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Alpha’s Runaway Breeder

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In a world plagued by betrayal and deceit, Daisy's life takes a dark turn after the tragic loss of her mother. Forced to endure the cruelty of her stepmother and stepsister, she finds solace in the unwavering support of her neighbor, Ethan. But just as she's about to embark on a new chapter with Ethan, Daisy's world is shattered once again. Awakening on a mysterious island, Daisy discovers she's been thrust into a chilling predicament. Alongside countless other women, she is subjected to physical examinations and awaits an unimaginable fate as the chosen one to become Alpha's Breeder for Gabriel Stone, a wealthy and dangerous werewolf. Determined to resist her captor's desires, Daisy's defiance only seems to deepen Gabriel's fascination with her. As their relationship takes an unexpected turn, Gabriel begins to fall in love with Daisy, enthralled by her spirit and strength. But Daisy remains resolute in her mission to escape, willing to risk it all for her freedom. In a desperate bid for liberation, Daisy seizes an opportunity to strike back, but the shocking truth behind her family's deception exposes her to a whole new level of danger. Grasping for a lifeline, Daisy discovers she carries the precious gift of life within her a child who becomes her sole reason to fight back and reclaim her inheritance. Enter Gabriel, hope glimmering on the horizon. Daisy strikes a deal with the enigmatic Alpha. Promising him their child and marriage, Daisy implores Gabriel to help her regain everything that had been taken from her. With conspiracies, conditions, and their hearts hanging in the balance, Daisy and Gabriel embark on a treacherous journey of love, revenge, and redemption. Will Gabriel choose to stand by Daisy's side and honor her plea? Can Daisy outwit her treacherous family and reclaim her rightful place? In a world where betrayal lurks at every corner, their love will be pushed to its limits, as the duo navigates the realms of power, lust, and ultimately, salvation.

CHAPTER 1: A Bittersweet Beginning

As the sun cast its golden glow through the windows, bathing the room in warmth, I took a deep breath, trying to calm my racing heart. Somehow, the anticipation of this moment felt overwhelming. In just a few short steps, I would stand beside Ethan, my childhood sweetheart, and exchange vows that would forever bind us. This was the day I had always dream of, the day my fairytale would come true. I couldn't help but steal a glance at myself in the mirror. The ivory lace gown hugged my figure perfectly, and the delicate veil cascaded down my back, completing the enchanting picture. A single tear threatened to escape, but I quickly blinked it away.

I didn't want to ruin the impeccable makeup the bridal stylist had spent hours perfecting. Nervously, I clutched the bouquet of my favourite flowers, purple lilacs, a subtle reminder of my mother's love. My heart ached that she couldn't be here to share this special day with me. She had passed away when I was just five years old, leaving a gaping hole in my life that nothing could ever fill. It had been a challenging journey growing up without a mother's guiding hand, but her memory remained etched in my heart.

A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts, and my bridesmaid, Mia, entered without waiting for a response. Mia, my step-sister, had come into my life shortly after my mother's death when my father had married her mother. Mia always hated me, and with her fiery red hair came her feisty temper. From the beginning, there had always been a strained relationship between us. A bitter jealousy had festered in her heart as if my closeness to my father and Ethan threatened her place in our family.

Mia's eyes skimmed over me, a hint of a smirk playing on her lips. "Well, don't you look lovely," she said, a tone of thinly veiled sarcasm in her voice. "I suppose it's the day you've always dreamed of."

I stiffened at her words, refusing to let her negativity seep into my much-anticipated day. "Yes, it is," I replied, my voice steady, focusing on the love that awaited me at the altar rather than her bitter words.

My father had taken over my mother's estate until I was of age to inherit it. The one condition stipulated in my mother's will was that I had to be married before gaining complete control. It had seemed like a small price to pay, especially when marrying the love of my life made more sense than anything else.

Ethan had been my rock throughout my life, standing by my side through thick and thin, always there to offer his unwavering support and a comforting shoulder to lean on whenever I needed it.

“Well, don't keep everyone waiting.” Mia took one last look of disgust at me and left me alone.

As the wedding march began to play, I took one last look in the mirror.

Today would be the start of a new chapter in my life, where I would create my own happily ever after, even without my mother by my side. For I knew that her love would always guide me, strengthening my resolve to overcome any challenges that lay ahead.

With a deep breath, I stepped forward and placed my hand on the doorknob, ready to embrace my future and join hands with Ethan, knowing that our love was strong enough to conquer any obstacles that fate might throw in our path.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt a jolt of searing pain shot through my head. The world around me turned pitch black, engulfing me in a terrifying void.

As I came to my senses, a sense of disorientation engulfed me. The throbbing pain in my head echoed the confusion that swirled within. Blinking my eyes in an attempt to adjust to the light, I slowly surveyed my surroundings, only to be met with a disturbing sight.

I found myself lying on a hospital bed in a vast room filled with rows of women in similar beds. The traces of bemusement etched on their faces mirrored my bewildered expression. I looked down at myself to find I was no longer in my beautiful wedding dress but instead a pair of grey jogging bottoms and a white blouse.

What on earth was happening?

Was this some twisted prank or a macabre joke?

My instinct was to dismiss the situation as an elaborate hoax, a prank orchestrated by someone with a twisted sense of humour.

Just as anxiety and frustration began to bubble within me, a figure clad in a white lab coat appeared, their footsteps echoing with a sense of authority.

The doctor's sombre expression failed to inspire any confidence or trust within me as they began to address the room with a clinical detachment. They explained that we were all here to undergo physical examinations.

What had these strange people done to us?

"Please, there must be some mistake," I implored, my words laced with a mixture of anxiety and determination. "I don't understand what's happening. I shouldn't be here."

The doctor regarded me with a cold detachment, their eyes void of empathy. "The selection process for the alpha is highly exclusive," they replied tersely. "Your presence here indicates that you have been deemed suitable for further examination. Questions and objections won't change that."

My heart sank at their dismissive words, but I refused to succumb to defeat. I needed to understand what brought me to this place and why I was subjected to this twisted selection process.

I needed answers. I needed to understand why I was here, why we were being subjected to these examinations, and who this alpha Gabriel was. The doctor's words had left more questions than answers, and it was clear that I couldn't find the truth within the confines of this sterile room.

A tall figure dressed in a black suit appeared before us, causing a hushed silence.

“The selected females are ready for the next stage.” The doctor acknowledged the man with a slight bow which caused me to be even more confused.

“Ladies, my name is Beta Marcel, and I am here to escort you to your seats. When you enter the room, you will notice Alpha Gabriel Stone. I'm sure some will have heard about Gabriel. Please ensure you take your seats as quickly as possible, and everything will be explained to you all in due course.” he said.

One by one, we were led into a chamber adorned with a stage at its centre, encircled by many seats. On that elevated platform, a towering figure commanded our attention. This man, Gabriel, possessed a commanding presence. His formidable physique, enhanced further by piercing green eyes and a mane of short black hair, spoke volumes about his indomitable nature.

I heard hushed whispers around me as two other women mumbled about him being the wealthiest man in the country.

Confidence radiated from him like an electric charge pulsating through the room. The air crackled with an undeniable power that emanated from his being, leaving us in no doubt of his authority.

CHAPTER 2: The Alpha's Pledge

Marcel stood with unwavering posture, exuding an aura of authority as he addressed the expectant crowd. My fingers dug into the armrest, willing this nightmare to dissolve with each pinch. I yearned for wakefulness, for this gathering to only be a figment of my imagination. But reality persisted, and Marcel's voice resonated throughout the room, commanding attention.

"Greetings, esteemed friends," his voice boomed, capturing every pair of eyes in the vicinity. "I am Beta Marcel, entrusted with the crucial task of orchestrating a seamless introduction." A brief pause ensued, allowing his words to linger, their weight sinking into the hearts of all present.

"I must share with you the peculiar challenge faced by our beloved Alpha Gabriel," Marcel continued, his gaze sweeping the room, seeking to convey both urgency and hope. "A curse has befallen our Alpha, denying him the joy of she-wolves conceiving and bearing his rightful heirs. This is not just an obstacle; it is a thr


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