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An Enemy Called Mate

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Meet Ziva, a young Alpha's daughter who once had it all: a loving family, a respected position in her pack, and a promising future. However, on her eighteenth birthday, her world shattered. Her pack betrayed her, her boyfriend's betrayal stung, and she found herself in an unexpected arranged marriage with her Alpha father's sworn enemy. To complicate matters further, her new husband has an identical twin, both claiming to be her true mate. Caught between her sense of duty and the fiery passion that threatens to devour her, will Ziva surrender to the irresistible allure that draws her closer to her dangerous enemies?

Chapter 1


‘Wash this, wash that.’

‘Clean this, clean that.’

That is all I hear every single day. I work as an Omega, cleaning the pack house with the other Omegas, even though I am the Alpha’s daughter. Very weird, right?

Well, it all started after my mother’s death. Everyone in the pack mourned her death, even my father, and unlike other Alphas, my father did not get another Luna.

It seemed like an eternity before I finally turned eighteen. I was expected to shift and transform into my wolf under the full moon, but sadly, I didn’t. I did not shift, or even feel my wolf.

Then, the pack members despised me, they didn't respect me like they used to. Even my father stopped acting like a father. I became the forbidden fruit, and my father got another Luna, my stepmother.

Also, my father claimed her daughter whom he treasured and treated like gold, while I worked as a slave, with no pay. Although my father and his Luna regarded the Omega’s quarter I live in, and my daily meal as my payment.

But, I can't continue to live like this. No, I deserve a better life than the life the Moon Goddess destined. To be honest, I wish to abscond, to leave this prison called home, though, there is one person I'm waiting for. The only person where my hopes lay still.


I heard a loud bang from another direction, and I turned toward it, only to spot my room door widely opened, with a cunning snake standing next to the door. The cunning snake is Tania, my step-sister.

She is very talented at pretending, like I hurt her or insulted her when I was younger to gain my father’s love and attention. Let me say... Alpha Darwin's love and attention.

By stealing a gaze at her body, and the tight clothing she wore, it is obvious that she has the perfect shape.

Also, she looks very gorgeous thanks to the big bucket of foundation decorated on her face. At times, I wonder how she manages to carry so much foundation since it looks heavier than her small head.

“Why are you here? Shouldn't you be working?” Tania taunted, her soft voice deliberately stressing the word ‘working’ to mock me.

I’m used to those statements already, so I didn't really bother about it.

I stood up and bowed my head, knowing what my step-sister, Tania was capable of. The last time I tried to return her mocking statements, she reported me to Alpha Darwin, and I was whipped mercilessly till I became unconscious.

The wounds still sting and the scars are broadly evident on my skin.

“I have completed all the chores, Tania,” I replied respectfully, and I heard her utter a tsk.

Her footsteps approached me quickly, and her hand landed on my face, sending my face to turn to the other side from the tight slap as my ear rang.

My cheeks burnt from the slap, but I didn't dare to glance at her, because that can cost a heavy punishment, and no one will tend to my wounds or care about the pain I received.

“How dare you call me by my name! Do I need to repeat the rules?!” Tania yelled, her voice echoing loudly as it reminded me of the rules specially made for me.

I kept my head in the bowing position, and I replied politely, “No, Princess Tania. I'm fully aware of the rules.”

“Better. To my chamber right now,” she replied, her voice receding. Then, I looked up, assuming that she left my presence. My gaze scanned the room, just in case she was still around, and my gaze fell on her retreating back which moved out of the room.

I let out a sigh, following her retreating back quickly.

• • •

Gazing at the thin, rough-looking reflection in the mirror, I scanned the scars on my body, letting out a sigh that seemed to relieve me from my nightmares, and my past memories.

I shook my head, shaking off my thoughts as I didn't want to remember any negative memories.

“Today is going to be a good day, Ziva. Be happy,” I reminded myself.

Swiftly, I picked up the small, ragged hair brush I possessed, and I brushed my hair before braiding it beautifully.

Afterward, I wore the most beautiful garment in my closet. It was a white dress that reached my ankle, the only dress that is not rough, or old amongst my other old garments.

I’m not allowed to wear clothes that are different from the Omega’s uniform, but I had to. I will only wear it today anyway.

My gaze averted from the mirror to the letters on the floor. Today marks the date when my man will arrive. He is the only reason why I didn't abscond from this pack after he promised to return to me.

Silently, I walked out of my room and strode to the back side of the Omega’s quarter. Then, a small garden came into sight, I and my man agreed location to meet.

He had been my best friend since he came to this pack after a war occurred in his father’s pack, then we slowly became lovers before he returned to his father’s pack.

I sat in the garden, patiently waiting for him. Maybe an hour later or thirty minutes later, I was not sure, and I didn't even notice when it became dark as the moon became the big candle in the small garden that provided light.

Luckily, I did all my work, and today is Tania’s mating ceremony since she will be eighteen today. Everyone is busy preparing for the ceremony, and previously, I begged a younger Omega to cover up for me while I was away.

“Zivvy...” I heard a male voice utter. Just then, my heart skipped a bit.

It's him! My man, he is the only one who calls me by the name, Zivvy. I looked away from my sitting position, averting my gaze to the voice’s direction. There, I spotted my man, in well-tailored clothing.

He looked like the complete opposite of me with his expensive clothes and a smile widened his thin lips that I've always wished to kiss.

“Nik!” I exclaimed, rushing towards him as his hands swayed open, welcoming a hug.

“I knew that you would come for me,” I squealed with excitement surging through me as I hugged him.

Inhaling his perfect cologne, I rested my head against his chest since I was shorter than him.

‘Finally, I can leave this pack forever.’

I pulled away from the hug, sensing his sudden silence. Before, whenever we met after a long time, he would peck my cheeks and hug me tightly, so what changed?

“I apologize for being late, Zivvy. Something came up,” Nikolas uttered, his green eyes flashing with embarrassment.

“It’s fine. Where is the car?” I questioned quickly, glancing sideways for any sign of a car. When I didn't see a car, my heart squeezed as the happy expression on my face dropped.

“I’m sorry,” I heard Nikolas say. His hands touched my shoulders, sending warmth to my body.

“We will leave some other day,” Nikolas replied, his voice echoing like a wrong lyrics.

“What do you mean that? We planned this already,” I admitted, not wanting to give him any space for excuses.

“Yes, but something came up. We will leave early tomorrow morning instead,” He uttered, causing my jaw to drop in shock. I blinked, trying to recollect his statement.

“I promise, I will voluntarily come with the car tomorrow morning,” he responded, and I forced a smile on my face, not wanting him to see the disappointment that was obviously written on my face.

“You are fine with that decision, right?” He uttered, lifting my chin to make eye contact with me.

“Yes,” I nodded, staring back at his green eyes with admiration. Even though he didn't bring the car, I still love and cherish him. He had never broken his promises since we were younger, and he won't. So, I believed him.

Then, I realized the sudden closeness between us. Our faces were just a few inches away from each other as Nikolas leaned in, his cologne surrounding me.



My heart raced loudly as he cupped my face. His lips pressed against my lips swiftly, and we shared our last night in Granelma Pack together. After this night, I will leave this prison and stay with my man.

• • •

My eyes flickered open, but it was still dark in my small room. I glanced at the window, realizing that it was still nighttime.

I can't wait for the sun to shine. First thing in the morning, I will pack my luggage and tread to the pack house, where Nikolas’s car will be waiting for me, just as he promised earlier.

I looked down at my bare body, recalling what had transpired between us earlier. His kisses, his touch, everything was blissful!

Speaking of Nikolas, I have not seen him since our lovemaking. Did he leave to prepare the car already?

Noises hit my ear, jolting me from my thoughts, including the sounds of celebration. I hastily wore my clothes to join Alpha Darwin and his Luna, so that they wouldn't suspect that I was missing.

Opening my room door, I walked out of my room quietly, and I strode toward the direction of the noises.

As I approached that direction, the noises became loud. I reached there, with my jaw dropping at Tania who was blushing while the pack members cheered her.

A tall man wrapped his arm around her waist, hugging her. His face was not visible to me, because his back was facing me, and only Tania’s face was visible.

Certainly, this event would only occur when the mating ceremony had ended and the Alpha’s daughter had been marked by her mate. Lucky Tania, she has her mate already and she is very excited.

Shortly, the tall man turned around, causing my heart to squeeze at the sight of his green eyes.

It can't be... Nikolas?

Chapter 2


I rubbed my eyes, ensuring that I saw the right face, and upon opening my eyes, I saw Nikolas again, this time, I saw it clearly. He had a wide smile on his face, with his green eyes wide open as he gazed at all the pack members. As soon as his gaze fell on me, his green eyes did not even reflect guilt or sadness, rather they reflected victory.

After what happened earlier, he had the guts to mark my step-sister?! Goodness, if Alpha Darwin finds out about this, Nikolas will be beheaded instantly. Then, Alpha Darwin came into view. He hugged Nikolas affectionately, causing my chest to squeeze.

I didn't even know what to do next. Breathing became difficult as my heart squeezed. It felt like time stopped at my side as I watched Alpha Darwin and his Luna celebrate excitedly. What is going on? Alpha Darwin knew that I love Nikolas so much, even his Luna, so why are they not rejecting this event?

To top it all, Nikolas shared the night with me, and he gazed


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