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Alpha's Baby Maker

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"You are the perfect candidate for this role. I think your enormous bulk would make an excellent stand-in for my queen." "Alpha, me?" “Of course, you. You've been selected.” "Alpha, I'm ready to take the chance. I would be delighted to assist you and our Luna Queen in becoming pregnant." On the other hand, Reynold battles conflicting feelings and internalized guilt. The pregnancy's development increases the possibility that the truth about Reynold's actions will come to light, which might have disastrous consequences for everyone concerned. Will their lies and secrecy keep Amara and Reynold apart forever, or will they be able to overcome their conflicting feelings and build a future together?

Chapter 1

Reynold's POV

I had to discuss our current situation with my wife, Erlinda Luna. I got up from my throne and walked to our room, where I saw her seated by the window, gazing up at the stars.

I yelled to her, "Erlinda," as I got closer.

She asked, "Reynold, are you okay? " as she turned to face me. You appear agitated."

I grabbed her hand and walked her over to the nearby couch.

In a serious tone, I said, "We need to talk."

Erlinda's face took on a worried look. "Is it about our situation?"

I gave a nod. Yes. We recently spoke about the potential of surrogacy during a meeting I held with the advisors."

Erlinda's shocked eyes expanded. "A stand-in? However, I had the following idea:

"Yes." I cut her off. "But Erlinda, we must have a replacement. Our pack's future rests on it."

Erlinda's face was sad as she cast a downward glance. "I am aware. Reynold, I wish I could have a child with you. I am incredibly happy to see our pack flourish and prosper."

I grabbed her hand and gave it a light squeeze. "Erlinda, you do, indeed. And all I could hope for was to see your content. However, we must weigh our possibilities."

Erlinda nodded slowly, tears welling up in her eyes. But what happens if something goes wrong? That concerns me. "What would happen if the surrogate kept the child?"

I tightened my hold on her hand. "Emlyn, I'm not letting anything happen to our pack. I'll find a trustworthy substitute for us."

With a beam of confidence in her eyes, Erlinda raised her gaze to me. "You will, Reynold; I'm positive. But who are you going to pick? And how are we going to make sure she doesn't cause any trouble?"

I inhaled deeply, prepared for the challenging talk that was about to start. "Erlinda, this has been on my mind for a while, and I've found the perfect replacement."

Erlinda looked at me, startled, and her eyes opened. "Who?"

I lingered back for a while, not knowing how Erlinda would respond. "Amara."

Erlinda's eyes grew even wider. "Amara? However, she is.

"It's true," I cut in. Still, she is a formidable she-wolf. I think she would be an excellent surrogate. I also think positively of her. She wouldn't do anything to hurt our pack, as far as I know."

Erlinda looked down, pondering her attitude. "I see. How can we prevent her from getting overly devoted to the child?

Taking a deep breath, I realized that this was the core issue. "We need to make sure she understands the child is not her own. She is only transporting it for us. We'll need to watch her carefully to make sure she doesn't get into any unhealthy relationships."

Erlinda hesitated to agree, but her concern was evident. "I see. That's a risky approach, Reynold. However, I have confidence in you and know that you'll go above and beyond to safeguard our pack."

I told Luna how much I loved her, grinning. Much obliged, Erlinda. That means so much to me; you have no clue."

Erlinda gave me a smile in return, love shining in her eyes. "I'll support you, Reynold; I always do."

I bent down to give Erlinda a soft peck on the forehead as a token of my appreciation for my steadfast support. "I'm grateful, my dear. We'll work together to overcome this. Erlinda leaned into my arms and nodded.

"I'm positive that we will. But make me a pledge, Reynold."

"Anything, just tell me." Assure me that you'll move cautiously. that you won't take any needless chances." Her tone betrayed her concern.

I drew away to meet her eyes. "Erlinda, I swear to you. I promise not to take any actions that could endanger our pack. I'll see to it that everything is watched over carefully and cautiously."

Erlinda nodded, a tiny smile lighting up her cheeks. I've never been disappointed by you before, Reynolds; therefore, I believe in you."

I took hold of her hand and put a sweet kiss on it. "And I'll never be successful. My priorities are you and our pack."

My love and support gave Erlinda solace, and she leaned in for a gentle kiss. For a short while, we sat in silence, relishing each other's company and the warmth of our love.

I finally broke the silence. "Erlinda, I'm going to need your help." Amara needs to understand how serious this issue is."

Erlinda looked serious as she nodded. "I know. I'll do everything in my power to make sure this surrogacy is successful."

I gave her a warm grin and thanked her for her steadfast dedication to our pack.

"I'm grateful, Erlinda. We can figure this out."

We talked about the practicalities of surrogacy and planned out our next move as we sat together longer. I could feel hope starting to grow while we were conversing. I was confident that we possessed the fortitude and tenacity necessary to conquer the upcoming obstacles. I would work with Erlinda to find a means of preserving the existence and heritage of our pack.

When the newcomer came into the room the following day, I got up and focused all of my attention on her. Amara observed that as soon as she met my sight, her cheeks began to flush. I felt strange when I reached for her.

"Thank you, Amara," I said, expressing my gratitude for her presence. I talked quietly and firmly to her.

Amara nodded, acknowledging that she understood why she was nervous and reaffirming her determination to leave a positive impression.

Naturally, Alpha. Being a part of this is an honour for me."

I acknowledged them with a nod, then returned my focus to my advisors. "None of you should be surprised that our pack is searching for a surrogate to carry one of our offspring. She-wolves who are eager to volunteer have shown a lot of interest, but I've already made up my mind."

My eyes refocused on Amara, and her heartbeat quickened.

I knew for a fact that "Amara was the one; she got a pretty face, a healthy body, and a sincere dedication, which I believe, therefore, she is going to be the one who is going to carry the baby, and it's a lot of determination."

Amara was feeling so happy and proud right now that she was having a hard time controlling her emotions. She found it difficult to believe that she had been chosen to share in the early years of their regal family's development by the Alpha and his Luna bride.

She thanked the Alpha, barely audible above a whisper. "Thank you, Alpha."

I gave her a nod before turning back to look at my advisors. Before continuing, let's be sure Amara is ready for this. It will be up to you and me to make sure we meet all of her requirements because she would exhaust all of her possibilities."

Born healthy, it would be her responsibility to ensure that many years would elapse before she accomplished her aim. She would accomplish this by ensuring the child's success and the happiness and delight of the Alpha and his family. She would use every effort to ensure that this surrogacy was profitable.

She had helped her with packing earlier in the meeting. Amara could not help but smile as she exited the conference, having been awarded an honour beyond her wildest expectations and so happy for the chance to support the royal family. As she prepared to take on the Alpha family's surrogate role, she could feel the joy and excitement rising within her.

Amara felt more and more accomplished as the conference concluded. She felt valued and loved because of her extreme concern and care. I was checking on her welfare. I was watching for her, making sure that everything was carried out according to the spoken instructions.

There was something strange that Amara felt as the Alpha spoke.

Chapter 2

I prepared myself both physically and mentally for the procedure in the days that followed. I carefully complied with the doctor's instructions, abstaining from certain foods and exercises to prepare my body.

I was nervous and determined when I arrived at the packhouse clinic the day of the treatment. The Alpha met me at the door with a friendly and comforting smile.

With a hand on my shoulder, he asked, "How are you doing, Amara?"

I tried to seem calm as I answered, "I'm a little nervous, but I'm completely prepared."

The Alpha nodded and led the way inside the building. Members of the medical staff who were wearing white lab coats and carrying a variety of equipment met me.

The surgery itself was quite simple and quick. To get ready for me, the medical team extracted and prepared Alpha's sperm. I was glad it was over and grateful that we had taken a step toward achieving our goal.

The Alpha then followed m


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