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Alpha's Midnight Reign

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In a world where ancient rivalries reign and supernatural powers clash, an alpha werewolf, feared and revered, searches relentlessly for his destined mate, his Luna. Little does he know, she hides in plain sight, protected by a witch's magic. As their paths finally converge at a grand gathering of alphas, their bond ignites a journey of passion and peril, where love and loyalty are tested against a backdrop of dark secrets and deadly enemies. Will they embrace their destiny, or will the shadows of the past tear them apart?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

- - - - - - - - - - -

Logan, the alpha wolf, walked through the village, his piercing yellow eyes scanning the thatched roofs and the bustling streets. The villagers scurried about, casting nervous glances his way. They knew better than to cross paths with the alpha, whose reputation for ruthlessness preceded him. As he strolled, the air seemed to vibrate with an unspoken warning: stay clear of Logan.

His broad shoulders and chiseled features only added to his intimidating presence. The wind carried the whispers of the villagers, speaking of his legendary strength and unyielding dominance. They spoke of his unwavering rule, his fierce protection of the pack, and his merciless dealings with any who dared to challenge him, he was always open for a challenge, just no one wanted to challenge him. . .

Logan's gaze swept over the village, taking in the familiar sights and sounds. He had ruled over this land for many moons, and his presence was both feared and respected. His pack, a fierce and loyal group of wolves, patrolled the borders, ensuring no threats encroached on their territory. The villagers knew that to cross Logan or his pack would be to invite swift and merciless punishment . . and to always welcome new comer's, witches, vampires, mages, trolls, all the types, were to be welcomed without any problems to be risen. This Village was know for the best trades around all villagers, they made the most silver, and the only problem that would come, you are limited to 3 days stay then out the village.

Suddenly, a commotion at the village gate caught Logan's attention. A group of rugged warriors, armed and battle-hardened, had arrived. Their leader, a towering figure with a scar above his left eyebrow, locked eyes with Logan. The warrior's piercing blue eyes seemed to hold a challenge, a spark of defiance that Logan found intriguing.

"Ah, the infamous Alpha Logan," the warrior said, his voice deep and commanding. " We've heard a lot about you."

Logan's gaze narrowed, his instincts on high alert. " And who might you be, Cant say I heard anything about you. . . means you no one to me hmm. . . " he asked, his voice low and menacing. The warrior smiled, a hint of respect in his voice. " I am Thane, and these are my soldiers. We've come to offer our services to the alpha who rules these lands. "

Logan's eyes lingered on Thane and his men, sizing them up. He could sense their strength, their loyalty, and their potential. They were not like the typical mercenaries who wandered into the village from time to time, seeking to offer their services for a price. No, these men were different. They exuded a sense of honor, of duty, and of unwavering loyalty.

A slow smile spread across Logan's face, revealing sharp canines. " Welcome, Thane and your soldiers, " he said, his voice low and menacing. " I think we're going to get along just fine, if this is true on what you are seeking "

Thane and his men approached Logan, their movements fluid and calculated. Logan could see the scars on their faces, the battle-hardened look in their eyes. These were no ordinary warriors. They had fought battles, won and lost, and had come out stronger for it.

" What makes you think I need your services? " Logan asked, his eyes never leaving Thane's face.

Thane shrugged. " We've heard rumors of a growing threat to your territory. We're here to offer our assistance in dealing with it, we have respect towards you "

Logan's ears perked up, his interest piqued. " What threat? "

Thane's expression turned serious. " A rival pack, led by a fierce alpha named Lyra. She's been making moves to challenge your dominance, and she has a few trolls and mages with her "

Logan's eyes narrowed, his mind racing. Lyra was a name he knew well, a rival alpha who had long coveted his territory. She was cunning, ruthless, and would stop at nothing to claim what she believed was hers. He had been expecting her to make a move, but he hadn't anticipated it so soon, not after he rejected to make a alliance and wed her.

" I see, " Logan said, his voice cold and calculating. " And what makes you think you can help me deal with Lyra? "

Thane smiled, a glint in his eye. " We've dealt with our fair share of rival packs. We know how to take care of threats. "

Logan's gaze lingered on Thane and his men, weighing his options. He could use the extra muscle, especially if Lyra was planning to make a move. And there was something about Thane and his men that Logan liked – their confidence, their strength, their unwavering loyalty. He could sense that they would follow him to the death, and that was a valuable asset in the world of wolves.

" Very well, " Logan said finally, his voice firm. " You and your soldiers are welcome to join me. Let's go deal with Lyra and her pack, and we will see what your loyalty holds towards us "

Thane nodded, a hint of a smile on his face. " We're at your service, Alpha Logan. "

Logan turned to one of his soldiers, a burly wolf named Grim. " Grim, take Thane and his men to the river camp. Make sure they're settled in and ready to move at a moment's notice, also make sure the other soldiers greet them so everyone can be familiarize. "

Grim nodded, his eyes gleaming with excitement. " Yes, Alpha. "As Thane and his men followed Grim towards the river where the other soldiers where, they were bigger than Thane, it did not bother Logan, He would rather see strength and loyalty rather than size.

Logan watched them go, his mind already turning to the threat that Lyra posed, she was a bitch, he rejected her 3 moons ago, is she that dumb to want to come and fight him to show him. He knew that he needed to take action quickly, before she could gather more strength and support. He decided to pay a visit to his soldiers at the river camp, to make sure that they were ready for battle, and the new comers settled, One thing about Logan, he would always accept warriors if they pledge they loyalty. Never has a warrior left his village, only by death in a fight, everyone was too happy to be here.

As he walked towards the river, the sound of rushing water and chirping birds filled the air. The sun was high overhead, casting a warm glow over the landscape. Logan's soldiers were gathered near the river, their tents and supplies spread out around them. They were a fierce and loyal group, and Logan knew that he could count on them to defend their territory against all comers.

" Alpha! " one of the soldiers called out, as Logan approached. " We've been expecting you. "

Logan nodded, his eyes scanning the group. " I see that Thane and his men have arrived. How are they settling in? "

" Well, Alpha, " the soldier replied. " They're a skilled group, and they're eager to prove themselves. I think they'll be a valuable addition to our pack, this was a good judgment Alpha "

Logan nodded, his mind racing with strategies and tactics. He knew that Lyra would not be easy to defeat, but with Thane and his men on his side, he felt a sense of hope that he had not felt in a long time.

" Good, " he said, his voice firm. " I want you all to be ready to move at a moment's notice. We don't know when Lyra will strike, but we need to be prepared. "

The soldiers nodded, their eyes gleaming with excitement. They were ready for battle, and Logan knew that they would fight to the death to defend their territory.

As he turned to leave, Logan caught sight of a figure watching him from the trees. It was a woman, her long hair blowing in the wind. She was wearing a cape and smiling, but there was something about her that made Logan's instincts stir. He could sense that she was not what she seemed.

" Who are you? " he called out, his voice firm.

The woman smiled, her eyes glinting with mischief. " Just a traveler, Alpha, " she said. " I mean no harm. "

Logan's eyes narrowed. He didn't believe her. He could sense that she was hiding something, and he was determined to find out what it was.

" We'll see about that, " he said, his voice cold. " Grim, take some men and follow her. I want to know what she's doing here. "

Grim nodded, his eyes gleaming with excitement. " Yes, Alpha. "

As Logan watched, Grim and his men followed the woman into the trees. He knew that they would uncover her secrets, and he was eager to find out what they would discover, And with that, Logan turned and walked back to the village, his mind racing with possibilities. He knew that the days ahead would be filled with danger and uncertainty, his eyes scanning the familiar streets and homes. He had lived here for many years, and yet, he had never felt a sense of belonging. He was the alpha, the leader of the pack, but he had never found his true mate, his Luna.

As he approached his villa, he could feel the weight of his loneliness bearing down on him. He had given up hope of ever finding his Luna, and now, he was left with only hatred and bitterness.

He pushed open the door and stepped inside, the darkness enveloping him like a shroud. The villa was grand and luxurious, but it was also cold and empty. There was no warmth, no love, no life.

Logan walked through the halls, his footsteps echoing off the walls. He had no one to share his life with, no one to love or cherish. He was alone, and he had been for a long time. He entered his bedroom, the room where he had once hoped to share his life with his Luna, now, it was just a cold and empty space, a reminder of his failure and his loneliness, he sat down on the bed, his eyes staring blankly into the darkness. He had given up hope, given up on the idea of ever finding his true mate. He was left with only his hatred and his bitterness, and he didn't know how to escape it. Taking the letter that was settled on his night stand, the maids had brought his mail towards his bed in the evening with his fresh whiskey in its fancy Urn, he would always pour him a shot before he slept. It kept the monsters in his head at bay.

Reading the letter, it was to remind him that he was summoned by the king to be there at the gathering in 2 days time. the king summoned alphas all over, and all the available females, they were in all forms, many would be mated to other species but most would be mated to they own kind, witches would never come, as they never had mates, they were rare breeds, you do not get them anymore as mages only were around, the fun part was mages were scared of witches and so was the sorcerers, they made sure to eliminate them all, if there were to be a witch, it would mean they are a gift sent not a curse.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

- - - - - - - - - - -

Scotty sat cross-legged on the rocky floor, her eyes fixed on Le-Finya as the witch stirred the bubbling potion in front of her. They were deep in the heart of the river, where the waterfall cascaded down in a misty veil. The sound of the water was soothing, and the air was filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers. It was a hidden place, one that few knew existed. Le-Finya had brought Scotty here when she was just three years old, after her parents had passed away, in a ambush knowing that the father was a witch that was high ranked an her mother was a priestess witch, Scotty was a pureblood, the most rarest that could exist.

" Le-Finya, why do we have to live here? " Scotty asked, her voice barely above a whisper as she stared at the bubbles. " Why can't we go back to the village? "

Le-Finya's eyes gleamed in the dim light, her long silver hair cascading down her back like a river of moonlight. "


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