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Alpha's  Forbidden Mate

Alpha's Forbidden Mate

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I can't wait to rip your heart out of your soul, shred you into pieces and throw your remains into the ocean," he threatened with venom in his voice. Rose, a sweet and naive girl moved into Frost Town with her father to have a peaceful life. But to her greatest surprise, she discovers that there are other beings in the town. she slowly discovers herself and being mated to a vampire and wolf who are enemies for centuries. The question is, what would happen between her mates? Will they accept the fact that they are both mated to one or kill each other?


The loud growling and howling of the wolf were heard, they had invaded the witches' territory blaming them for using dark magic to kill their luna.

They were killing and ripping the witches without mercy while some witches fled.

Amoura, a dark witch who was responsible for the death of the Luna fought vehemently with the wolves before being stabbed with a dagger.

"Argggh!! She screamed looking back to check who it was. It was the werewolf king whose eyes were dangerously gleaming with gold.

She immediately took out the dagger and stabbed him back in his heart before they both fell down with a loud thud.

Immediately after that, the wolves retreated at the loss of their leader.


Somewhere in the woods

"Melissa, You have to hurry," a man was talking in a hushed whisper, holding a woman who was already weak.

"Dave, You must leave this place as soon as possible with the child, I don't think I will be able to walk anymore.

"Don't say that," Dave said,``We could still do this together right, he said cupping both sides of her cheeks and handing over the baby," For us, he finally said.

"I am protecting you from all the supernatural, they won't find you, your powers are sealed," she said, casting a spell on her child before passing her baby to the father.

"Now go, '' she managed to say before falling with a loud thud.

"Melissa," Dave screamed before running out of the woods.


"Dad," a girl named Rose called.

"What's new Rosebud,?" Dave, her father asked with a gentle voice.

"Dad, how many times am I telling you that I am no longer a bud but a grown rose flower," She protested, folding her arms in akimbo.

"You will always be my little rose bud," he replied.

"Dad!", I really meant it, I'm not a rosebud anymore, she said, just then they were interrupted by a knock.

"Who is it?'' Rose asked, opening the door.

"The bill man," she said, raising her brows. Oh no, today was the beginning of a new month. She hates bills a lot.

"This is for Mr Dave Walter," The bill man said and left.

"Dad,"we got a new bill," she informed him.

"Ok I'll see what I can do about it," he replied.

"You both know that you can't afford that huge amount of money within a short period of time,"she explained.

"So what do you suggest," her father said.

"Well, I know I will miss my friends, my school, but I have been thinking about going to a small town, She said.

"No that's not going to happen," Dave said, besides we are saver here, I can borrow money from the loan shark,he said.

" No Dad!" I don't support that, the interest is just too high, I don't support that," she argued.

"So what now? What should I do? I have no choice but to borrow", ``Unless I use our savings," he said.

"No Dad", I am not going to let that happen", I rather use the money to buy a small comfy house in a small town, besides you are not gonna lose anything if we move, she argued again.

"I'm never going to let that happen, believe me, when I say it's a No,then it is,'' he said with finality in his voice.

"I'm not going to accept that unless you tell me the reasons,'' Rose said before Walking out of the house.


"Rose, What's wrong with you,'' her friend Eva asked in a worried voice.

"Nothing," everything is fine, she quickly lied before taking an order from the customers.

She picked up the tray and walked towards the table before stumbling into someone, she looked up to see who it was.

It was one of their biggest customers. At that instant she knew she was doomed.

"I'm so sorry," she said and started cleaning the customer's clothes, but the fellow pushed her away.

"What the hell did you just do, where you blind" The customer fumed.

"Rose Walter", You are fired, she looked back to see who it was, it was her boss, Mr park.

"I'm sorry sir," it was a mistake,"I promise that it will never happen again.

"Guards," throw her out, "he commanded and they dragged her out.

Rose stood outside for a while before trekking back to her house.

"Dad," she called him.

"Yes, Rosebud," he replied.

"I'm fired," she announced.

"Sorry to hear that,"he said and she only nodded.

"Rosebud,"he called to her, "we are leaving on one condition."

"What's that?," She asked anxiously.

"Promise me to stay safe," he finally said.

"Of course Dad, I sincerely promise, " She said.

"Dad, thanks for that," she said hugging him,

"Dad, a pinky promise right, "you must not break it," she said.

"Of course," we are leaving tomorrow morning, he replied.

"Ok, I'll start packing, '' Rose squealed.


The loud slapping of flesh against flesh filled the room.

"Faster Alpha king, hmmm, Yes, go deeper," the female moaned with pleasure.

She was the lousy type but Asher didn't mind. He continued thrusting his dick into her small tight pussy making her squirt more till they both reached the climax.

When he was about to cum, he immediately offloaded it in her mouth and the girl sucked on it earning a groan from him.

Once they were done, the girl immediately left knowing too well that he didn't like for them to linger after sex.

He always clearly stated to them, "My bed is meant for my mate and nobody else, once we are done, you are gone."

Asher hopped into the bathroom, took a hot shower before getting dressed. He wore a black tuxedo and black pants, and combed his jet black hair neatly to one side before heading to his office.

He got to his office, opened the door, when he heard a voice greeting him.



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