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Alpha Adryan

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Alpha Adryan Romano Alpha to one of the largest and strongest pack in the world, The Blood Moon Pack. He was said to be cold and merciless. From childhood, he was taught by his father that mates were a weakness. Beaten by his father to be strong, which he is. Jade EstradaThe Alpha's Daughter of Evergreen Forest Pack, which was recently burned to the ground, her pack was completely wiped out by the rogues.

Chapter 1

The sound of her feet pounding against the wet forest floor resonates around the forest as she runs as fast as her legs could carry her, her bare feet sticks to the wet and damp ground, an aftermath of the heavy rain Forks receives throughout the year.

She clearly had no idea where she was headed, her sense of direction right now was purely dependent on which direction the wind blew and her wolf senses. She has been running aimlessly for the past hour.

Tears smear down her face as she thinks about her pack.

Terror fills her body as she feels them getting closer and she wills herself to push her legs further so that she could run faster, her body is filled up with scratches and cuts from cutting herself while colliding on the trees and branches as her vision is of no help to her.

She could feel them breathing heavily as it hits the back of her shoulder for a second. but she doesn't stop running. Her lungs burned due to the effort of pushing herself beyond her limit.

She could feel the vibrations of their growls as annoyance took over their senses making her run faster, her feet ached and bled as they came in contact with sticks and hard rocks but at the moment she could care less.

She didn't know how she could still keep running, she felt something inside herself pushing her. Maybe it might be the fear of death that was keeping her alive ironically.

She blindly followed the wind as she felt them get closer. she moves towards the side just in time for one of the rogues to swipe a claw at her side and leave a big open wound, it stings instantly and tears fill her eyes immediately, but her steps doesn't falter.

The scent of blood overpowers, her blood.

She was so caught up in saving herself that she didn't feel herself crossing the pack territory line.

She runs a few more miles and stops immediately, when she doesn't hear their pounding footsteps behind her, her brows furrowed in confusion. that seemed odd to her, making her wonder why they suddenly stopped chasing her. She sticks her nose up and tries to smell the air for any possible threat, but the only thing that she could smell was the scent of rain and damp mud.

But the thing that had her stopping in her tracks was the power that was being excluded from where she stood and it doesn't takes a genius to know that she crossed the pack grounds. She gulps in fear, Pack wolves don't take gently to rogues or lone wolves trespassing into theirs, it's a crime and most of the packs serve harsh punishments like death.

She feared one pack in particular, The Blood Moon Pack.

The most feared pack in the world.

She may be a shy and socially awkward person but that doesn't mean she's blind to things going around her, even though she was physically blind. The rumors has it that the Red Moon Pack loathes rogues with a burning passion. It's said that they either instantly kill them on spot or torture them with wolfsbane and silver. Their pack members are said to be all well trained warriors from the young age of eight, no matter the gender. They give equal importance to both the male and female wolves. Which she respected them for.

A chill runs down her spine when she thinks about their Alpha.

Alpha Adryan Romano. That was his name, at least that's what the rumors say.

No one has seen him and the few that have lived to tell the tales about him are either too scared to speak or have gone crazy. It's said that he's the worst of them all. He's feared by all the other Alpha's in the country as their power is nothing compared to his, she remembered once hearing a rumor that he alone could take out a hundred werewolves, and that's saying something.

Werewolves are strong creatures, who have a good sense of smell, taste and hearing. And fighting one off isn't easy.

He's known for his cruel and vicious ways, they say he's heartless.

Rumors also say that he killed his own mate, and that the rogues killed his parents and it goes on and on... she mostly doesn't believe in these rumors because she's not someone who judges a person based on the silly rumors that goes around about them.

Yet thinking about him sends a weird sensation throughout her body.

Her thoughts are cut off when she hears a vicious growl, which echoes through out the dead and cold forest.

She's about to take off running again when she feels the presence of other wolves, her instinct tells her that there might be about five of them. Her fear comes back in full force knowing that there's no way she can fight them without her revealing her secret to the whole world, finding no way out she felt defeated. her breath coming out of her lips in shallow puffs of air.

All of them growl at her causing her to whimper in fear.

She could hear the sound of someone shifting and some ruffling of clothes, letting her know someone has shifted into their human form.

"What are you doing on our territory rogue?" A male voice bits out in anger and she feels herself flinching backwards. He excludes power, which means he's of higher rank.

Beta, a voice echoes in her head and she knows it belongs to her wolf, Kira.

But her eyes widen like saucers when she hears him say territory. She had crossed a pack territory and now she's going to get killed, how stupid can she be.

The same voice growls out in obvious anger making her realize that she hasn't answered his previous question yet.

Brian, the Beta of the Blood Moon pack was scouring the territory for rogues when he caught her scent. Upon arriving he found a short light red haired she-wolf, making him confused about what she was doing in their territory but he felt threatened nonetheless.

"Ter-r-itory? W-what pack is th-is" she stutters out with a squeak, fear coating her words.

This doesn't seems to sit well with the male as he growls and she shrinks back in fear. His next words are like a blow to her mind.

"The Blood Moon Pack" and all the color leaves her face.

Their interaction is interrupted by another presence.

A vicious growl leaves from the newcomers lips, making the forest floor shake with vibrations and causing the birds on the trees to fly away.

The voice makes her wants to shrink into herself like a cocoon, and listen to his voice all day long at the same time. It sends tingles down her body and warmth to replace the cold feeling she felt a few seconds ago, her brows scrunch in confusion. What is happening to me?


Kira takes that exact moment to say those words and shock fills her entire body. 'Mate? My mate?' She thought to herself.

His presence was a force to be reckoned with, someone extremely powerful and his aura emitting darkness like no other.

His presence is of one that wouldn't go unnoticed in a room full of people.

He smells like vanilla, sweet and addicting.

"Alpha" The Beta greets his Alpha, confirming her suspecion right.

Alpha Adryan Romano

"Mine" his voice growls out, and she feels the wind shift around them. A few minutes passes by but he doesn't do anything to acknowledge her, his mate.

Alpha Adryan Romano couldn't believe his eyes, all those years his father had spend telling him that he didn't have a mate out there was an utter b*llsh*t. He had heard people spread a lot of rumors about him, some went even far as to say that 'the moon goddess wouldn't make a mistake of blessing him with a mate. A beast like him deserves to die alone'. He never wanted a mate after what he had seen his sweet, timid mother go through his father's hands, and they were mates.

"Who is she and what is she doing in my territory?" His voice is one of dripping honey, husky and deep at the same time. Perfect combination.

Her wolf whines in her head, realizing that her mate didn't acknowledge her presence and sadness fills her body as the thought of rejection clouds her mind.

"What are you doing in my territory rogue?" He spits out the word rogue which makes her flinch back and causes her wolf to whine again.

"I- I didn't-t knnow thatt I-i was tress-passing on your terri-tory" she stutters out in fear.

"What's your name mate?" He asked her.

"J-Jade" I reply.

Jade. His mate was beautiful, he thought to himself as he studied features. She smelled like strawberries. She was short and had curves in all the right places. Her strawberry blonde hair stuck to forehead as she was drenched due to the rain but it didn't hide her beauty. Her eyes, her green emerald eyes held so much emotion, but one stood out the most to him. Pain. A pang goes through him knowing that he was the cause of her pain.

Her mate growls and she feels him take a step forward, towards her direction. He stands before her and she could feel his minty breath on her forehead, her head was bowed down, pointing towards the ground and her whole figure trembles in fear.

Even if she couldn't see him physically, she could tell that he was really tall. He stood a head above her short frame. Her five feet three inch frame would probably look like a midget next to him.

"Look at me" he grits out and the sound of clenching of his jaw doesn't go unnoticed by her. She shakes her head side to side as tears leave her eyes, trailing down her face in a fast motion.

The next thing she feels is his touch, he holds her chin in a firm grip and tilts her face upwards.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you mate" he growls out throatily.

"I-i can-tt" she yet again stutters her words out and her words seem to anger him as his hold on her chin almost becomes painful to the extent of breaking skin. She whimpers out in pain.

"Why" he viciously growls out and which almost makes her take a step back in fear but she stays rooted to the spot.

"I'm b-blind" she says and his painful grip leaves her face and the warmth his body provided me leaves her side. All form of thoughts fills her mind. How the strongest Alpha in the country doesn't want her, a blind she wolf as his mate, and that he's going to reject her, pain fills her body causing her chest to tighten painfully.

"Brian" his voice speaks up after a few moments of silence.

"Yes Alpha" Brian, his beta speaks up.

"Take her towards the Dungeon" and her wolf whimpers loudly when she hears his words.

She feels a presence next to her, and arms go around her bicep and takes her towards what she now knows is towards the Dungeons.

The Beta has a firm hold on her arm but it wasn't painful like her mates, she trips and fall on the way as she was new to her surrounding and her being blind didn't help her situation at all. He helps her get up and guides her towards the Dungeons.

They cross a heavy metal door, at least that's what she could make up of the sound when Brian opened it. After a couple of steps, he warns her as they come to a stop before a cell after a few seconds.

She hears the rattle of keys and of a door being opened and his hold on her bicep is back as he gently guides her inside the cell, and places her on a hard but firm surface, her hands come in contact with a flat surface and she realizes that it's the a mattress.

The Beta leaves her alone after locking the cage.

She moves her head from side to side, and she feels cool air meet her skin letting her that know there is a small window near the bed.

She takes a deep breath in and the scent of blood and death hangs in the air.

The pain in her side has her whimpering in pain, as it takes time to heal slowly. She felt helpless.

She lays down on the flat surface and let sleep take her away from her pain.

Chapter 2

‘Why now’? that was the question circling around his mind. After eight years of waiting for his mate he had finally given up. He had secretly wished he would find her but all he got was disappointment instead. He too had thought that the moon goddess wouldn’t bless him with a mate. Who wanted a monster of a mate anyways?! But the fates seemed to have other plans. She literally came running into his pack when he least expected her to, when he had already moved on.

Feeling the anger take over his senses he rips away the t-shirt clinging onto his sweaty body, he couldn’t stop thinking about her emerald green eyes.

“Baby?” A whiny voice calls out, turning around he faces Lucia, the pack’s slut. He had been fucking around with her for the past few months and now the bitch thinks that she’s his mate.

‘We don’t want this bitch as our mate, we want our real mate’  his wolf, Vince growls out. Vince was his dominant side. Adryan wasn’t sure what he would do if he took contro

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