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  • Author: K.C
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.6K
  • 7.5

Angelo once thought when he was five that he was powerful, when he turned 15, his childishness that he was powerful was shattered into pieces after he meet two men. He should be angry and frustrated but he can’t, one of the men who make him feel him hopeless possess the brightest smile he had longed to ever see plus the force that was telling him to get close and be intimate had make Angelo surrender all of his stubbornness and followed what was his heart was advising. The other one had strong rejection that make Angelo feel disappointed and hurt but he still let the other go because he knew his other mate would find happiness than with him. Angelo thought that this would continue, him being lovey-dovey with the ‘gentle’ mate that didn’t reject him while his other mate continue to put an expression of disgust, he was wrong. In his 17th, when the Red Moon appears in the window sill of his room, his mates appear at the same time using the Red Moon as their door. The mate that was full of rejection towards him had an obsess expression put on his face while his gentle mate still wore that gentle façade but there were lust, obsession that was written all over their transformed golden eyes when they approached him like a hungry wolf ready to mark him as theirs. Angelo black eyes also transformed into golden after the red moon appeared. Hades busily torn Angelo clothes apart while Zeus caresses Angelo angelic face, he reach for Angelo ears that was faintly red then exhaled their Luna scent heavily, releasing his pheromones. Both the twins golden eyes flash, they opened their lips and says the same thing, “Our Luna, it’s time for our mating"


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