's Olivia's 3 posies. They are all like her.


" Did you hear who's coming to dinner tonight?" Carol asked the 2 girls, Haley and Debra.


" I heard that it's all the unmated Alphas visiting the packs to find their mates" says Carol, with her cheeks turning pink and giggling. "I'll be sure to put on my best dress ".


"Exactly! They are all coming and all of them are young and unmated!" Debra jumps up and down, giggles and smiles like the makeup is about to crack on her face.


"Well girls, you might be swooping for the Alphas, but I've got my eye on one of them. The best of the best, so don't even think about it!" Says Olivia, coming from her table to collect more food.


"Geez chill Oly, we know already who that is. I won't dare glare his way knowing he's already yours," Carol said, with her hands up to defend herself.


"That's right, Alpha Damon is mine and mine alone. If I was not his mate, then I'd make him choose me as his chosen mate. I've got the entire night planned out already. And I already know who will help me make sure this plan is a success," Olivia says, while glaring at me.


I cough and look away like I'm busy pushing the foods right on the table even though I'm done and was just listening in.


"Oh! Coming Elizabeth." I pretended that Liz called and wanted to escape as fast as I could before I heard the chore Olivia wanted to give me again now. It's been a thing of hers to ask me to do a thousand things at once.


Just as I wanted to work away, Olivia came around the table as fast as she could and grabbed my upper left elbow.


"Not so fast, fast skates! You are going to help me make this night a success" she says with a wicked grin on her face that speaks volumes of what she'll let me help with.


"Oh, I can't wait.... I’m already excited!" I said sarcastically. I do this again when I don't want to show my true feelings. Even though I want to, I can't. She's the beta's daughter and I don't want to get in trouble for talking back to her.


"I know that you are being sarcastic, but get ready, Rose. Come find me in my room at 4pm. I know you will still have chores to do, but this is more important," She said, and let go of my elbow.


" Sure Olivia," I said and tried not to say anything else. 'Shut your mouth! Rose!' I told myself.


She just gave me another wicked smile and walked back to the girls.


I walked back to the kitchen and saw that Alissa had come back with the flowers.


"Thank you so much Alissa! You are a lifesaver," I said as I put on my best smile.


Alissa and I recently met 6 months ago, but we haven't been close. We just do favors here and there sometimes to make our work easier. I sometimes do more for her like I mentioned before, but I do not mind as that's what I always do.


"Yes, well like I said, you owe me" she says while giving me dagger eyes, so I don't forget about it.


"Yah, yah I know. I'll do whatever you want when you need me!" I said and got to work on the betas wife's favorite breakfast.


'If only my life was different. I feel different from others, but still an omega,' I tell myself.

Chapter 2 The Plan

As soon as I was done, I got the perfect tray to put the breakfast on. I even got a nice gift bag that was in the pack house to place the flowers in. I made a card to write something romantic on it.


I know the beta's wife would appreciate it. She has always been nice to me. She's a great and fierce woman. She has to be, I guess, since she's the beta's wife. They have to be strong and stand by protecting their Alpha and Luna.


I went looking for the beta to let him know that I had got the things ready for him to take to her.


I walked outside and went to the training ground as this is where the beta trains with all the other wolves. They need to stay in fighting shape to protect the pack from any danger.


I left the tray of food behind and the flowers.


I walked up and saw the beta standing next to the Alpha.


" Hey rose! Are you all done?" He asked as he neared me.


" Yes beta. I have it all


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