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Alpha Reece: The Devil She Wanted

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"I am a bad man; a very bad man. And you, Syra, will never be my weakness. If a day comes that my enemies get a hold of you, I will not hesitate to turn my back on you". Those were the words of Alpha Reece to the young lady that was obsessed with him. Alpha Reece had just lost his mate and wanted to go away to heal. However, he's disturbed by a certain psychopath who picks interest in him and wouldn't let him go, no matter what. She knew he was a devil; a villain. Still, she wanted him. And she didn't back down, until she discovered the worst side of him.

The House Across

The night was dark and damp; it smelt of honeysuckle and throbbed with the sound of crickets.

There in the woods, Alpha Reece sulked as he held her lifeless body close to himself, grabbing her so tight like she was all he had.

She had bled to death; he had her blood smeared all over him that constantly reminded him that he had been unable to do anything to save her.

For the first time, he felt pain. For the first time, he acknowledged the death of someone.

The goddess had finally punished him for his evil deeds, she finally punished him by taking away the one person that ever mattered in the world to him. They took his mate from him. For someone like him that's always been a villain, he never thought he could feel pain like he felt that night.

His eyes couldn't get off her face, he couldn't believe he'd never see that face alive again. A part of him was broken; gone.

Oh! He was going to cause them so much pains. Her killers. He'd cause them so much pain that they would wish they were dead.

Taking his mate from him was the last straw. Now, there was no way he was ever going to stop being evil.




Syra felt irritated as she walked into the house with her mum who wouldn't stop blithering behind her. The sitting room was empty, and already exhausted, Syra tried taking the old creaky staircase to her room.

"And where do you think you're going?!" Her mother yelled from behind.

Syra exhaled deeply as she stopped walking. Her hands fisted beside her 'cause she was trying so hard to control her anger. She was only that calm 'cause it was her mum. No other person would have the right to speak that way to her.

"Have you been listening to a word I said? Or you think it doesn't matter?" The old woman maundered on.

Syra crossed her hands and leaned against the window, deciding to let the woman speak until she was satisfied.

Her dress was dirty, she felt so sweaty and wanted badly to be under a shower.

"Doesn't it bother you? Doesn't it bother you that I have to bail you out of jail at least, once a month? What exactly are you turning into? A criminal?"

Syra looked at her with furrowed brows.

"Seriously, mum? How am I criminal?" She scoffed.

"Oh! Please, shut it. I'm only lucky your offense this time around was beating up a lady. You weren't arrested for theft like it's been for the past few months", her mother countered and watched Syra roll her eyes.

Their voices attracted Syra's father and younger sister who walked into the room.

"Oh! I see the street girl is home", Mr Tucker muttered as he plonked himself on a seat.

Syra's sister just stood and watched sadly from a distance.

"I can't walk freely on the streets without getting reports of how rebellious you are. You've completely turned into a tout under my very nose. What more do you want, Syra?" Mrs Tucker went on.

"To be honest, I'm tired of bailing you out of jail on a monthly basis. I barley make money from sales, yet you're making me waste it all on you. If you're not stealing, you'd be fighting, or caught in a group of bad companies. You're twenty-four already. I can't believe a daughter of mine could be this troublesome".

Syra had lost interest in all of her mother's rant as something else had taken her attention. Gazing out the window, she had noticed something new in the small house just across theirs - the windows had curtains. Did someone move in?

She was carried away, staring at the house and didn't realize her mother had thrown a question at her. By the time she realized, Mrs Tucker had already lost her patience.

"Such brat!" She cursed and angrily took the stairs that creaked with each step she took on them. Grateful, Syra decided to head to her room.

"Welcome home", her sister muttered as she walked pass her.

But Syra ignored her and took the stairs.


She took a nice bath and changed into something clean. It was the best feeling as she felt so new and fresh.

Moisturizing and brushing her hair in front of the mirror, her door abruptly went open and she glanced to find her elder brother walking in.

"Hey, Princess", he cooed with a cigarette hanging from his lips.

"Hi", Syra smiled.

When he got close enough, she snatched the cigarette from his mouth and took a drag from it.

"Glad you're home. Hope you didn't get hurt?"He asked.

"Of course, not. Who would dare?" Syra chuckled.

She returned the cigarette and resumed working on her hair in front of the mirror.

"Hey, I know you don't take sh*t from anyone, but I think it's high time you stopped going to jail. Mum might start getting a panic attack anytime soon", Niko spanked her *ss, but Syra only rolled her eyes.

Done with her hair, she gave herself a long admiration in front of the mirror. Gosh! She was indeed, good looking. Her body shape was killing and perfect, and so was her face.

Then, she walked over to her window to glance at the apartment across theirs.

"Do we have a new neighbour?" She asked, still peeping out.

"Oh, yeah", Niko walked closer to her. "He moved in the very day you were arrested".

"It's a he?" Syra's eyes beamed. "Do you think he's rich?"

Niko tweaked her ear. "How am I supposed to know? That guy acts so wierd, I don't even think he steps out of that house. And as far as we know, he's never gotten a visitor. He's a full time introvert. And guess what, I got to ask Mr Williams and he said the strange guy only paid for two months. Seems he won't be staying for long".

Syra bobbed her head, but became more curious.

"Does he own a car?" She questioned.

"Did you see a car parked in front of him? He obviously doesn't. We don't know a zilch about him", Niko answered.

Syra heaved a sigh and leaned towards the window. Why was something in her guts telling her he was a rich man? Perhaps, there was something she could 'take' from him. 'Take', not 'steal'.

"Well", she turned to her brother, wearing one of her cunning smile. "I think I'll be his first visitor".


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