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Alpha’s regret: Chasing my rejected mate

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She would finally become his Luna!! Emily has always dreamed of this memorable moment ever since she started dating Louis Clayton, the infamous Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack. But things take a drastic turn when Louis announces a total stranger as his mate. Broken by the turnout of things, Emily decides to relocate to her cousin's pack for a better life. There, she falls deeply for his Beta and hopes to start a new life with him. What happens when Louis suddenly comes back into her life intending to have her back?

Chapter 1

She smiles courageously as the car slowly drives along the streets, the people who recognize the car cheer and she waves back at them.

What more could she have wished for?

This is the life that Emily has always dreamed about, to be well-known and admired by the people. To be recognized as the Luna...

Easy with those thoughts of yours, Emily. You can not predict what might eventually happen in the future.’ Ingrid, her wolf, cautions her.

She might be a little bit over-excited about the news of becoming Luna tonight. After all, she and Louis have built a massive relationship between them for nine years. They had gone from childhood friends to lovers and had created a mate bond without marking each other.

And worst of all, being mated to each other.’ Ingrid reminds her.

Relax, Ingrid, Louis and I are far stronger that no mate can separate us.’ Emily says to her wolf with so much confidence.

Ingrid only grunts but says nothing more. She has been a wolf for so many generations centuries ago and has come across this same case. If only Emily would listen to her.

She has seen how broken this situation has left a lot of werewolves, some have taken their lives due to the unbearable pain that they have faced from this. Emily placed her hopes high and the end might be doomed.

The car approaches the pack house and Emily brings out her makeup box to retouch her face, she must look pretty for his parents. She also revises compliments and breathtaking sentences to make while in front of his parents.

It's not like she has a bad manner, only that she gets so timid with strangers and might forget the entire things she needs to say. Emily reminds herself that she will be standing - or much more preferably, sitting in front of her inlaws for the first time, and therefore there will be zero tolerance for embarrassing herself.

She wants to make Louis proud of her and at the same time, convince his parents that she has every appropriate qualities to be a luna. She sights Louis coming out from the entrance to meet her.

He looks breathtaking in his golden shirt and green pants, his blonde hair shines under the yellow sun and the dimples on both sides of his cheeks charm her more when he flashes a smile at her.

She steps down from the car and hugs him tightly, taking in his scent once again. She would have kissed him, but it would ruin the lipstick on her mouth.

“I have missed you,” she says to him.

“Me too, my parents are dying to meet you,” he replies.

“I'm ready, my love.” Emily breathes in and out deeply.

He holds her hands and they walk inside together.

“Good day, Mr and Mrs. Clayton,” Emily greets them.

“My dearest Emily, you may have a seat,” Mrs. Clayton offers.

She nods and sits beside Louis, “Thank you for bringing out the time to meet me. And your necklace looks good on, Mrs. Clayton.”

Mrs. Clayton blushes at her compliment, “Oh my, thank you, my dear. You have such a kind heart.”

Mr. Clayton clears his throat to speak, “The reason why we have requested to see you is because of the issues that have been bothering our son since this week. You see, the week is already preoccupied with the festive ceremony that will soon begin this evening and the extensive part of it is that he will choose his Luna to rule this pack with.”

“But there has been an arising complication that is questioning both our decisions and Louis’s.” Mrs. Clayton adds.

“Complication? What complication?” Emily asks with confusion written all over her face.

Louis did not tell her about any arising complication that is questioning his decision unlike him before. He had always consulted her first in his decision-making most times and it pains her to find out that she is being excluded this time around.

“Louis found his fated mate last night. Her name is Kathrine and I must admit, she is a damsel with good qualities too,” Mr Clayton replies.

“Fated mate? Last night?” Emily stutters.

She is too shocked to process the news that is being delivered to her.

Louis found his fated mate last night and he did not inform her about this. Speaking of surprises, this one got her. She would have laughed out loud and pleaded that they tell her it's all a joke but the look on their faces already confirms the news.

She looks at Louis, the guilty look on his face also confirms that something must have been on between them last night. She has heard from her mated friends that it usually ends in intimacy when one meets their fated mate for the first time.

Could it be...?

She shakes that thought out of her mind. She has to be very positive and constantly remind herself that tonight is her night - the night that she will become the Luna of this pack.

Meeting his fated mate is merely a distraction and if handled properly, will be cast aside and the main topic will be focused on. She lets out a charming smile - or rather, a forced smile.

“I believe that there is a terrible misunderstanding, Louis and I are going to be wedded tonight. That is all I can understand now, tell me that's true and exactly what will happen tonight,” Emily says.

“My dearest Emily, that decision is left for Louis to decide on. He has been through a lot of troubled emotions after meeting that woman...”

Mrs. Clayton is interrupted by Emily’s outburst.

“I do not care about the other woman, Louis and I have built this relationship from nothing for the past nine years. He can not just cast me aside because of a strange woman he barely knows about.”

Mrs. Clayton is taken aback by Emily’s words, is it that the young lady did not understand the feelings of finding one's fated mate?

That incredible moment when you feel like you've known them for decades and you can not be away from them, most of them create the mate bond and mark themselves on the first night.

Has Emily never found her fated mate?

“You must understand that everything rests on Louis’s shoulders, he alone gets to decide who he wants to be with and who he wants to reject tonight.”

Emily turns to look at Louis with tears brimming in her eyes, she needs his assurance. To be sure that he will choose her and not the other lady.

“Louis...” her voice cracks as she says his name.

Chapter 2

“Emily… can we talk outside?” He asks her.

She gulps and nods with a shocked expression on her face, her senses still can not comprehend the news that was just delivered to her. They step outside, and Louis rubs his palms nervously.

“Emily, are you okay?” he asks her in a low tone.

“Do I look okay? Louis, you kept this from me. You could have told me earlier that you found your mate last night but you didn't, why?”

“I am not sure why, I didn't want you to feel hurt about it. I was scared of losing you that's why I did not inform you immediately,” he replies.

“Scared of losing me? Louis, I'm scared of losing you. What if you choose her over me?” Emily whimpers.

“I am not choosing her over you, Emily. I love you and I can't afford to lose you, not to a stranger. You have my heart and that's why I don't want you to panic, you're my Luna.”

His words are res


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