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Alpha Ace's Secret Babies

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Being Alpha Ace Cassilas' mate was hell for Victoria. As if it weren't enough to keep Victoria as his prisoner and s*x slave, Alpha Ace also betrays Victoria. The night Ace announces his engagement to another girl, Victoria runs away with Ace's twins in her womb. Jared Waltz, the Alpha of the South River Pack, rescued Victoria. He treated her so well that he made her his girlfriend. Victoria thought her hell was over. Until another fact is revealed: she is the descendant of Alpha King Salvatore, the cursed Alpha, and her twins are the target of hunters.

Chapter 1


I squirmed as the light fell on my face. I hadn’t slept this well for the last five months. To be precise, since that horrible night in my life, the night my parents were killed in a tragic robbery, nightmares have haunted me every single night. I woke up gasping for breath and sweating all over my body. However, my sleep this time felt so different. The fragrance that wafted in made me even lazier to open my eyes. It reminded me of the sandalwood-scented room I missed so much.

My eyes quickly opened as I felt something strange. My gaze was directed towards the thick blanket I held—a soft purple. And I realized all of this was wrong. So, I immediately got up and turned my head around.

“Where is it?” I muttered while wandering my gaze.

A spacious room with a comfy bed and soft bed sheets. There was no creaking in the bed. There were no porous wooden cabinets. This was not my bedroom. This room was even fancier than the one in my parents’ house.

But how did I end up in this place?

Before I got the answer to my question, the creak of the opened door caught my attention. I gulped and gripped my thick blanket tighter as I saw a man appear at the doorway—a man I recognized as the Alpha of the Nightfall Pack.

A grin on his lips made me shiver as he said, “Good morning, Little Wolf.”

Everyone in Nightfall City knew him. He was the handsome and dashing Alpha Ace Cassilas. He was a cocky, lousy guy who liked to f*ck many girls. All the female werewolves in Nightfall City were really into him, except for me. Unfortunately, I had to deal with him in this unfavorable situation.

I didn't think he recognized me as one of his pack members. I met him a few times, and I thought he never noticed the existence of an ordinary girl like me because he was too busy with his sluts.

"Who are you?" I moved back to the end of the bed, pretending not to recognize who he was.

He chuckled, then swung his legs towards me. I'll admit he was handsome, but his expression was terrifying. He was like an angel with a demonic vibe that could make me fearfully shiver. His step stopped a few meters away from me. One corner of his lips lifted with his intense and intimidating gaze.

"Don't lie to me, Little Wolf! I know you know who I am. Everyone in Nightfall City knows me." He said it confidentially as he looked right into my eyes. "But... I don't mind introducing myself if you want it." He pulled both corners of his lips up. "I'm Ace Cassilas, the Alpha of the Nightfall Pack. And you’re in my house." He spoke in a deep voice that further reinforced the impression of the demon within him.

I listened to him carefully. His answer made me believe he didn't notice me as one of his pack members. But it wouldn't change the fact that I was in danger. So, I started thinking of ways to escape.

‘Did he lock the door? I don't think so. I didn't see him lock the door. Or did I miss it? I don't know, but I have to try. I have to leave this place. This isn't my place. I shouldn't be here.’ I wondered as I saw that the door behind him was closed tightly.

"If you're considering running away, you'd better forget that idea. Because no one can leave this place alive without my permission." He spoke as if he could read my mind.

I licked my lips and took a deep breath. The heart inside my chest was beating rapidly. My defense instinct urged me to run away before it was too late. I didn't want to be one of his lustful sluts. However, it needed to be farther to reach the door. Then I looked to my left. The window looked better than running to the door.

I jumped off the bed and ran towards the window without another thought. But he was too fast. He chased after me and caught me before I could even reach the window. He then pulled my hand and held it firmly. There was a fierce look in his eyes as if he wanted to skin me alive. I could see the ember of anger burning in his eyes. I swear, my legs went limp at the sight of the emotions burning within his eyes.

"I won’t repeat my words, Little Wolf!" He said it in a hissing voice right before my face.

Then he grabbed my hand, leading me to the window. With one hand, he pushed my head so I could see several men gathering down there. This wall is very high. Even if I jumped, I couldn't do it without breaking my leg.

"Did you see that? They're ready to finish you if you dare to escape," he said threateningly.

After saying that, he let go of my hand with a strong push. I lost my balance and fell into a tumble.

"Ouch!" I winced as I held my sore elbow but didn't have time to lament the pain. I quickly got up and stayed alert. "How could I be here? Did Meggie do this?" Amid my fear, I dared to ask.

Meggie was my boss. I worked for her to survive. She had a pretty bad attitude towards me. She was the only person I could think of who might have done this. Last night, I went to the bar after my fight with Meggie. I drank a little and went home, feeling a little dizzy. I swear, I slept on my bed, not this bed.

Ace rotated his eyeballs and then exhaled loudly.

"You ask too many questions, Little Wolf. You’re my slave. You shouldn't be doing that." Ace turned to me. Silent for a moment while looking straight at me with a sly grin. “Your scent, I can smell it," he paused. “Virgin,” he continued.

"I’m not a slave!" The words came out without my being able to control them. I didn't understand why he called me a slave. Even Meggie called me better.

"Yeah, slave. I bought you at a high price for that virginity." He pointed at me, at the underside of my belly button, for exactly "So, from now on, you are my slave. And you need to remember this carefully! Every word I say is an order. Do you understand?" He said it firmly. His gaze showed that he didn't want to be contradicted.

My lips reflexively parted at his words. My virginity is not for sale. My virginity belongs to my mate, whom the Moon Goddess will somehow bring me together with. My pride cried out in rebellion. I could not let others trample over it, like stepping on dry leaves in the fall. No! I was not a tradeable item.

"Who sold me to you?" I tried to be brave, but my voice sounded shaky when I asked the question.

"Is it that important?" His expression was annoyed with me.

Unexpectedly, he walked up to me and gripped my cheeks firmly as if he were about to crush my jaw.

"Listen to me carefully, Little Wolf! It doesn't matter who sold you. From now on, you are my slave. You must serve me whenever I want you." He paused his words. I could hear his ragged breathing, full of emotion. A moment later, his lips curled into a smile with a million meanings. I felt even worse when he brought his face closer to mine. I turned away with my eyes closed until he whispered, "Coincidentally, I need someone to warm my bed on this freezing morning."

My goosebumps stood up. That whisper made me shudder in horror. In the next second, Ace's sturdy fingers pulled my face up to his, coming face to face with his sunken green eyes. Then, with no excuse, he kissed me roughly. Of course, I didn't stay still. He did have my arms, but not my legs. So, I used this opportunity to kick him in the stomach with all my strength.

"Argh!" Ace groaned and fell backward. "D*mn b*tch!" he cursed while glaring at me.

He blinked, and his green eyes turned red. His hands were clenched tightly into fists with chattering teeth. I thought he was furious that I had dared to reject him.

"You!" He growled in a restrained voice. "You are my slave!" He shouted at me. His voice sounded thunderous, shaking the walls around us.

"Woe is me!" I cursed in a voice that only I could hear.

It all happened so quickly. I just blinked, and suddenly, I was already on the move. Ace moved with lightning speed and threw me onto the bed. He trapped me under his body and held both my hands beside my head.

"Don't test me, you f*ck*ng b*tch!" he snapped above my face.

His booming voice made my body tiptoe. Spontaneously, I looked away while closing my eyes with a trembling body. That handsome face seemed so scary when it was overcome with anger.

"You must accept your punishment!" he hissed with emotion.

My eyes were wide open. I turned to him and stared at his face, grinning viciously at me. It was so scary. Then I screamed when his hands impudently tore off my clothes.

I rebelled, but I couldn't move much. He left me helpless and touched my body as he pleased. I tried to resist but could not match his strength. He mistreated me. My tears welled up when he finally took my virginity. And the moment came. He let out a stifled growl as the muscles in his body tightened. I could feel it. He was getting to his climax by ignoring my moans of pain. He broke my sweet dream with my future mate. Ace Cassilas was indeed the most despicable Alpha I had ever met. I hated him so much.

A while after that, he tried to kiss me. I turned away, unwilling to let him be satisfied after leaving such deep wounds on my body and soul. I heard him chuckle, and then he pulled his c*ck away from me. He rolled onto my side while I lay limp and helpless.

Slowly, I tilted my body, curling my back to him as I wept for my ruin. But he seemed unwilling to let me go. A moment later, I felt the warmth of his breath on my neck.

"I've always liked virgins, but I must admit that you impress me. You have a pretty face and a beautiful body—oh, and another thing. I like your scent," he said as he kissed my exposed shoulder.

Every word that came out of his mouth disgusted me. I moved my shoulders, avoiding his kiss. I closed my eyes and let my tears drip down. The pain I felt in my groin was nothing compared to the pain that tore through my soul. Ace had destroyed me. He had crushed me to the core of my soul.

Chapter 2

I took a deep breath as I mustered up the courage. Tears won't bring back my virginity. So, I had to do something to make him regret taking my precious possession and even curse what he had done to me.

I slowly moved my body, changing my sleeping position to supine, then turned to the man lying on my side while closing his eyes.

"How desperate are you that the Moon Goddess did not bring you to your mate, so you had to fuck a half-breed werewolf like me to satisfy your lust?" I said, confronting my cruel Alpha.

Ace quickly opened his eyes. He turned to me with a hardened jaw and a darkened glare. “You!”

It was no secret that Alpha Ace Cassilas had yet to find his mate. There was not a single female werewolf he claimed as a mate. He was Alpha without Luna. I assumed he's been masking his loneliness by taking advantage of the slutty girls who adore him.

Someone once told me that Ace Cassilas considered half-breed werewolves to be the mo


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