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Alpha Twin’s Rogue Mate

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“I won’t ever belong to alphas like you!” I said as they replied, “You can’t change fate. Our destiny are tied together. You have nowhere to go.” For Arya, a rogue leader’s daughter, love has been hard to find. And when she’s presented with two alpha twins as her mate, she’s not sure who to pick. After knowing that her father the rogue leader and her supposed mate was killed by the Alpha Twins, Alpha Kaizelus and Alpha Zeferion she tried to hunt them down. And when she knew that she’s their mate, she wants nothing but to kill them and at the same time, had a deep connection with them. Will she abandon her own revenge and give in to fate? Or want her revenge to take over?

Chapter 1 Prologue

The misty clouds bellowed over the dark forest, trapping me. It just rained, perfect to hide my scent and not leave a trail.

I huffed, going deeper into the forest. I shifted into my wolf to go faster and trained my legs to maintain endurance and last a long time.

Long enough to get away from them.

I don't even know where I'm going.

I don't care as long as it's away from the two of them.

I looked behind me and sighed in relief when I saw that they were not following me.


I kept on running and running, yet the forest seemed endless. I feel like a mouse caught in a trap. A hamster stuck in running a wheel and ending up nowhere.

I looked in front and instantly stopped at the two figures waiting for me.

D*mn it. They caught up.

The fog hid their faces, yet I could clearly hear their voices.

I looked to the right to see a cliff. I gulped. The cliff or back to the twin alphas?

"You can't run away from us forever, Arya." said a voice against the fog.

"I won't ever belong to alphas like you!" I yelled at them. "Not ever!"

They took everything away from me. Yet why does fate continue to play with me?

"You can't change fate, Arya. Our destinies are tied together. You have nowhere to go." Alpha Kaizelus replied.

I instantly aimed for their neck and watched as they laughed.

"You're getting stronger and stronger every day, I must admit."

I raised my eyebrows at them and said, "No, you're just getting weaker."

They both gasped, dumbfounded.

"Same old Arya. Don't you get tired of running away from us? Why not run to us?" Kai suggested.

"You don't have to choose. You have both of us. What's the use of being picky?" added Alpha Zeferion.

I gritted my teeth, "I'll get my revenge. One that will kill both of you."

"Make sure to succeed. I'm sure you'll have a hard time."

I looked again at the cliff, and with one deep breath, I closed my eyes and ran to dive into the water.

I would rather die than be with any of them.

Chapter 2 Bountiful Harvest

I closed my eyes and felt the soft water as it cleansed my entire being, but stopped when I felt it.

Someone is watching me.


You know that feeling when you can feel it in your bones when someone is staring at us?

That is exactly the same feeling. With my wolf senses, I could easily tell there was someone out there. I went into this river, which is just near our house, and chose this as my usual hangout place. It is nearing nighttime, and I'll soon leave this. I always went here to calm my nerves down but these following days, those stares I could feel from nowhere are irking me.

This is the day I will confront that person, whoever he is.

"Show yourself," I said bravely. "I can feel you staring at me. I know you're there."

Silence fell as the wind brushed past.

Am I talking to a ghost? What if there really wasn't one?

My werewolf senses tell me that there are two of them...

Just then


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