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Angelo: The Alpha's Male Luna

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: K.C
  • Chapters: 62
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.6K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 13


Angelo once thought when he was five that he was powerful, when he turned 15, his childishness that he was powerful was shattered into pieces after he meet two men. He should be angry and frustrated but he can’t, one of the men who make him feel him hopeless possess the brightest smile he had longed to ever see plus the force that was telling him to get close and be intimate had make Angelo surrender all of his stubbornness and followed what was his heart was advising. The other one had strong rejection that make Angelo feel disappointed and hurt but he still let the other go because he knew his other mate would find happiness than with him. Angelo thought that this would continue, him being lovey-dovey with the ‘gentle’ mate that didn’t reject him while his other mate continue to put an expression of disgust, he was wrong. In his 17th, when the Red Moon appears in the window sill of his room, his mates appear at the same time using the Red Moon as their door. The mate that was full of rejection towards him had an obsess expression put on his face while his gentle mate still wore that gentle façade but there were lust, obsession that was written all over their transformed golden eyes when they approached him like a hungry wolf ready to mark him as theirs. Angelo black eyes also transformed into golden after the red moon appeared. Hades busily torn Angelo clothes apart while Zeus caresses Angelo angelic face, he reach for Angelo ears that was faintly red then exhaled their Luna scent heavily, releasing his pheromones. Both the twins golden eyes flash, they opened their lips and says the same thing, “Our Luna, it’s time for our mating"

Chapter 1

The birds singing outside the room pass through the boy ears that were still lying carelessly to his bed. It sounded peaceful and irritating at the same time because it told all of the people resting to their little dark room that it is already morning and time to go to school and work. After a while, the boy eyelashes fluttered slightly in irritation, he opened his eyes slowly until his eyes was wide open enough, his black iris came into contact with the bright sunlight that he instinctively close his eyes again. After seconds passed, he slowly opened his eyes again, he only opened his eyes wide again after his eyes was used to the glaring sunlight. He yawned lazily then scratches the back of his neck sleepily, but even though he was so sleepy that he wants to lay to his precious bed again, he can’t bring himself to do it. He can’t afford to be bombarded again with screams and lecture from the old man.

It is his first day of school to St. Wolfie Academy today; a funny name for a self-proclaimed famous academy, he knew that the old man will take this opportunity just to run his mouth to lecture him thoroughly until he will go late. He entered the shower room of his room before completely taking off the clothes that was covering his thin figure and let himself be soaked by the water that was showering him above his head. He cleaned every part of his body hardly that it turned into delicate pink. He sighed tragically like an old man when he sees these marks that he himself did. Talk about a faggot like him that possesses a delicate skin like that of a girl. His life was very tragic already because of that old man, this delicate skin only added to be one of the troubles his tragic life had. After he finish cleaning himself up, he picked up a random clothes to be his uniform as of, he didn’t get to receive his new school uniform. Just before he finishes wearing his clothes for today, a knock can be heard outside his room. He was confused at first because his personal maid would not disturb him at this kind of time because his personal maid know that at a time like this he was in the middle of wearing clothes, but nevertheless he still decided to open the door in case of emergency. Without T-shirt on and just pants on, the boy personal maid saw the faint six abs attach to the thin figure that was undeniably still s*xy, maybe because the maid look at the boy abs for too long, it brought chuckle to the boy. The maid blushes when she snapped in reality after she realized she made a fool of herself in front of her young master.

“What do this young lady wants from me?” Angelo teasingly asks his personal maid using a seductive tone that made the maid hook again. Angelo smiled even wider when he saw this, but the smile that he showed wasn’t a smile at the same time. His lips curved up in a smile but his eyes still hold that indifferent light. After a while of waiting for a long seconds, when he saw the maid would not state its purpose for knocking and disturbing him in the middle of putting on clothes, the black iris change into a deep red. Angelo maid face that was still hook by the seductive tone a while ago somewhat change when she saw her young master eyes changes.

‘Danger! We are in danger Anna! Quick say what was your purpose in coming in here and leave! I can’t breathe anymore.’ Anna, Angelo personal maid other half that hold the form of a wolf shouted at her head frantically.

‘So am I’ Anna breathlessly said those words with great difficulty as a response and agreement to what her other half said. Anna trembled when she heard Adina words then hastily said what her purpose was for coming and disturbing Angelo.

Angelo eyebrows were slightly raised. He hooks up his lips then said,

“It’s good that you came back in time” Angelo said those words teasingly with a smile plastered to his lips. It was a very s*xy sight but it only made the maid who was still hook by the beautiful scene a while ago to tremble violently, Anna frantically makes an excuse for herself then ran away, she hid herself when she was completely out of the devil young master sight and then breathe and exhale heavily, she quietly thought in her mind,

‘My Young Master is very s*xy; it is very a pity that his young master only likes men. If only he likes women too…’ Anna eyes flashes covetously and ambitions filled up her eyes but the secret quiet thought she made in her heart was shattered by her other half.

‘You had no qualifications to be Young Master Angelo partner’ Adina strongly broke Anna ambitious thoughts.

‘Why not?!’ Anna angrily asked her other half.

‘You are not pretty enough, you are not smart enough, you are not from a well-off family and you are very ambitious. Young Master Angelo will not like you’ Adina answered Anna doubts to herself without any emotions to her wolf-like face.

‘What if I became his Luna?’ Anna still insisted and refuted her other half reasoning that she can’t be together with the young master. This time Adina was silent for a long time after Anna asked those words, just when Anna thought she had won the argument, Adina awkward voice came out.

‘Just keep dreaming in peace Anna’ Adina said those words quietly to Anna after seconds pass.

‘Why would I keep dreaming?!’ Anna burst in rage again after Adina words fell.

‘You forgot something. Young Master will be a Luna next week, why will you be his Luna?’ After Adina said those words, she slightly regretted being decisive towards her own other half. Awkward silence engulfed the other two, it continued for hours but the main protagonist of their argument was oblivious to it all, he only sneeze a little then look at the uniform that was delivered to him by his maid. He just wants to ask, why is this uniform, so thin!

Author Characters Little Theatre:)

Anna: I'm going to be Young Master Luna

Hades & Zeus: (Glared at Anna instensely)

Anna: (Cowered back)

Hades & Zeus: (Humphed in union) Your Young Master is going to be our Luna next week

Adina: ... I told you to keep dreaming in peace

Oblivious Angelo: Sneeze~

Chapter 2

After a long minute of struggle, Angelo finally wears the thin uniform that was given to him, he just leaves the tight pants and wears some pants that were in his closet's wardrobe that suited the colour and patterns of the uniform that was given to him by his personal maid. After he was done, he came downstairs to eat his breakfast. He was getting near to the table when his grandpa's irritating voice rang.

“How many times do I have to tell you youngsters to be punctual if it was time to eat breakfast!” Angelo's eyes rolled as he replied without care after he found himself a seat.

“Old Man, I have always been punctual” when he said those words as a response, a plate that held a well-cooked steak appeared in front of him. He smelled, ah, this was the aroma of a steak made by the 5 star chef in his own hands. Stazie, his half-sister at his side sneered in ridicule after his ridiculous response to the old man fell.

“Grandpa, don’t mind his manners. Mayb


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