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Alpha Cephas’ Mate

Alpha Cephas’ Mate

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Lydia Jacobs is an innocent young woman who hasnever believed in the supernatural until she meets him. When the skeptical doctor meets the mysterious and alluring alpha werewolf, Cephas, she's forced to confront everything she thought she knew about the world. She has no choice than to see the world she lives in from a more realistic perspective. The more she digs into the mysteries of the supernatural world, the deeper the gets entangled with Cephas. As they delve deeper into the supernatural forces at play, Lydia and Cephas find themselves battling dangerous enemies and navigating a complicated love affair. Can their love survive the secrets and dangers that come with being a human mate to a werewolf?


The quick clicking of heels resonating from a short distances alerted Lydia. She knew that sound all too well, her boss was fast approaching behind her with another one of her condescending comments.

“Can you be a little less boring? Who puts on a bland color of dress on Monday?”

Miss Alex said exasperatingly as she swiftly moved passed Lydia in her six inches heels. She always had comments every time she saw Lydia. And can anyone blame her? Lydia wasn’t exactly the type that prioritizes dressing to improve social image, she only dressed to cover her nakedness. That morning was no exception, Lydia was putting on a beige color of dress on a beige flat shoes.

However, if there was anything Lydia was good at, that would be ignoring people’s comments about her appearance. She just gave her signature weird smile to her boss until a message dropped on her phone. She took a break from the “weird smile” thing only to scoff uninterestedly when she saw who messaged her.

“If you want to attract success, you will have to put yourself first. You can't take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself.”

Lydia said her most loved quote motivationally as she looked at a message on her phone. It was from her best friend, another one of her long messages on how she needed to stop being boring and go out with guys if she wanted to be married in her life.

“Yes, that’s Lydia!”

Lydia Jacobs was a 25 years old lady who only put importance on her work. Everyone around her called her a Workaholic and she always knew this about herself. With her favorite quote by Talane Miedaner, she would always procrastinate everything not related to research until whenever she was less busy; something which never happened.

Lydia was a scientist, a neuroscientist, to be precise and she was a type that derived enthusiasm from her job. She chose to become a Neuroscientist because she wanted to study more about brain cancer and find ways to cure it. But she hadn’t fulfilled her dream yet, so she felt justified for disregarding everything that wasn’t related to brain cancer.

“Every other thing can come later. Right now, I need to crack the mystery behind brain cancer.”

Lydia said energetically as she proceeded to the laboratory to begin her work for the day. She didn’t have the time to think about a man at that moment. Her plans in life were about becoming successful. After that, she believed that finding the right man wouldn’t be a problem.

Lydia continued her routine in the lab until another regular message dropped on her phone after a few hours. Another regular kind of message from her friend.

“Lydia, I have huge news for you tonight. I think I have found the man I will spend the rest of my life with. I am so excited! I will give you the full gist when you get back from work. Love you. Xoxo.”

“I guess I am not sleeping early today also!”

Lydia sighed as she read the message. She had lost count of the number of times she had gotten that message from her friend. Something huge always happened in her life every week. And Lydia didn’t need the genius to tell her that the news was about another guy she met. She just sighed and continued her work as she pitied herself for how her day after work would unfold.


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