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Alpha DANNA, queen of wolves without humanity

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On the day of Eros' proclamation to be the great leader of alphas, a delicious smell came to him that seeped through his nostrils, uncontrollable him. He searched for the source until he saw Danna; their eyes met and Eros was furious at the sight of her omega-like appearance. Danna was taken to the mansion of the alpha who became jealous and he succumbed to temptation; three days passed full of passion and Eros marked her. One day, Danna was accused of hurting Lamia; Eros, enraged, decided to obey the old wolves; That same night he marked Lamia. Danna suffered severe pain in her mark. There she discovered that she was betrayed by her mate. One night she managed to escape, some wolves without humanity found her and protected her, taking her to the coldest region of the country. Five years later, Danna returned to exact revenge on the people who made her life miserable in the blue pack, while her daughter Eos had a mission entrusted to her by the goddess Selene.

Chapter 1

Danna lives in a cabin in the middle of the forest. She was raised in the countryside by a pair of omegas. Her parents died when she was seventeen; His father died in battle and his mother, having no link with his mate, died of depression.

One day, Danna went to the pack and the people were in an uproar, due to the coronation of the new alpha of alphas. Curious, she decided to stay and watch the act.

The council of elders and alphas from other packs were sitting around waiting for the new alpha of alphas. Eros had taken over as alpha of the blue pack six months earlier after the death of his father in a battle to defend the lands of southern Alaska.

By choice of the old wolves of the packs, Eros was made an alpha of alphas because, like his father, he was a fighting warrior and strategist in battle. In addition, he had an academic education at the best university in the United States and returned to the pack after the death of his father.

Eros was speaking to the people about his duties in the herd and in the region, when an exquisite smell desperately entered his nostrils. His wolf, Hercules, was muttering uncontrollably.

"It's my mate!"

He searched for the source of the scent until he saw Danna. She was the same as each other and their eyes met. Danna was thrilled to see the tall, strong, blue-eyed man; his bearing was imposing, and his she-wolf Hedé was restless. Eros immersed himself in those mystical eyes for a few seconds, then wrinkled his face and felt annoyed as he observed the look of his mate with that disheveled blue-black hair. He called one of his security men.

Danna noticed how he looked at her with contempt, and then her emotion disappeared. She ran out, pushing people out of her way, ran through the streets into the forest where she would free Hede, but was intercepted by three warriors who caught her.

"Let me go, please, who are you?" She cried out desperately.

"Calm down, miss, let's go to Eros' mansion." He will be talking to you soon.

Danna was forcibly put in the back of a cart and taken to the mansion. From that moment on, she knew her life would change.

In the studio, Eros was outraged by the mate that the Moon goddess placed in his path. He didn't know why she had punished him like that. When his warriors entered with Danna, he glared at her. It crossed his mind, "How dare he run away from me?" He couldn't deny that she was beautiful and those eyes dazzled him, but for his tenure as alpha of alphas, she didn't serve him as a mate.

"Omega, how dare you escape me?" I am your mate and you must accept your fate with me," he shouted tyrannically.

Danna blushed at the sound of his voice, she found it pleasantly thick and harsh, she felt helpless in front of this monument of a man.

"Did you hear me, Omega?" From now on you're going to be locked up until I decide what to do with you," he shouted, imposing and annoyed.

Danna snapped out of her confusion and sadly begged.

"Alpha, I know I seem insignificant to you, so I beg you to let me go, and I promise you won't see me again."

The smell of wildflowers didn't come from his nostrils. Eros didn't know why that smell affected her so much. He wanted to lunge at her lips, but he had to maintain the posture. As she was about to answer, she heard a voice that snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Eros, my love, don't tell me that this omega is your mate?" What are you going to do with it? Lamia said quietly and sweetly.

Eros approached her with a warm smile and took her hands delicately and looked at her and whispered.

"Lamia! Yes! She’s, my mate.

"Eros, but if it's your mate, are you going to break our engagement?" He pouted.

"Lamia! Soon you will be the Moon of the region. I gave you my word and the elders. Why shouldn't we rest? She looked away at the warriors holding Danna. "Take her to the room in the left wing of the mansion, don't let her out, only Gin will be able to enter to bring her food."

"As ordered, Alpha.

Danna was devastated by the scene she had just witnessed. His heart bled with disappointment as he watched Eros speak to another, she-wolf. Reluctantly, he allowed himself to be guided by the men to the room assigned to him. As he entered, he sighed sadly as he contemplated his destiny, marked by the goddess Luna: a cold and arrogant mate who did not love her but another she-wolf.

Wanting to cry, she leaned back in the doorway and looked at the place despondently. The room was painted white and had a bed in the center. To one side, there was a table and a small closet. He also noticed a door on the right, which surely led to the bathroom.

She walked to the window, looking for a possible escape route, but realized she was too high to jump. She took a few steps towards the bed and, feeling overwhelmed by what happened, sat down on it.

At that moment, she decided to connect with her she-wolf for comfort and strength.

"Hedé, our mate despises us. That idiot is prejudiced for being an omega.

"If he chooses to reject us, we will be a disgrace and he will confine us from these lands," his she-wolf was anxious.

"Silly she-wolf, by her cold, emotionless gaze, I assure you we're in trouble. If so, I'd rather be left alone.

Hedé was saddened at the thought of a possible rejection of his mate. Danna released her link when she felt the door being opened. A young woman arrived with dresses in one hand and a tray of food in the other. He looked Danna up and down and wrinkled his face. In a contemptuous voice, he said:

"I'm Gin, Mrs. Lamia, Alpha Eros's Moon, sends you here to change those filthy rags, and the alpha sends you food, too.

Danna rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth. She felt the young woman's heavy gaze on her. He could only get up and take things and then say.

"Thank you.

Gin, disinterestedly, turned his back on him and left the room. Danna settled down to eat and then lay down and slept until the next day.

Chapter 2

In the morning, he woke up early and stared out the window. Suddenly, he felt a hot flash. His zeal seemed to have gone ahead. He had heard that when he finds his mate, in some cases the heat comes early. It is a physiological need to mate and be marked by your mate. She was feeling the refreshing, bodily smell of her mate. Danna tried to calm herself as she felt the sweat coursing down her body. Suddenly, he felt the door slam open, causing him to startle.

Minutes earlier, Eros was in his office when a delicious smell sent shivers down his spine. He became furious and spellbound and sped out. Without knocking, he walked in, licking his lips and shutting the door with his feet.

Danna turned and blushed at the hot look that Eros gave her. He was making an extreme effort not to jump on her and eat her whole, taking a few steps towards Danna he shouted.

"Is this a trap of yours, omega?" Were you planning this so that I would take you as mate? He noticed her reddish ch


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