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About me

I'm an out going person when I need to be, and an indoor person at times. my hobbies are reading, writing and drawing. I always used to love drawing, but took up writing novels more this time. I'm a lover of supernational, especially alpha and Luna stories. Those are the best. I have a 5 year old son and recently divorced. I also have a full time job, while studying from home part time. Single working mom here.


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  • Author: A.Ahmed
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 49
  • 7.5

"This is wrong, Alpha," I told him while backing away from him. "This doesn't feel wrong. It feels right with you." Says the Alpha, moving towards me like he wants to devour his prey again. "I'm not your mate." I tell him as he grabs my waist and pulls me towards his chest again. ...................... Roseline is a girl that recently turned 18 years old. She is an omega in her pack. Her father is the pack doctor and husband to his mate, who is her mother. She moved out of her parents’ house shortly after turning 18 to move into her own place, with the help of her parents and the Alpha. She works in the pack house as a maid. This allows her to keep living in her own place. She has always considered herself an outcast to others. She is the only one with a black and white wolf. All other wolves have plain colored fur. Her life takes a drastic turn after being forced to take part in dark magic that ruins her life with her future mate. Rose doesn't care about having a mate, since omegas rarely ever get mated to anyone from the moon goddess. But after she sensed the powerful Alpha Damon, she could not resist him. The only problem is, she helped someone else get him, not knowing that it was her mate that she gave up. Will the Alpha take her and save her from the dark magic she took part in? Or will she be killed by the dark magic used on the Alpha? Hello readers! This is a book about wolves. There is a bit of a twist to the normal way of feeling the mate bond with someone though. Cannot wait for you to find out!


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