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Alpha's Enslaved Mate

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When Cilla's father betrayed their pack, he and her mother were killed while she watched. Her siblings were taken away and she was handed over to slave traders who sold her to Blackmoon pack, the richest pack in the territory. When she found out that she was mated to the alpha king, she got a ray of hope, thinking her life would finally get better. She thought he would be the one to save her from her misery. Unfortunately, the alpha had other plans. Her life was was about to change in ways she had never imagined would happen. Could she survive the storm that was about to unravel?

Chapter 1

Cilla's POV

I always knew that my father would get us into trouble. He was reckless, and all he cared about was making money. My mother cried all the time, begging him to change his ways before he ruined us all. He never listened, and my mother's prophecy came true.

In the middle of the forest in our pack's land was a clearing. It was used for a lot of things, from pack ceremonies to punishment. I had been there a few times for happy occasions but there was nothing happy about what was about to happen.

My eleven year old twin siblings and I were kneeling down, our hands tied up and chained to tree stumps in front of us.

My father's hands were tied together and hoisted up with a strong rope. He was barely able to stand on his two feet, at the moment, only managing to use his toes. The pack warriors would occasionally raise the rope and leave him hanging every now and then as they questioned him.

My mother, on the other hand, was tied onto a long thin tree and she had been crying since they took us there Efforts made by father to stop her were futile.

The pack warriors who were laughing stopped when the alpha king and his beta arrived. Alpha Aragon was a big man made of hard, sinewy muscle. Every feature on his body was hard and sharp, especially his piercing black eyes that had the power of intimidating everyone him.

Apparently his insides were just as hard as the outside and that gave him one hell of a reputation. He was a very tough and ruthless man, hard to kill too. Why my father thought he'd get away with betraying him was beyond my understanding.

“Has he admitted to it?” the alpha king's deep voice pierced the air.

All the warriors nodded. Just a few minutes back they had been acting like the owned the world. Now they were like tiny ants standing near an elephant. The whole werewolf world shuddered at the mention of alpha king Aragon' s name.

“He has.”

Alpha Aragon looked around. “Where are the stupid whips? I knew that this b*st*rd betrayed me.” He stalked to my father and grabbed his chin, tilting his head while one of the pack warriors ran to a nearby cabin. “You are going to see the consequences of your actions before you die.”

Two burly men entered the clearing.

“Alpha Aragon,” one of them said.

Aragon turned to the pack wolves. “Untie the twins.”

My mother started wailing and alpha Aragon turned and kicked her stomach. She screamed even more and seemed defiant to not stop it.

The twins were untied within seconds.

“Take them,” the alpha said as my mother yelled.

“Stop, don't take my children. They're all I have. Please I'll do anything you want, alpha king.”

I could only sob as I watched my siblings taken away by two strangers.

The alpha king was deaf to my mother's pleas. Two whips were handed to him. He threw one to the group and looked my way. Our eyes met, mine going wide with realisation when he started walking towards me.

I screamed before the whip hit me on the back. Since I was chained to the stump, I could not move much and had to endure the hot lashes hitting my back while I screamed loudly. My mother was also filling the air with her screams and pleas for the alpha to stop.

Every lash sent searing pain allover my body. My back was burning hot like fire was razing it. The whips continued, growing with intensity every time. I screamed in pain until my throat was hoarse and word could not come out.

Glancing at my father, I noticed his poker face. He just stood there doing nothing even though it was his fault.

When the whip finally stopped moving, I started to sob, not only the physical pain but the emotional pain from my father's indeference to his family's suffering.

When my mother's friend  Caroline had advised her to leave my father because he'd never change, my mother had thought she was jealous of our family. Caroline had divorced from her husband and lived with her two daughters, fending for them alone. My mother had thought she was jealous that she had someone who could provide for her. I wished mother had listened to Caroline.

Alpha Aragon left me and ambled towards my mother who was beside herself. “Pathetic woman.”

“Let her go, please.” she begged. “you can kill me.“

Aragon smiled and turned to a pack warrior standing behind him. He motioned for the dagger in the warrior's hand.

“Nooo,” I yelled when the alpha king grabbed the dagger, turned and rammed it into my mother's chest. He twisted it while she screamed and writhed in pain.

“Please stop.” I kept yelling as I broke down, energy seeping out my body. All I could do was sob after seeing my mother's head fall limply to the side. She was gone.

I wanted to yell at my father, condemn his to the deepest pits of hell but I had no energy. I lay on top of the stump which had seen more blood than anything for all it's existence. I could smell blood but didn't care.

I watched as a noose was placed over my father's head. I didn't feel anything as I saw him being hoisted up by his neck. Numb, I watched him die. He never screamed for help, or showed any weakness. He just let himself go, almost peaceful. When he was dead, his eyes bulged and a warrior cut the rope making father's body fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

My parents were dead, my siblings gone. I breathed and waited for my end. It didn't come. Instead a warrior unchained me and pushed my body to the ground. I didn't complain, didn't try to resist. I just waited, staring at alpha Aragon who was smoking calmly as the warriors gathered the bodies of my parents near a fireplace which had been stocked with piles of wood.

Two thin men soon came to the clearing and spoke to the alpha. One pulled out a ward of cash and handed it to the beta who counted the notes before nodding his head and gesturing to me. The men walked towards me and grabbed my body as I kicked my head trying to put up a futile resistance.

One of them placed a handkerchief over my nose. The smell of a drug hit me and before long, the world morphed into darkness.

Chapter 2

It was the screaming that woke me. Opening my eyes, I saw a woman screaming her head off on the bed next to mine.

I opened my mouth to tell her to stop and closed it when I saw the rest of her body. Her belly was huge. She was pregnant.

There were two other beds in the room, all occupied with girls who were staring silently at the expectant woman.

The room had a musky smell and no windows. It was probably why the dim lights had been left on.

I tried to get up to help the woman and that was when I realized I couldn't. My legs were chained to the lower frame of the bed.

“Hey,” I said.

The woman stopped screaming and stared at me for a few seconds before resuming. Now I understood why the other girls were just looking on.

I fell back on the pillow and stared at the stained ceiling and walls. What happens in this room, I wondered as I scanned the stains of all colors spread allover.

The door opened and an elderly woman walked in, f


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