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Alpha's Human Mate

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Jasmine made a terrible mistake of her when she agreed to be a replacement mate to the man who was characterized as the Pack ferocious Alpha. Alpha Romano whose name embodies his personality isn't interested in keeping her in his life. He doesn't really seem to care about her. His beloved mate was killed by an unknown human which made him sworn never to do anything with love again in his life. He treats women like trash and derives pleasure in their bodies. To keep his position as the Alpha of Snow Moon Pack, he must have Luna by his side and as fate may have it, Jasmine was chosen to be his replacement mate. Will Jasmine be able to change him and make him fall in love again? Will Alpha Romano see beyond just her body and finally let go of his past and make a new beginning with her? Read to find out. ****************************************** "W….. what are you doing?" I asked with my voice shaking but he ignored me as he walked closer to me. "I will prove to you that I can get whatever I want." He said as he pushed me on the bed and began to unzip his trousers. My face heated up when I saw his manhood for the first time. "Oh my gosh, my virgin eyes!" I screamed as he walked towards me, naked.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Alpha Romano

Sweat began streaming down my face as I kept moving my hips upwards and downwards. My hips were shunting against her *ss while my entire body was trembling with the deep enthusiasm that I was feeling at the moment. I always make women scream my name whenever I bang them and it gives me more pleasure.

"Hmmmm, harder please," She pleaded.

I enjoyed making women scream my name because it always turns me on even more. My manhood is eager to move faster and faster. Women always flood around me. Maybe it is because of how I make them enjoy the fire on the bed. I can buy a newly virgin woman whenever I want and no one can dare to stop me from doing that. I can purchase everything I want at any particular time. House, cars, companies, friends and even women, I can have them at the tip of my fingers. The only thing I couldn't buy is love because love is a curse and I am not concerned about love. I can play a woman every time I desire, no commitment and I am not even bothered about their feelings.

My thrusting became hasty like I am in a race. I was almost at the peak of it when a call came on my phone that caught my attention then I knew it is important.

"Let us end this." I said coldly to the woman and she looked at me in surprise.

"But why?" She asked and I turned around and glared daggers at her. I hate too many questions.

"This is none of your business, don't utter another word or I will strangle you here." I warned her and she shut her mouth instantly.

Then, I decided to answer the phone and it was from my personal adviser, Ashley.

"Hello, Alpha Romano." He said from the other end.

"Just make sure that the reason you called me is worth my time, Ashley." I said in a cold tone. My personal adviser knows me well, he is aware that I don't like to be disturbed whenever I am in the middle of something.

"I have already found you a replacement mate." He said and that made me stand up straight. My lips curved into a smirk upon hearing that from him.

"Thank goodness, you are being useful for once." I said and he sighed from the other end.

"I will be seeing you as soon as possible, Alpha Romano and we will plan your marriage ritual with her…." He paused for a while.

"She is young, lovable and you won't encounter any problem with her." Ashley added, making me grin.

This is pretty good and I am certain that I will not have any issues with her. I hung up the call without even saying a word to him. I turned around and saw the woman with whom I just had s*x with staring at me.

"I will be on my way." I said before putting on my clothes. I picked up my car keys and also my phone from the table and I was about to leave before she spoke.

"I will be seeing you again, right?" She asked and I didn't respond to that.

I left immediately because I needed to see my chosen mate and I should complete all the necessities as soon as possible. I was obliged to look for a mate of which I really don't want to do but then, I had no choice because as the Alpha, I should have a Luna by my side.

In just a few moments, I reached where I parked my car and drove it off. I recalled the tremendous events from the past that I won't forget. Past event which was the reason why I became this ruthless and vicious. My beloved mate was killed by an unknown human being and I am still seeking justice up till now. Her death made me miserable. I wasn't there when they killed her and I couldn't do anything to save her. My life became a great misery for the past five years since I lost her. I still blamed myself for losing her. She is not just my mate but she is also my life. Her death took my heart away, years had passed yet I still can't get over her and I promised myself that I would never love again. I was in deep thoughts when I heard my phone rang and I picked it up immediately.

"Where are you, Alpha Romano?" The advisor whom I asked to find a woman was on the line. I couldn't stop myself from feeling upset by his question.

"Hey, can you please have patience? I am on my way." I replied as I hissed and hung up the call instantly.

He asked me to increase my car speed to reach the location where the woman was waiting, which I did. In just a few minutes, I reached the location already and I couldn't help myself to raise my brows when I saw their house. They are not middle class and I guess I won't be facing any problem with her.

I got out of my car and stood straight, I sauntered my gaze around the surroundings before entering the house. My advisor came out to meet me with his unusual expression.

"Alpha Romano, they are waiting for you inside." He said and I just nodded.

I swear, I will be marrying this woman because I have to. Although I want to avoid replacing my mate, I have no other choice. I continued walking until we reached their main corridor and they were waiting for me. They stood up altogether to give me some respect. Everyone knew that I am the Alpha, not just a mere Alpha but I am their ruler. So they should pay some respect to me.

"Welcome, Alpha Romano." They said and I just stared at them with my usual reaction which was blank.

"This is our daughter, Jasmine. Your replacement mate." A man whom I guessed to be the father of the girl had to marry, said. I turned to the girl to whom they had directed my attention. Our eyes met but she seemed not to care at all and that surprised me. I was shocked by the way she was staring at me blankly.

"Can we begin the ceremony now? I needed to sleep." She said, coldly and that made me astounded.

Did I just hear her correctly? She didn't seem to bother with my presence.

"Watch your mouth, Jasmine." A woman whom I suspected to be her mother said.

"Why me?" She asked and I was just dumbfounded by how she sounded in front of me. In front of the powerful Alpha.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


I kept my physique straight and myself calmed as water while seeing his face standing in front of me. I could feel my blood boiling and I wanted to punch him in his face. Romano is rumored to be vicious and a virgin hunter Alpha. Of all the men in the world, why must they choose me as his replacement mate? I married to avoid being married to him but I have no other choice. If I refused, my family would arrange for my twin sister and I love her too much to allow her to suffer in his hands.

My twin sister is not strong like me, she is weak. I wanted to avoid seeing her suffering for this virgin hunter Alpha. I don't know why my family let themselves be blinded by money. If I have any other choice, I would rather die than to be this Alpha replacement mate. To hell with this marriage!

"Can we just start this freaking ritual already?" I asked as I noticed that my family is not bothered by how they are sending me to a death glare.


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