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An Alpha's Loss, Another's Gain

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It's no news that life of an Omega is absolutely hard and Melissa Rockwell's life isn't any different. Being the personal omega of the alpha prince Alfredo, Melissa couldn't help but fall for his charms. He was the one person in the entire Packhouse who treated her like a person of worth. Even before she turned 18 Melissa and Alfredo had been in a secret relationship but their love only grew when they discovered they were fated mates. Despite the difference in social status Alfredo continuously assured Melissa of his undying love for her and even proposed to her to be his wife and Luna, as soon as he takes over as Alpha. However, things took a drastic turn for Melissa when Alfredo rejected Melissa and decided to break their mate Bond. To make things worse, Melissa was accused of theft and sentenced to death. Devastatedly Melissa lay in the dungeon awaiting her fate. The person she least expected came to her rescue and set her free giving her a second chance at life. Melissa was left with just one choice; FLEE SILVER ROSE PACK. HOW WILL AN OMEGA WHO IS ALSO AN ORPHAN WITH NO ONE TO TURN TO SURVIVE AS A ROGUE IN THE WILD?

Chapter 1

Melissa's Pov

The day is almost over, and I'm beyond tired. I've been working all morning keeping the entire pack house tidy. Being the personal omega of the alpha's family came with a truckload of chores, and I'm glad I had just one more before I called it a day.

I walked over to Alpha James son Alfredo's study, to tidy it up. I folded my hand and knocked gently.

"Come in," his baritone voice came from the other end.

I entered, quietly shut the door behind me, and placed the bucket of water and mop I came in with at the side.

I stood at the entrance of the door, watching as he worked on some documents on his desk, looking handsome as ever

"I told you to not just stand at the door whenever you come in," he said, without looking up from what he was doing.

"You seem really busy with some important Pack affairs," I said as I could see a Silver Rose stamp on the documents he was working on. Walking over to his desk, I slumped lazily in the chair opposite him, not taking my eyes off him for a second. I could never get bored of looking at him, he looked like he just walked out straight from a fashion magazine.

Alfredo and I have been in love with each other ever since he was twelve years old, and I was ten, we spent almost every free time we had with each other. When I turned eighteen a few months back, I found out we were destined mates, and this made our love for each other triple.

Even though I was just an omega, Alfredo loved me with all his heart and treated me with respect. He just turned twenty and will soon take over Alpha duties from his fathers in a few weeks, so he has been extremely busy lately.

When Alfredo finally becomes an alpha, he would announce to his parents and the entire Silver Rose Pack that I was his mate, and soon to be Luna. The thought of it just makes my heart leap with joy.

I don't really care about the Luna position, all I care about is being with Alfredo. We wouldn't have to meet in secret anymore.

"Just trying to tidy this up before the meeting with the Elders," Alfredo's voice snapped me out of my thoughts. "But I'm happy you came," he said with a warm smile spread across his lips. "Come over here!" He commanded, his eyes filled with lust.

"Someone might walk in," I said my voice barely above a whisper as my eyes darted toward the door.

"Allow me to worry about that. Now come to Papa," he said, tapping his lap.

I walked over to where he was and sat on his lap. He cupped my face, and kissed me passionately with his soft lips, as he nibbled on my lower lips gently.

I pulled away. "What if someone walks in?" I said in a hoarse voice.

He arched his brows."So?"

"I don't…"

"Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?" He asked, a little bit annoyed.

"Of course not!" I said in defense. "I just don't want problems, what if your dad walks in, or worse still your mom."

His lips curled up into a smile. "I'm soon to be alpha, no one dares barge into my study, without my approval," he said, his hand finding its way under my blouse.

"I just don't want problems."

He smirked. "Baby doll, I'm the problem myself," he said and resumed working his hand all the way up to my breast.

He squeezed it lightly, causing a moan to escape my lips.

"Do you like that?" He asked, stroking my left nipple.

"Uhmm," I bit my lower lips, trying to hold back my moaning loudly, as he sucked my right nipple, and fondled the left.

He trailed his fingers down to my wet panties and skimmed through them, making me whimper.

He slipped a finger inside and began rubbing circles around my clit.


"Shhh," he shushed me and thrust two fingers over my wet pussy. I bit down on my bottom lip trying to suppress my moans. After thrusting his fingers inside of me for a few seconds, he brought his hands out, looked me in the eye, and licked up all of my juices.

"Gosh, Melissa," Alfredo said in a husky voice, before carrying me down his lap and bending me over on his desk. "You're so fucking hot," his voice was filled with so much lust.

He raised my skirt up, and slowly pulled down my underwear, then brushed his fingers through my thigh.

"Get on the table, and turn around," he ordered, as he undid his belt and pulled down his panties.

I did as he ordered, my pussy dripping wet as he rubbed his hard cock against my entrance.

"Alfredo," I whispered his name, hungry to feel all of him inside of me.

"Patience, sweetheart," he told me, as he teased me continuously with his cock.

"Please, babe," I pleaded with the nickname that always turns him on.

"You asked for it babydoll," he said and thrust inside me slowly. He put one of my legs on his shoulders and slowly thrust inside me, as he fondled my breast.

Alfredo increased his pace as he thrust into me faster and faster. I couldn't hold my moan anymore, so I shamelessly moaned out not caring if anyone heard us, as we both moved together in rhythm till he poured all his seed on me.

"No one could ever make me feel this way," I told him, with a satisfied smile on my lips.

"No one will," Alfredd said possessively. "You and your body belong to only me."

I smiled and leaned in to kiss Alfredo before walking over with shaky legs to clean up myself in his study bathroom.

"I've got something for you," Alfredo said with a glint in his eyes, as soon as I walked out of the bathroom. I could recognize that look anywhere, that look was when he had done something he was proud of.

"What's that?" I asked, excited about what he could have gotten me. Alfredo doesn't just buy gifts, he buys meaningful and memorable gifts.

"Check over there," Alfredo gestured to the mini dining in his study. He created this dining specifically for the both of us so we could eat together without the prying eyes of his parents or other omega's.

I walked over to the table and saw a small wrapped box.

"I-is that what I think it is?" I asked, as my heart pounded in my chest.

Alfred smirked. "Why don't you find out?"

My legs suddenly became heavy, as I moved closer, and took the box. Could it be that Alfredo wants to propose? But he said he'll do that at his crowning ceremony. Different thoughts ran through my mind as I gently unwrapped the box.

"Alfredo," I said in between tears as I saw the dazzling ring.

"This is a testament to my unwavering love for you, Mel," Alfredo was suddenly beside me. "This is just temporary," he said, with so much sincerity. "You'll be marked officially during my crowning ceremony, but for now, please make do with this love."

I nodded my head sharply, as tears streamed down my face.

Alfredo collected the box from me and got down on one knee.

"Be mine forever, Melissa Rockwell."

Chapter 2

Mellissa's Pov

I woke up today with a knot in my stomach and feeling extremely tired, which is quite unusual for someone who got proposed to yesterday. Glancing over at the clock on my bedside stool I realized I had overslept, the time was past 8 am. I stood up from bed abruptly as I knew I was in deep trouble, Mrs. Ironheart the head omega won't spare me for waking up late when I have chores to do. I wonder why she hasn't barged into my room yet and given me an earful already, most times she'll even pour water on my bed, and I'll have to sleep on the floor until my bed gets dried.

I quickly washed my face with cold water and brushed my teeth, bathing can wait a little longer, but Mrs. Ironheart's wrath won't. As soon as I stepped out of my room in the omega quarters, I saw Mrs. Ironheart addressing the omega's.

I tiptoed towards them and tried sneaking in to join the meeting without being noticed.

"Welcome, Queen of Queens," Mrs. Ironheart said mockingly, an


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