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Alpha King, I Have To Tame You

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All her life Roxanne obeyed everything that her father said, even though she didn't mind being treated badly by her father and her step mother's family. At least Roxanne can still be engaged to Luke, whom she loves and who she thinks is her mate. But, all Roxanne's hopes were shattered when she found Luke betraying her with Vivian – Roxanne's stepsister – with her own eyes Roxanne saw Luke sleeping and making out passionately with Vivian. Roxanne was very disappointed when she found Luke's betrayal, the anger that she had long harboured finally wanted to be vented to the people who had treated her badly. It just so happened that at that time Roxanne used Theodore who was the Alpha King of the Werewolf Clan and intended to make him her own man, that’s why Roxanne had to tame him!

Chapter 1: My Miserable Life

Roxanne Pov

Again I heard Vivian's voice calling me from upstairs, I don't know what she wanted this time. I knew that whatever Vivian wanted would only bring bad news for me in the end, thankfully she didn't beat me up this time. 

"You called me, Vivian?" I said with bated breath, I quickly ran here so Vivian wouldn't get even angrier at me. 

"Are you stupid? Of course I called you, it seems like your brain is getting smaller every day," Vivian retorted while pushing my head with her forefinger. 

I can only look down and wait for what I have to do for Vivian this time, it seems that this time her mood is not too bad, I hope I won't be beaten up today. 

"Don't just stay there, help me get dressed and make up. Today I'm going to meet someone," Vivian said with a full smile on her lips. 

With that I rushed to open Vivian's large closet full of her beautiful clothes, I could only stare at the pile of charming clothes with envy because I never had something this beautiful for myself.

"Looks like you're going to meet someone special." I asked as I took out a few pairs of clothes that I thought would be good for Vivian to wear. 

"You're absolutely right." Vivian took one of the clothes Roxanne had brought out and tried it on her body, "what do you think?" she asked. 

"So pretty," I replied with a smile.

However, Vivian didn't seem too satisfied and decided to go through her entire closet before finally choosing a sweet baby blue dress that was her favourite. I wondered who Vivian was going to meet today. 

It takes about three hours for me to help Vivian finish with all her needs. Of course I, who hasn't eaten since morning, is very tired at this time. 

"Now it's your job to clean this room as before." Without caring about Roxanne's pale face, Vivian waltzed out of her room and left Roxanne alone in her messy room with a pile of clothes. 

I could only sigh when I realised that Vivian had previously dismantled her entire closet to find the clothes she wanted, "Looks like she's doing this to me on purpose," I muttered, starting to clean up the mess Vivian had caused.

. . .

In the evening I found out that the group from Nightmare Night Pack came to visit their pack, "Then Luke is here too?" I muttered very happily because Luke came here. 

Actually, I'm quite grateful because my father, who is the Alpha of the Crimson Star pack, still has good intentions by allowing me to have a serious relationship with my own mat, Luke. 

Although the whole pack looked down on me because my mother had died giving birth to me and now my father was remarried to Vivian's mother. Dad hated me because he thought I had killed Mom and now I was always ostracised in the pack. 

"Now is not the time to be sad," I muttered as I patted my cheeks softly, then slowly walked into the pack house, I wanted to see if Luke was really here. 

From behind the wall I saw the Nightmare Night pack chatting with dad and sure enough I could see Luke among them. However, not only that I also saw Vivian and my stepmother there as well.

"I wish I could have been there too." I could only look down sluggishly and continue to stare at their interaction from a distance. 

What made my heart ache even more was the fact that Vivian continued to be seen snuggling in Luke's arms and how they joked with each other affectionately. I could feel the pain starting to creep into my heart when I saw that. 

The longer I'm here watching them, the more hurt I feel, so I decide to get the hell out of there to do the rest of the work I have tonight. I was sure they wouldn't ask me to stay there either. 

However, what I didn't know was that I was being humiliated again by being the one who had to serve dinner to the Alpha family as well as Luke joining them.

I gripped the plate tightly hoping that my embarrassment would be reduced if I did that. Hoping that all of this could end quickly, I didn't want Luke to see me in such an embarrassing moment. 

Holding back my embarrassment, I served the dinner perfectly while avoiding Luke's gaze who for some reason kept staring at me. 

Until finally when I wanted to leave there, I felt my hand being held by Luke which forced me to look at him which I didn't want to do at this time. 

"Why don't you come to dinner with us?" asked Luke as he turned to Alpha Derrick. 

Before Dad could answer Luke's question, I could see Vivian had already opened her voice. 

"She never comes to dinner with us. Roxanne has a lot of work in the kitchen," Vivian replied with a sweet smile and immediately pulled Luke's arm away from me. 

But, I could see Vivian stealing glances at me and trying to order me to get the hell out of there. I think it looks like I've ruined their happy atmosphere at the moment. 

"It's good to see you here, Luke. But, I have to go now," I said unwillingly, letting go of his hand. 

After that Luke didn't say anything else and let me go, even though I was hoping he would say something more in my defence. Well, it's not good for me to think that way. 

I walked away from there without looking back. I wanted to hurry back to the basement where I had been living, I couldn't bear all this pain. 

. . .

Normally I would wake up early to start my activities, but this time I opened my eyes with great surprise as I felt ice-cold water spilling right over my face. Feeling that piercing pain made me immediately wake up from my short sleep. 

As I opened my eyes I saw Vivian standing there and I could see an empty bucket not far from her. I knew immediately that this was all Vivian's doing, I had no idea what she meant by doing this to me. 

"What are you doing, Vivian!" I shouted angrily, I could infer that it was early morning because usually she would automatically wake up if it was five in the morning. 

The look on Vivian's face hardened when she heard my words, instantly I felt a bad premonition at this time. 

And sure enough Vivian moved quickly towards me and grabbed my jaw firmly, "Apparently you've dared to talk back to me, huh!"

I could see the angry glint in her eyes, as Vivian backed me up against the wall with a firm grip on my jaw. 

"In exchange, you can't leave this place as long as Luke is here!" Vivian smirked as she saw my face turn terrified, and she jerked her hand away making my head hit the floor hard. 

I grabbed her leg before she left, "Please let me see Luke," I begged Vivian. 

"You won't." Vivian swung her legs to release my grip, then she waltzed away leaving me alone in this cold basement.

Chapter 2: The Betrayal

Roxanne POV

I don't know what Vivian is planning this time, I'm quite restless at the moment as I feel like something wrong is happening. I was pacing back and forth in my room restlessly. 

I can't talk about this with my wolf figure because I haven't got one yet, even though I'm already 18 years old. 

"What should I do now? There's no way Vivian would forbid me from doing something just like that, she wouldn't want me to find out," I muttered, starting to think about escaping from the basement.

As I was thinking, I remembered that I had kept a piece of wire. I quickly looked for them under my rickety mattress. 

"It's a good thing I still have them here," I said with relief. 

I picked up two pieces of iron wire and moved to the door quickly.

By inserting the two wires into the keyhole and twisting them slightly, I was finally able to open the locked door. 

"Vivian thinks she can lock me up with just this." 


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