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Alpha's Fae Mate

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Alec looked me over, shaking his head at me. "You should leave, I do not need your services" he said and started to walk away.     "I'm afraid I can't do that, Alpha Alec" I countered, stopping him in his tracks.     "Lady, leave while I am being nice or you won't like the outcome" He growled, still not looking back at me.     F*ck*ng hell! Why is he being so hardheaded. I cleared my throat and placed my hands on my hips in a bid to pull off a nonchalant stance. "Perhaps I want to know the outcome, Alpha Alec."     "I said you wouldn't like it"     "I am here to do a job that I would be paid for, so I do not care."     My smart mouth would definitely put me in trouble in this place. Not like I would have naturally cared but in this kind of situation I probably should care definitely.     "F*ck you Lee!" He growled and turned back to face me, his eyes had changed colors, they were like a burning blue flame.     Well, well, well. I think I just p*ss*d off this Lycan Alpha.     Alec stalked towards me, reaching out, he grabbed my arms and then pressed me against the nearest wall, and in a silent order that could not be missed, he whispered.     "Stay the f*ck away from me, lady!"     *** Bellatrix Fallon has hated Lycans for as long as she can remember, even to the extent of taking up a wolf hunting job when she turned eighteen. Coming across a weird client who might be connected to her parent's strange death, Bellatrix must take on a risky job to get answers that has hunted her since she was just a kid - Spy on the winter pack, most especially Alpha Alec of the said winter pack. It probably should have been an easy task, until she starts to fall in love with this broken Lycan. It doesn't end there though, as happenings around her starts to reveal secrets and truths about herself and the Lycan folks that she never would have imagined. Even now, her whole life might have all been a sham. And then... The prophecy.

Chapter 01: Deal


Twirling the silver bullet stacked gun in my hand, I stared contently at the three men or rather three wolf shifters chained to the roof, their legs hanging and not touching the ground. They were unconscious and weak if you would ask me, because of course they were bond with silver chains which had been laced with just a bit of wolfsbane.

So perfect. Watching them in their helpless condition brought me joy and I couldn't wait to see more of their kind this way. Call me brutal, I wouldn't care less, after all this was why I became a lone wolf hunter.

The subtle rattle of the chains signalled their waking up and I got up from my seat and moved closer to them. It took a while for them to figure out their surrounding.

"I see you are awake" I said, smirking at them.

"What do you want from us?" One of them replied me weakly. This one happened to be the brother of the Beta of the red moon pack, his name was Tim.

I chuckled at his question. "Nothing much Tim, I just want to wipe you and every of your kind away from the surface of this earth." Okay, probably not all of them, just the big bad ones and this three shifters were definitely part of that description. But hell no was I about to tell them that.

"You are a wolf hunter" the second shifter, Cole said in disgust while the third one Liam just stayed quiet.

I shrugged, still keeping my smirk on my face. "Pretty much.. You should have figured that out by now."

"Who sent you, b*tch!" Liam finally spoke up.

I chuckled again, stalking closer to them. "The dog still speaks eh?" I remarked. "Though, that's a very good question you asked. I was sent by someone as you might have assumed but fact is; I am not doing this because I was paid.. It's only because you deserve this."

It was true. Being a wolf hunter is like being an hired assassin, only that I get hired to kill shifters and not mere humans, but before I do.. I always check the records of my victims.. If they had a clean one I always rejected the job, no matter how huge the pay is, and the fact is.. I kill shifters for the thrill it brings me and not the huge cash I get when I do so.

"What do you mean?"

I smirked. "You do remember making a deal with some rogues to attack your brother's mate because she won't have s*x with you and your friends eh? So you see why you are eligible to die by my hands eh?"

"Then get on with your mission, you bloody human! Never would we be scared of you"

"Well, enough of the foreplay then, don't you think?" I cocked my gun and pulled the trigger on them, two wolfsbane laced silver bullet on them each. I felt my phone ding in my pocket and i brought it out and saw that Karen just notified me that I had gotten another offer.

Karen is my nineteen year old sister and my partner, she got me clients that is, the people who hire me.. And she cleans up the bodies after I have dealt with them.. Though sometimes, she didn't need to that because there was something the shifters were wrong about though — I wasn't just a mere human.

I stretched out my hands to the hanging bodies and released my powers on them and just as quickly, they disseminated into ash. I hated using my useless powers though, because the only thing it could do was burn off dead bodies.

So useless.



"Alpha Alec of the Winter Moon pack"

"What the actual f*ck Karen! The winter pack! And the alpha of all people!"

As much as I loved the never ending game of getting rid of Lycans, Karen and I had agreed that I won't ever have anything to do with the winter moon pack. It wasn't because I didn't want to, but frankly they were just simply off limits for a very discreet reason and besides i haven't even got any bad reports about them no matter how much I wished to.

Karen shook her head at my outburst as she continued tapping on her laptop which she used for her researches. "There is no killing involved sis, that's why I accepted it" she stated. "Plus the pay is really tempting"

"What?.. What are you talking about?" I asked, ignoring her lame comment about the pay being tempting.

If the client didn't want me to kill, then what was it whoever it was wanted?

Karen shrugged, still focusing on her goddamned laptop. "The client only wants your services as a spy"

"A spy?"


I rolled my eyes frustratedly at her nonchalance. "So you went ahead to accept a job you of all people know I wouldn't do! I am an hunter not a f*ck*ng secret agent Kay!"

"Relax Sis, I wouldn't accept it without a good reason"

"So what exactly would the reason be? The pay? Because apparently that's what you only seemed to care about!"

Karen stayed quiet for a moment, before she finally turned to look at me. I gasped, why did I not notice her tear filled eyes all along. "Kay, are you okay?"

"The pack name was changed after the incident"

I raised my brow at her, not quite understanding. "What?"

"They are the pack responsible for our Family's death.. Back then, they were called the crescent moon pack" Kay paused, swiping at the tears on get eyes. "But you know that don't you? That's why you said they were off limits."


I had known for a while now, but I didn't want to tell Karen, because I wanted to find out the whole story behind the incident first.

"You lied to me, Trix! You could have at least given me an hint!" She yelled.

I shut my eyes. "I didn't want you to get hurt Kay.. I was trying to protect you"

Kay let out a bitter laugh. "From what? From what exactly huh?"

"Look Kay, I know what you might be thinking, but I assure you that isn't it.. I wasn't planning on doing this on my own. I just– I just wanted to find out who killed them and why, before I let you know"

"And how were you going to find out? By killing innocent Lycans like you always do eh?"

"The ones I kill are nowhere near innocent Karen and you know it!" I was starting to loose my shits about Karen. Given, I knew she was going to react like this when she found out even though I still do not know how she found out, but her taking it to the extent of my work was really getting on my nerves.

Angrily, I snatched up my phone on the table and stood up. "Text me the client's details, I will speak to this one myself" I said and without waiting for her reply, I stormed outside.


For some weird reason, this didn't feel right. After Kay had sent me the details of the client, I had started a conversation with him or her, (though he had sounded like a man) and he had asked me to meet him at this café. I had never seen any of my clients one on one, and so this was my first and strangely it felt so suspicious.

I pushed my sunglasses closer to my eyes, sipping on the iced americano I had ordered as I tapped my feet in waiting.

I probably had waited for close to an hour when I hear the scraping of the chair, signalling his arrival. I raised my head up. He was a man like I had guessed alright, dressed in an all black leather outfit, he was also in a dark sunglass like I was and he also had half of his face covered so that only his nose was really visible.

"I see you came" he finally spoke. His voice came out deeper than it had sounded over the phone, and I couldn't help but wonder who he was.

"You've wasted so much of my time Mister, can we get on to business" I replied folding my arms on the table.

"You can call me Tee" he said. "And I am really curious as to why you would take this job when you won't normally do it"

"Your pay was quite tempting" I lied. "Besides, you can't be so sure I will take the job."

"Believe me you will, Bellatrix" he said with a chuckle as if it was the most normal thing to know my name.

"How do you know my name?"

He chuckled again. "I know a lot of things, and you should leave it at that, now shall we begin?"

"Fine, what do you want?" I muttered.

"The word spy alone won't cut out the description of what I really want from you.. So to be more honest, I want you to work for me."


"Heed my call every time I need your presence, stay by my side because your skills would be of very good use to me, but first you should get into the winter pack and do as I tell you."

I scoffed and got up on my feet. "You are insane if you think I would ever sell my soul to anyone. I'm leaving." I pushed the chair back, already taking my steps to leave when he spoke again.

"Crescent moon Pack, your parents died there mysteriously.. Do you not want to know how and why they died?"

"I do not know or want to know how you can speak of my parents death like you were there when it happened, but thank you for your offer I can find it out myself." I snapped.

"You should have done that a long time ago, but you probably knew you would end up futile without a lead which you do not have.. Work with me Bellatrix and every answers you seek shall be answered."

I gripped the chair tightly, biting my lips as I slowly sank back to my seat. I wanted answers and this man would give it to me just to work for him.. What did I have to loose? Was it really worth it.

I guess it was, because slowly I nodded my head. "Fine, what do I do first?"

"Good choice Bellatrix, now first off, get into Alec's house, and any information you get, report back to me."

"That's not all, is it?"

He laughed, relaxing back on the chair. "Nope, of course not..., but I will decide what else to do for you as the time passes..."

He slipped over a little box to me. "You would need that" he said and then stretched his gloved hand to me, "so, deal?"

I gripped it as tight as I could in return. "Deal."


Chapter 02: Meeting Alpha Alec


"I can do anything ma'am, anything. I just need a job, that's all" I blinked my eyes at the elderly woman who happened to be running this restaurant which was one of winter pack's renowned restaurant and from my findings, Alpha Alec sometimes visited the place.

Crossing the territory had been easy, since I was not a wolf and so here I was trying to find a reason to at least stay in the pack for some time before getting to the Alpha's mansion.

"I told you, there is no vacancy child. All the posts has been filled up."

"Even if I have to clean the floor round the clock, I will do it." I said urgently.

"You really need a job that bad?" A young lady interrupted, just as the elderly woman was about to reply me.

The lady was a Wolf, I noticed seeing green flakes swirling in her eyes. "Leila, you are here? When did you get back huh?" The elderly lady asked her.


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