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Alpha's Predestined Bride

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ALPHA’S PREDESTINED BRIDE (His unexpected mate) BLURB Carl Damien, a powerful and fierce- looking alpha of Moon Stone Pack. Everyone in the pack depended on him, they make demands of him, expecting him to take care of them. Every decision he makes is either good or when it is the other way round, he has to deal with the consequences on his own. Meagan Swift, a human, a medical doctor who is dedicated to her job and has no time for anything else. Having a relationship is at the bottom of her list - after getting cheated on by her first love and boyfriend. And she has made it a mission to stay away from men. On a phone call, Meagan got the news that her best friend is getting married and she has to carry out the chief’s bridesmaids function after several protest. Alas! The wedding takes an abrupt turn in Meagan’s life. She meets a stranger who makes her panties wet with just few words - little did she know that he is more than a man. He is something more. Something beyond her imagination. He’s the alpha, not just that, he wants her. He wants her to be his mate and he is not taking no for an answer. Her normal life as a human. Her job. Her mapped out plans for future. Everything is at risk because the dangerous looking alpha always gets what he wants.

Chapter 1 When his gaze locked hers

Chapter 1 When his gaze locked hers


“Welcome to the era where humans and werewolves coexist without the fear of who is the predator or prey. And werewolves can choose their mates.”

Meagan heaved a sigh as she looked around the decorated pack ballroom that was packed, leaving a smallish opening for a dance floor at one end near the DJ stand. The room was filled with humans and mostly werewolves in different colors and styles of costumes.

“The ballroom will be fully packed tonight. Why? The moon celebration week plus the Beta’s wedding! I am so excited!” Brianna, the lady who Meagan just met had rattled on about how many people would be present at the event tonight.

At first Meagan had thought Brianna had exaggerated about how many guests would be in attendance tonight but she was right. Everywhere Meagan stepped had people standing close by that she had to push her way through.

The festival was going fine and it had already started because they arrived late. The music was loud, the tables laden with plenty food, the booze free flowing and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Meagan’s eyes couldn’t trace where her best friend and Brianna stood, but they had absorbed into the crowd to their friends. Well, they are used to this lifestyle and people around here since she was the only who isn’t a member of the pack between them.

A server pressed a mixed drink into Meagan’s hand and she sipped it while her eyes was still surveying the creativity of costumes in the room. The atmosphere spells - Halloween under the deem lighting and colored lights flickered around the room. Every individual blended into a chit-chat and laughters in groups but Meagan seemed to be the only one standing without partner. Her present job was telling the type of costume on each person, she could recognize them all. Starting from Harlequin, joker, Dracula, fairy godmother, Bartholomew the scientist, Dragon King Darius, witches, vampires, pirates and other memorable icons in the shadowy room.

Meagan adjusted her mask as a lady dressed in a Korean style queen mother passed by her with a smile on her face. She frowned at an alligator flirting with a peacock but soon found herself chuckling at the combination. Alligator and a proud peacock. Meagan swallowed a bit of the liquid before lowering her glass.

“Mom would have loved this place…maybe I should have invited them all especially Collins who likes the spirit of Halloween, Penelope who would love to see a man dressed in a vampire outfit or Benjamin who is eager to get married. This is the best place and everyone would love to be here.” Meagan mumbled to no one in particular.

“Your family would have loved to be here?” A masculine voice said behind her.

Immediately Meagan turned surprised that someone had heard her mumbling to herself amidst the commotion and loud music. Her gaze locked with a tall handsome man, his hair packed in a bun style, his wrestlers shoulders were part of his muscular physique and his well chiseled chest was bare only a double crossed whip on him. He had a dark bristly mustache, dressed in a khaki pant and black leather boots with detachable whips dangling from the belt on both sides. Meagan recognized his outfit.

“Warlord Baron?” Meagan said.

He walked majestically towards her. “Yes ma’am.” He smiled revealing his white teeth and a deep dent on both sides of his cheeks.

Meagan’s breath caught as she took in more of his features. His crescent moon eyebrows were thin and narrow, Irish eyes that looked soft and dangerous at the same time and a defined cheekbone. He was tall, a lot taller than her even on heels. He had a charisma that would make any woman enticed by him. He was charismatic perfect and the aura of authority hovered around him. His domineering attitude wasn’t just from the costume he had in but seen from the way he stood, looking straight into her eyes without breaking the eye contact even as she tried to step backward a bit.

Chapter 2 Dinner on Sunday

Chapter 2 Dinner on Sunday


Doctor Meagan was taking a short break at the hospital cafeteria late Friday afternoon after attending to several patients. She dropped her spoon to pick up her cellphone and skimmed through her messages on WhatsApp. There are several messages from known groups but just one message caught her eyes.

“Hi Meagan, how are you doing? I have great news to share with you! So call me whenever you are less busy!” Her best friend, Hazel had texted two days ago.

Meagan Swift is a busy woman, who has made her job her first priority in life and she rarely has time for social media. To Meagan Swift, saving lives matters and it comes first before anything else.

Meagan knew Hazel, her best friend of over fifteen years would be so mad at her right now for not replying her text messages.

“I should call her back before she threatens to rip off my head.” Meagan mumbled. She scrolled to her contacts to call Hazel.


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